May 24, 2016

Feminists today are all about the right to make individual choices — any choices, choices that may be wholly estranged from the original objectives of feminism, which once meant collective action to change whole systems.

Which Rock Star Will Historians of the Future Remember? The most important musical form of the 20th century will be nearly forgotten one day. People will probably learn about the genre through one figure — so who might that be?

Low-sodium diets could be bad for your heart, study finds.

Who Loses in Globalization?

Meet some amazing animals and plants that are new to science.

Epigenetics Has Become Dangerously Fashionable.

One of world’s largest solar plants to be used to produce … oil.

The Feminist Stiletto? The History, and the Future, of the High-Heeled Shoe.

What Does It Mean When We Call Women Girls? Two of the main linguistic reasons for “girl” vs. “woman” is two syllable vs. one and informal vs. formal. No one ever mentions this but these both matter a lot.

Paypal refuses to deliver online purchases to UK addresses containing “Isis.”

The problem with Chrome OS (and Android) machines is that they’re not good for coding or creating content of any kind. Goal is to turn nearly everyone into Gammas or worse.

Nile Crocodiles Found Really Far Out of Africa. In Florida.

Expo Line, meet the real world: A car on tracks, a broken-down train.

May 23, 2016

How Far Is Europe Swinging to the Right?

Reverse Engineering A Mysterious UDP Stream in My Hotel.

Electric cars are no longer held back by crappy, expensive batteries. Another thing I was assured was absolutely impossible as recently as five years ago.

Fraudulent claims made by IBM about Watson and AI.

William Dampier: Pirate, Navigator, Naturalist, and Explorer.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Philosophy of Horror.

Demon Core: The Strange Death of Louis Slotin.

Clinton’s Lead Over Trump Shrinks to 3 Points. Which means dead heat given MOE. Well, that wasn’t predictable or anything.

I’m Losing My Mind After Refusing to Plead Insanity for Murdering My Mom.

Wonderful widgets.

May 22, 2016

Organized Misery is Fascism.

A Secret Forest Grew for Millennia in North America Without Anyone Noticing.

For first time, an ISP reveals why police demand internet subscriber identities: ordinary file sharing is the most investigated “crime.”

Venus Is a Nightmarish Hellscape, Which Is Exactly Why We Should Study It. Also only planet capable of being long-term terraformed; Mars cannot hold atmosphere for long.

How ‘twisted’ early childhood education has become — from a child development expert. Fucking hell. I did not like school, but it has become so much worse.

A Cultural History of the ‘Alpha Male’ Concept.

This is the state of YouTube DMCA takedown notices: now corporations can take your own video, use it in their broadcast, then file a claim against you for infringement.


A guy just transcribed 30 years of for-rent ads. Here’s what it taught us about housing prices. Other cities: don’t do what SF has done to itself, is the crucial lesson.

Blood dress.

Strains of E. coli resistant to one antibiotic can protect other bacteria growing nearby.

You are being followed: The business of social media surveillance.

Elaeagnus multiflora.

Roughly half of cancer deaths in the United States could be prevented or forestalled if all Americans quit smoking, cut back on drinking, maintained a healthful weight and got at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. But it’s my right and duty to be a fat, lazy, couch-ridden slob. It’s genetic, even!

The West no longer makes the world better, the West closes off alternatives. That’s the Western brand.

Dell’s 43-inch 4K multi-client monitor.

Ever wonder why outward visibility is so terrible in modern cars? Future cars won’t have windshields at all. So much safer/stronger.

May 21, 2016

Court Filings Reveal New Evidence of How “Jackie” Catfished Her UVA Classmates With Rape Allegations. Better journalism would’ve easily caught this and not harmed women everywhere.

Forty Percent of the Buildings in Manhattan Could Not Be Built Today. True in many cities. NIMBYism making things worse since ever.

The TPP Is ‘Disastrous for Working Families’ and Central to the 2016 Campaign.

To End Short-Termism, Reform CEO Pay.

French Women Fight Back.

Judge Orders ‘Intentionally Deceptive’ DOJ Lawyers To Take Remedial Ethics Class.

We May Be About to Witness One of the Great Privatizations of America’s Public Lands. May? All will be gone in 20-40 years.

A Kinetic Artwork that Sorts Thousands of Random River Stones by Age. That thing, uh, rocks!

Looking back from 2016, one pertinent characteristic seems obvious: no matter how tenuous, the precariat had jobs. The new dying Americans, the ones killing themselves on purpose or with drugs, don’t. Don’t, won’t, and know it.

Google Is A Serial Tracker.

Welcome to Beautiful Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Bogus Defenses of Tax-Dodging Corporate Inversions.

In Sweden, an Experiment Turns Shorter Workdays Into Bigger Gains. Most jobs probably get best performance 4-6 hours of work a day.

Miscellany № 73: per Churchill et commata.

Too much homework stifling your kids? Let them just say no.

The average age for a child getting their first smartphone is now 10.3 years Cool. So many people I will never have to compete with in the workplace.

Rentberry Wants Prospective Tenants to Bid Against Each Other for Apartments. Because the one thing we need right now is HIGHER RENT.

May 20, 2016

Wendy’s Boycott. Easy. I have a de facto boycott stretching years back.

Italy must choose between the euro and its own economic survival. About half the Eurozone nations face this same dilemma.

200,000 year old soil found at mysterious crater, a ‘gate to the subterranean world.’

The Real Bias Built In at Facebook.

The last great masculine delusion: What even Grayson Perry doesn’t get.

At the time where there are no beliefs and everything is individualized and commercialized, all history needs to be explained as having been the product of crass self-interest of few individuals.

Obama Has Been At War Longer Than Any Other President In History. About that Nobel Peace Prize….

But the lengths the Clinton camp and the media has gone to turn this election into a referendum on who has the better behaving supporters really has taken away from the important issues the candidates were debating.

The Structure of Ocean Ecosystems Has Been Stable for Tens of Millions of Years, with Punctuated Changes.

Mad About Rigged Elections? Corp. Media Says YOU Are the Problem.

The idea of the knowledge economy is appealing. The only problem is it is largely a myth.

The Problems With DNA Evidence and Testing.

The Berkeley historian Jan DeVries found that some 2 million Europeans made trading voyages to Asia between 1580 and 1795. Of these, only 920,412 survived: an overall mortality rate of 54 per cent.

Men Are Sabotaging The Online Reviews Of TV Shows Aimed At Women.

The Faux Fracas in Nevada: How a Reporter Manufactured a Riot. Standard establishment tactic, used since ancient times to discredit.

Darwinian medicine and the ‘hygiene’ or ‘old friends’ hypothesis.

May 19, 2016

A look inside the closed-door DMCA meetings.

America’s Latest Terrifying Cable Super Merger is Finally, Officially Complete. Disgraceful, but disgraceful is all we do lately.

Curiosity at Furnace Flats.

The TSA is a waste of money that doesn’t save lives and might actually cost them.

Clinton Policies Have Hurt Women.

Hiring Hurdle: Finding Workers Who Can Pass a Drug Test. Wait a minute. This guy’s name is “Barry Sample?” Life is funnier than fiction would ever allow.

Most mass shooters aren’t mentally ill. So why push better treatment as the answer?

Feminism is Bigger Than Gender: Why I’ll be Happy in Hell Without Hillary. Real feminists vote for Sarah Palin.

Earth’s Relentless Warming Just Hit a Terrible New Threshold. Have left the trend line now; expect accelerating destabilization most models won’t predict.

The foul reign of the biological clock.

Liberals’ Disregard for the White Working Class.

The Dems seem to think that if they can squash Sanders everything will go back to normal. And they are wrong.

May 18, 2016

How to dance to…(birds). I think birds are the only animals besides humans that dance.

Sharks’ electricity-sensing organs are even more powerful than we realized. Added to list of superpowers I need.

The Curious Case of the Weapon that Didn’t Exist. Flail is a terrible weapon because miss once == dead.

SSRN sold to Elsevier: From open access to the worst legacy publisher.

Stop Calling Deals That Help CEOs Pillage with Impunity “Free Trade.” What we do now is better than raiding villages, but harder to fight.

Placing blame on animals is part of the balm we apply to our uneasy consciences about extinction.

Europa’s Ocean May Have An Earthlike Chemical Balance.

Safety Rope.

The salary you need to afford the rent in these 15 cities.

Mom’s exposure to BPA during pregnancy can put her baby on course to obesity.

Most Americans want to replace Obamacare with a single-payer system — including a lot of Republicans.

The Search for Our Missing Colors.

Confronting the Parasite Economy. Why low-wage work is bad for business—and all of us. Economists who oppose min. wage ignore how entire rest of economy works and could work.

Is the TSA Pressuring Americans Into Submitting to Background Checks?

Microsoft is adding more ads to the Windows 10 Start menu. An OS so bad it’s not even worth pirating.