September 30, 2012

Most Reported Genetic Associations With General Intelligence Are Probably False Positives.

To Encourage Biking, Cities Forget About Helmets.

Cooking isn’t fun, but you should do it anyway.

September 29, 2012

Hypocrisy on animal research.

September 28, 2012

The impossibility of meritocracy.

Wages fall as spending rises.

Melinda Gates’ New Crusade: Investing Billions in Women’s Health.

Former Copyright Boss: New Technology Should Be Presumed Illegal Until Congress Says Otherwise.

Google’s Copyright Crackdown Punishes Author For Torrenting His Own Book.

Prospects of a Keynesian utopia.

Facebook’s Generation Y nightmare. Pretty plausible future history.

September 27, 2012

Cellphones Are Eating the Family Budget.

Lavish CEO pay doesn’t work as intended: study.

These Folks are Soooo Clever . . . .

Comparing the Job Losses in Financial Crises.

A time of hoarding and inflation fears, 1930s edition.

Mitt Romney: Free Speech Is for Billionaires, Not School-Teachers.

The Obesity Paradox.

Is Alzheimer’s Type 3 Diabetes?

September 26, 2012

How Food And Clothing Size Labels Affect What We Eat And What We Wear.

Fed Helps Lenders’ Profit More Than Homebuyers.

Authoritarians evolve with the times.

Etsy is going the way of Ebay. And thus becoming completely worthless.

About 25 Percent of Adult Children Live at Home with Their Folks.

In fact, there is little reliable evidence that drug testing has any positive effect on companies’ productivity, safety or bottom line.

The wealthiest 10% have gotten rich mainly by getting the bottom 90% into debt.

To the loons who think wind turbines are ugly.

Matt Yglesias’s China Syndrome.

Puncturing Myths about the White Working Class.

September 25, 2012

Tasting like chicken.

Stressful at the top? Not really, study finds.

Looks like I will never touch any Ubuntu variant again.

STUDY: U.S. Spends $59 Billion on Social Welfare…$92 Billion on Corporate Welfare.

Time to start looking at structural explanations.

Social Security: It Isn’t Broke.

September 24, 2012

The Science of Pomato Plants and Fruit Salad Trees.

When links turn inward.

Bank fees soar, free-checking offers decline.

September 23, 2012

From Darwinius to GMOs: Journalists Should Not Let Themselves Be Played.

BBC News – Chinese families’ worldly goods in Huang Qinqjun’s pictures.

Megaupload Readies for Comeback, Code 90% Done.

Bus stop reading.

When the Big Debate Is Over Taxes, Progressives Have Lost.

Amanita tree to live.

Strikes Work.

Under Controlled: Why the New GMO Panic Is More Sensational Than Sense.

New Study Affirms Less Copyright Restrictions Benefit the Economy, Amid Renewed Calls for SOPA 2.0.

Chart of the Day: Turning the Entire Planet Into a Tropical Zone Might Be Bad for Economic Output.

September 22, 2012

Republicans should love welfare as it is an investment that pays off.

How environmentalists shot themselves in the foot.

I have never watched this show, but Ron Swanson still makes me laugh.

Facebook encouraging users to identify friends by their real names.

Poor Families Happier, If Not Wealthier, in New Neighborhoods.

September 21, 2012


Disdain for Workers.

‘A great silence is spreading over the natural world.’

Naomi Wolf’s Vagina Aside, What Neuroscience Really Says About Female Desire.

September 20, 2012

Ogham alphabet.

The Onion, perfect as always: Romney personally appealed to the country’s “dirt-caked garbage pickers and toothless street urchins” for forgiveness.

Americans are not moochers.

The increasingly compromised position of journalists.

Neuroscience: Idle minds.

A Tale of Two Medias.

Patent Policy on the Back of a Napkin.

Parietal eye.

Is medical science built on shaky foundations?

Inequality and the marketplace of ideas.