November 22, 2015

Life’s Secrets Sought in a Snowflake.

The dream of designing humans.

Obamacare’s mix of carrots and sticks isn’t working terribly well.

Economists tested 7 welfare programs to see if they made people lazy. They didn’t.

Specialty drugs now cost more than the median household income.

Just when I think, hope, that Facebook has peaked and I can leave this party sooner rather than later, I see the referral traffic from Facebook for the publication I work for has only grown.

For many, making ends meet means constantly checking and participating in online networks and message boards to find work, as well as phone calls and text messages to coordinate their gigs. So why do some people still see smartphones as a luxury for the poor?

“It’s magical thinking, but magical thinking is very attractive to desperate people. And the Arab world is full of desperate people.”

The Women of Hollywood Speak Out.

Blocking Out The Sun Won’t Fix Climate Change – But It Could Buy Us Time.

Look at what happened to {g_{K/L}} over the last few years. The figure below is the growth rate of {K/L} year-to-year, from 1996 until now. You can see that we have this atypical shrinking of capital per worker in this period.

What is a coder’s worst nightmare?

I believed we would face an antibiotics apocalypse – until now.

November 21, 2015

Hillary Clinton Joins The ‘Make Silicon Valley Break Encryption’ Bandwagon.

Why BB-8’s Gender Matters in The Force Awakens.

EFF launches Site To Track Censored Content On Social Media.

We know the city where HIV first emerged.

The tiny pill fueling Syria’s war.

Cell: Nutrition is personal. Identical foods produce “healthy” and “unhealthy” responses in different individuals.

Comcast Data Cap 2015: Comcast Data Caps Hurt Us All.

Chrome Extensions – AKA Total Absence of Privacy.

Higher Eating Frequency Does Not Decrease Appetite in Healthy Adults

In Increasingly Sophisticated Climate Models, Uncertainty Lurks.

Dark matter might cause fundamental constants to change over time.

So This Is How Net Neutrality Dies. Was always doomed; only the timing was in question.

Forensic Pseudoscience.

The Information Theory of Life.

November 20, 2015

Clinton is rapidly shedding her “progressive” façade as she grows increasingly confident she has the Democratic nomination locked down.

We Just Saw the Birth of a New Planet for the First Time. How soon can I move in?

Researchers sequence genomes of parasite that is actually a ‘micro jellyfish.’

Comcast injects JavaScript into webpages to show copyright notices to customers. I will never move anywhere where Comcast is the only ISP. Never.

Elsevier Says Downloading And Content-Mining Licensed Copies Of Research Papers ‘Could Be Considered’ Stealing.

Police Civil Asset Forfeitures Exceed All Burglaries in 2014.

Leaky Ships: Ocean Carriers in the Age of Profitless Shipping.

Postcapitalism lecture: London School of Economics.

The GOP has turned from its usual opposition to all taxes to wanting to tax the poor at the expense of the rich.

The Limits of ‘Intuitive’ Eating.

How Fat Acceptance Doesn’t Have to Glorify Obesity and Shame Fitness. But it will anyway. Because that’s a lot easier than improving yourself.

The Death of the Collection and the Necessity of Library-Publisher Collaboration: Young Librarians on the Future of Libraries.

Bad thoughts can’t make you sick.

The Doomsday Scam.

The Incredible Tale of World War II’s Single Deadliest Homefront Disaster.

November 19, 2015

After Endless Demonization Of Encryption, Police Find Paris Attackers Coordinated Via Unencrypted SMS.

Macro. It’s complicated.

What is the point of these large scale terrorist attacks in Europe, aside from what they share in common with all acts of terror?

The quantum source of space-time.

Female Vampire Bats Donate Blood to Friends.

Groundwater is mostly non-renewable, study finds. And they say the planet is not overpopulated….

The US government is already lying like crazy about surveillance after the Paris attacks.

Encryption Is Being Scapegoated To Mask The Failures Of Mass Surveillance.

Sexual Liberty And Its Discontents.

The History of Hazardous Clothing, in Pictures.

November 18, 2015

Large music labels have effectively become law firms devoted to protecting their back catalog. Article is on PC gaming, but damn that is a good sentence.

what goes on in English departments.

Incredible Video Shows an Orca Whale Hurling a Seal 80 Feet Into the Air.

House Bill Would Make It Harder To Prosecute White-Collar Crime.

Attempt no landing there? Yeah right—we’re going to Europa.

Call for an urgent rethink of the ‘health at every size’ concept.

More Than 100,000 Texan Women Have Tried To Induce Their Own Abortion.

Gourds and squashes (Cucurbita spp.) adapted to megafaunal extinction and ecological anachronism through domestication.

Hsin-Yao Tseng.

The Brain Has a Blind Spot for ‘Unknown Unknowns.’

Gun Rights are White Rights.

November 17, 2015

Sometimes it becomes, “Professor Deaton wrote this paper with his wife, who is a researcher.” It is pretty outrageous. She’s a full professor of economics at Princeton just like I am.

The Seduction of Safety, on Campus and Beyond.

5 things the media does to manufacture outrage.

Why Economic Growth Won’t Save the Poor.

U.S. maternal mortality rate is twice that of Canada.


Elizabeth Warren on How Clinton Backed Student Loan and Mortgage Debt Slavery with Bankruptcy “Reform.”

The Nature of Protests.

Pac-Man’s Siren Call.

November 16, 2015

Increased intelligence is a myth (so far).

The Case for Making Humans Smaller.

Hillary Says It’s OK That She Takes Wall Street Money Because of Women and 9/11.

Helping my students overcome command-line bullshittery.

Microaggressions, Moral Cultures, and the Culture of Victimhood.

Paris. First Thoughts.

The Mega-Danger of Mega-Deals: Monopolies Are Crushing U.S. Workers and Consumers.

How to Make a Virtuoso Violinist. Torture kids, pretty much.

The Linguistic Mystery of Tonal Languages.

Before Pepper Spray: The First Crowd-Control Weapons.

Let’s listen to Bill Maher: On Paris, religion and race, Maher walks a fascinating and tricky line.

France’s Left and Right Have Morally Repugnant Views on Islamic Terrorism.

6 Big Predictions for the Future of the Religious Right.

English is not normal.

November 15, 2015

Why is the hijab something to be celebrated? When American Amish women are forced to cover their bodies and hair, do you celebrate that too? The Quiverfull women? Why or why not?

The world is entering a third stage of a rolling debt crisis, this time centred on emerging markets.

Six Strange Things That Have Been Happening in Financial Markets.

Row-Bot Pollution Eating Robot Walks On Water, Never Needs Charging.

American war-making in the Middle East has represented perhaps the least effective use of funds in the history of modern warfare.

Hillary Clinton Is The Most Establishment-Approved Candidate On Record.

The Choices.

Americans literally aren’t going anywhere.

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 tried to secretly install itself on old machines.

After a Mass Extinction, Only the Small Survive.

Michael Dell: ‘The post-PC era has been great for the PC.’ Sales of PCs have nearly doubled in the “post-PC” era. Be wary of media hype.

Inca child mummy reveals lost genetic history of South America.

November 14, 2015

The Power of Pessimism: Science Reveals the Hidden Virtues in Negative Thinking.

How much public space we’ve surrendered to cars.