November 22, 2014

How To Be Secret.

The Secret Life of Passwords.

David Brooks is a rhetorical construct.

Why Big Companies Spend So Much Money On Washington. Very high return on investment. Logically, they should spend more.

The History of Abortifacients.

Detekt: A New Malware Detection Tool That Can Expose Illegitimate State Surveillance.

Falling Wages at Factories Squeeze the Middle Class.


November 21, 2014

systemd-redux, the end of Linux.

Science fantasy and evolutionary psychology.

The mask of sanity.

Banking culture breeds dishonesty, scientific study finds.

Harkin On Keystone: Let’s Stop ‘Digging The Graves Of Our Grandchildren’.

Net Neutrality Emails Reveal a Cozy ‘Social Network’ Between the FCC and Telecoms.

The Bitterwood Bible & Other Recountings by Angela Slatter.

We Just Had the Hottest October on Record.

La Malinche.

10 Horrifying Technologies That Should Never Be Allowed To Exist.

Jerks will be jerks.

My Rachel Carson Story.

Why competitive people are often dumb and boring.

November 20, 2014

What Americans Have Forgotten About The Era Before Roe v. Wade.

After 13 years, 2 wars and trillions in military spending, terrorist attacks are rising sharply.


The scars of class.

Restaurants are feeling the heat in crackdown on wage theft.

There is no good reason for Obama not to make a really significant change to the overtime rules except that he, like most Democrats in Washington, actually believe that corporate leaders are correct when they talk about “burdensome regulations” and themselves as “job creators.”

The US is destroying its university system so the rich can get just a little bit richer.

Some thoughts on QE.

Robohouse Project Pumped Simulated Sweat And Breath Into Empty Homes.

Jiffy (time).

So who is Coriolanus? He turns out to be, essentially, John Galt — or Mitt Romney, or Leung Chun-Ying.

Comedian John Hodgman: Feds should lay down ‘broadband like Eisenhower laid down interstates.’

Want to afford a house? Move to Ohio. Pass.

Buffalo Police Department Shot 92 Dogs in Three Years in Raids. One of the Officers Has Killed 25 By Himself.

November 19, 2014

This is beautiful.

“On the last two nights of my final flight, I slept on the flight deck, my sleeping bag strapped beneath the overhead windows. The position of the shuttle put Earth in those windows, so when I woke up the whole world was out there in front of me—in that moment, just for me alone.”

ISIS and the Intimate Kill. By the way, the “study” about only 15 percent of military personnel firing weapons is utter, utter bunk.

Back to the healthcare debate.

6 links that will show you what Google knows about you.

Questions To Ask An Interviewer To Detect How Female-Friendly A Company Is.

The Three Breakthroughs That Have Finally Unleashed AI on the World.

It’s not kids but husbands that hold women’s careers back.

Labor Unions and the Rust Belt.

Cops Slam Unarmed Woman On The Pavement, Killing Her In Front of Family.

America’s path to the top.

November 18, 2014

“An ongoing criminal enterprise”: Why America’s housing disaster is back and wreaking terror.

Word of the Week: Enallage.

You Don’t Have To Be Pretty – On YA Fiction And Beauty As A Priority.

Dear Kate.

Crazy Eddie CFO: ‘We are in the golden era of white-collar crime.’

Steve Albini on the surprisingly sturdy state of the music industry.

Uber VP: we could spend $1 million to take revenge on journalists.

Quoting Hobby Lobby, Federal Appeals Court Hands Down Big Victory For Birth Control.

How Farming Almost Destroyed Ancient Human Civilization.

Region-beta paradox.

The Importance of Bookstore Cats.

AT&T Backs Off Undeletable Super Cookies.

Creating a Wildlife-Friendly Yard With Native Plants.

November 17, 2014

▶ Comic Book Makeup Tutorial (4 Different Ways). So cool.

Ayn Rand, Girl-Power Icon?

The early Solar System’s magnetic field sped planet formation.


State Certification of Teachers.

On poverty and its various forms.

Economic Scale and Income Inequality.

Supreme Court justices are not judges: They rule on values and politics, not the law.

‘Prostitutes Are People, Not Criminals’ by Belle Knox.

The Civil War’s Environmental Impact.

Big Pharma Plays Hide-the-Ball With Data.

Twitter’s Mobile Ad Shop Using Verizon’s ID to Track Users.

Erasing Dark Energy.

Don’t Ask How to Feed the 9 Billion.

Peter Thiel: ‘We attribute too much to luck. Luck is an atheistic word for God.’  What a fucknugget.

November 16, 2014

People were always dying around Grandma.

The Pipeline From Hell: There’s No Good Reason to Build Keystone XL.

People want Swiss Army Knives.

Someone is shocked that football players — black or white — tend to be misogynistic and homophobic. Film at 11.

Bruce Springsteen says veteran lives have value; conservatives throw a fit.

Mobile Homes as a Proportion of Total Homes By US County.

The NAIRU, explained: why economists don’t want unemployment to drop too low.

AP Pushes Anti-Government Propaganda.

War on Christmas: Lock and Load.

November 15, 2014

Marie-Anne Pierrette Paulze.

How a $47 Shrimp Treadmill Became a $3-Million Political Plaything.

Hurrah For Quitters.

It’s Frustratingly Rare to Find a Novel About Women That’s Not About Love.

Alberta’s Tar Sands and the High Cost of Oil.

Teacher’s resignation letter: ‘My profession … no longer exists.’

7 Ways Data Currently Being Collected About You Could Hurt Your Career or Personal Life.

The Ladies Vanish. Andrew Norman Wilson was fired from his contracting job at Google for interacting with what he called a different “class of workers.”

More guns, more crime: New research debunks a central thesis of the gun rights movement.

How the U.S. Government Could End the Student Debt Crisis Today. Instead of loaning students money, the federal government could just pay for their tuition, without causing any significant economic problems.

Squeezing quantum noise.

David Cameron Says People Aren’t Radicalized By Poverty Or Foreign Policy, But By Free Speech Online, So ISPs Agree To Censor Button.

Is Quantum Entanglement Real?

November 14, 2014

Starting next year, Republicans will be forcing big cutbacks in mail service so they can say government doesn’t work.

power is not our friend.

There Are Other Mechanisms Than Copyrights to Support Creative Work.

“No Child Left Behind” was designed to fail.