October 20, 2020

As Local News Dies, a Pay-for-Play Network Rises in Its Place. A nationwide operation of 1,300 local sites publishes coverage that is ordered up by Republican groups and corporate P.R. firms.

The preexisting conditions of the coronavirus pandemic. An enormous new data set peers into the health of the world’s population before 2020.

All that is to say that starting at 1 is not an unreasonable position at all; to a typical human thinking about the zeroth element of an array doesn’t make any more sense than trying to catch the zeroth bus that comes by, but we’ve clearly ended up here somehow. So what’s the story there?

Covid-19: The global crisis — in data.

There’s a Word for Why We Wear Masks, and Liberals Should Say It. It’s high time Democrats played some philosophical offense on the concept of “freedom.” Liberals play offense? LOL.

After sidelining scientists, Europe plays catchup with new coronavirus wave.

Seven Laws of Sane Personal Computing.

October 19, 2020

Tech Companies Are Destroying Democracy and the Free Press.

Zeptoseconds: New world record in short time measurement. In other words, they made Zepto Marks.

What has happened in the wholesale commodification of American culture is the gangsterization of American life. And people saw in Trump a gangster who wins. Nailed it.

Britons alarmed by unpleasant border infrastructure they demanded.

Why I’m Glad I Left America. Life in France is better, especially now.

Will SARS-CoV-2 become endemic?

Iowa derecho in August was most costly thunderstorm disaster in U.S. history.

October 17, 2020

Efficacy of face masks, neck gaiters and face shields for reducing the expulsion of simulated cough-generated aerosols.

Bullshit Economic Statistics.

The Third Coronavirus Surge Has Arrived.

Homes with gas stoves can contain approximately 50 to 400 percent higher concentrations of NO2 than homes with electric stoves, often resulting in levels of indoor air pollution that would be illegal outdoors.

The radical mysticism of identitarian reductionism.

The Money Men Could Save Us. But They’re Stuck in the Seventies. (And, unfortunately, yes, they mostly are men.)

Earth’s New Gilded Era. The world is getting hotter, and the divide between rich and poor is getting bigger.

The American Mortgage Is An Investment In Racial Inequality.

October 16, 2020

We Can’t Ignore Rural Voter Resentment.

The COVID response is missing an obvious cadre of experts. People trained in public health — who are not necessarily physicians — should handle public health crises.

From everything we can see, re-infection is a very rare event. I’d expect some re-infection because this happens with almost every virus.

8 Million Have Slipped Into Poverty Since May as Federal Aid Has Dried Up.

Julian Assange faces the ‘trial of the century’: 10 reasons why it threatens freedom of speech.

Proprietary Grapes Come With Draconian End User License Agreement.

Republican Judges Are Quietly Upending Public Health Laws. A catastrophic sequence of decisions has blocked states from responding to the pandemic.

Trump treats essential workers as expendable, and many Americans are following his dangerous lead.

The Modern Lives of Ancient Symbols.

A person who is looking for a full-time job that pays a living wage — but who can’t find one — is unemployed. If you accept that definition, the true unemployment rate in the U.S. is a stunning 26.1%.

We can’t let the WTO get in the way of a ‘people’s vaccine.’

The economics of vending machines.

Thirty-year failure to tackle preventable disease fuelling global Covid pandemic, Study reveals increase in high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and obesity, all risk factors for disease.

Inside the Fall of the CDC.

October 15, 2020

$5 Billion Lawsuit Accuses Google of Tracking Users’ Private Internet Activity.

The Five Deadly Sins of the Left.

10,000 Vintage Recipe Books Are Now Digitized in The Internet Archive’s Cookbook & Home Economics Collection.

The history of Satanic Panic in the US — and why it’s not over yet. Some of the victims of mass hysteria over satanic ritual abuse are still serving sentences.

Why Liberals Pretend They Have No Power.

COVID Models: What the Pandemic Has in Store for the World.

An extra artery in the human arm is a sign we’re “still evolving,” study says. The presence of the median artery in the arm has become more prevalent in the last few centuries, scientists say.

Cisco Delays Next-Gen Office Phone for 20th Consecutive Year. Only IT nerds will really get this one.

Gender-Role Ideology and Height Preference in Mate Selection.

The Key to the Productivity Puzzle.

New Gender-Inclusive USB Standards Rename Connectors to Dom and Sub.

October 14, 2020

The Fruits and Vegetables Used to Create Gory Horror Movie Sounds.

AI is an Ideology, Not a Technology. At its core, “artificial intelligence” is a perilous belief that fails to recognize the agency of humans.

Sweden’s gamble.

Grim new analyses spotlight just how hard US is failing in pandemic. High death rates, large death toll, mental health crisis, and economic ruin.

Where Remote Work Saves Commuters Most.

Why the Trump Administration Doesn’t Want to Help. The pandemic recession is wildly uneven. Wealthy people are doing just fine. Hourly workers are not.

Brooklyn’s Anti-masking Protests Betray a Broken Culture. The demonstrations say less about one particular community than they do about the brokenness of the American condition.

The Data Show a Bleak Outlook for Global Economic Growth.

The Pandemic Was Even Deadlier Than We Thought This Spring and Summer.

Rest When You’re Dead. Economic security in old age is a fading dream.

Obama’s Words. Were fucking worthless drivel.

Economics is a disgrace.

America’s true unemployment rate.

October 13, 2020

The Limits of Phenomenology.

The Atlantic Ocean Hasn’t Been This Hot in at Least 2,900 Years.

‘Shutdown is literally killing people’: families of isolated nursing home residents demand compromise.

Scarlet fever is making a comeback after being infected with a toxic virus, researchers say.

Making Sense of the Unknown.

Pandemic practice: Horror fans and morbidly curious individuals are more psychologically resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PC demand hits biggest growth in more than a decade thanks to the pandemic.

October 12, 2020

The giant Megalodon shark was three times as big as a great white, new measurements show.

Some wrong lessons people will learn from the president’s illness, hospitalization, and expected recovery.

Mapped: America’s $2 Trillion Economic Drop, by State and Sector.

Colleges Are Fueling the Pandemic in a Classic Market Failure.

COVID-19 Might Not Change the World. Pandemics are not always transformative events. While some worrying preexisting trends could accelerate, it’s incorrect to assume that the coronavirus will end globalization, kill liberal democracy, or enhance China’s soft power.

New ‘frozen dragon’ pterosaur found hiding in plain sight. The flying reptile was mostly head and neck—and had at least a 16-foot wingspan, if not bigger.

Feds may target Google’s Chrome browser for breakup.

October 11, 2020

Computer Scientists Break Traveling Salesperson Record. After 44 years, there’s finally a better way to find approximate solutions to the notoriously difficult traveling salesperson problem.

A 540 million year-old microscopic protist sex mystery is solved. How tiny, shelled protists reproduce helps explain their strange evolutionary patterns.

No, the Nazis Were Not Socialists.

Cambridge Analytica Controversy Mostly Nothing. I said this at the time.

Group Most Likely to Get Covid-19 Is Least Likely to Die From It.

So, what are the strategies to deal with coronavirus before an effective vaccine arrives? The answer cannot just be locking down continually, given the large economic and social costs this involves.

In 3 large international prospective studies including ∼177,000 individuals, 12,701 deaths, and 13,658 CVD events from 50 countries in 6 continents, we did not find significant associations between egg intake and blood lipids, mortality, or major CVD events.

Grapefruit Is One of the Weirdest Fruits on the Planet. And nastiest.

Citigroup Is Slapped with a $400 Million Fine for Doing Something So Bad It Can’t Be Spoken Out Loud.

“Pack” the Supreme Court? Absolutely 100% yes — it’s the only way to save democracy.

Why the hidden world of fungi is essential to life on Earth.

We already know how to keep the next pandemic from catching us off guard. Have known this for 50+ years, still failed.

The American Dream Is For Rent. The largest rental-home owner inks a $1 billion joint venture.

The problem is simple: once censorship gets going it doesn’t just stay with the people you want hit. Everyone who doesn’t have the power to protect themselves gets censored, and, children, people in power hate the left FAR more than the right.

October 10, 2020

Frontier’s Bankruptcy Shows Why ISPs Shouldn’t Be in Charge of the Internet.

Patients wait months for specialty treatment at L.A. hospitals. About those death panels….

The Girl-Watching Fad of the 1960s. This is nearly forgotten now.

Capitalism Is Broken. The Fix Begins With a Free Covid-19 Vaccine. Capitalism is working as designed.

Superhabitable Planets.

A Prayer for Archimedes. A long-lost text by the ancient Greek mathematician shows that he had begun to discover the principles of calculus.

Bad balance: why dangerous falls are on the rise around the world.

October 9, 2020

The Impact of Vocalization Loudness on COVID-19 Transmission in Indoor Spaces.

Less than 11% of people with federal student debt are repaying their loans during Covid.

Eli Lilly says its monoclonal antibody cocktail is effective in treating Covid-19.

The moral emotions of liberal democracy.

Trillions of extra economic damages predicted in new study of climate change effects.