December 6, 2012

LCE: All watched over by machines of loving grace.

Why it’s probably too late to roll back global warming.

The id and the eco.

City birds use cigarette butts to smoke out parasites.

Wow, this is fucking ridiculous.

December 5, 2012

Don’t Dream-Shame Me, Bro: In Defense of Dreaming Small. Can you still dream small and wish for an attack helicopter?

Wanting to be liked means being a supporting character in your own life, using the cues of the actors around you to determine your next line rather than your own script.

For Some Drivers, Electric Motorcycle Could Be the Best of Both Worlds.

Spain’s unemployment heads to 5 million.

UConn Researcher: Dopamine Not About Pleasure (Anymore).

The User Interface and the Halo Effect.

ITU Approves Deep Packet Inspection Standard Behind Closed Doors, Ignores Huge Privacy Implications.

December 4, 2012

The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2012.

Cave Fish, Draconectes Narinosus, Discovered On Vietnamese Island.

The Deficit Did Not Cause The Recession; The Recession Caused The Deficit. Never mind the fact that the deficit is fake.

Mapping America’s Most Embarrassing Addresses.

The Quiet Decline Of The American Scientific Empire.

Corporate Profits Hit Record High While Worker Wages Hit Record Low.

December 3, 2012

Movie Studios Ask Google To Censor Their Own Films, Facebook and Wikipedia.

Body language, not facial expressions, broadcasts what’s happening to us.

Forget Fairness, Let’s Talk About Stupidity.

Stock Markets That Flummox Masses Do No One Any Good.

The mythical ‘war on men.’

Liberal bullying: Privilege-checking and semantics-scolding as internet sport.

December 2, 2012

The Benefits of the Safety Net.

Clearest indication yet that polar ice sheets are melting fast.

Understanding the Fourier transform.

Germany Has Built Clean Energy Economy U.S. Rejected in 80s.

December 1, 2012


Gay marriage: I’m a lesbian and I’m never getting married. I don’t want to be a wife.

How 4 Microsoft engineers proved that the “darknet” would defeat DRM.

Cornstalks Everywhere But Nothing Else, Not Even A Bee.

How the 1962-63 Newspaper Strike Crippled a Newspaper Town.

Could Nate Silver Predict How Good Your Pumpkin Pie Will Be?