November 11, 2016

The Ruling Elite Is Protected from the Consequences of its Dominance.

Wikileaks was not Russian propaganda, it was the news. Aye. Doing what “real” journalists should have been doing.

Trump victory could spell defeat for EU-U.S. trade deal. One good thing at least.

Revenge Of The Forgotten Class.

You cannot, no matter how hard you try, see both duck and rabbit at once. What? Always do, always have.

A world without the Mac Pro.

Clusivity and we.

The Data Said Clinton Would Win. Why You Shouldn’t Have Believed It.

Is Polling Dead? But, but Nate Silver told me the polls were really like a billion times a trillion percent accurate!

Vancouver Wields C$10,000-a-Day Fine in Crackdown on Empty Homes.

Scientists present the most accurate time measurements of quantum jumps to date.

Roads and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure. So about those economists who claim nothing is missed in GDP….

Media: End Reporting on Polls.

November 10, 2016

There Was No Apparent “Whitelash” This Year. Kudos to Drum for taking a look at the real data for once.

Well you wanted Clinton. After today, no election posting here unless it’s about poll methodology/failures.

Put simply, Democrats knowingly chose to nominate a deeply unpopular, extremely vulnerable, scandal-plagued candidate, who — for very good reason — was widely perceived to be a protector and beneficiary of all the worst components of status quo elite corruption.

Original Dinosaur Claw Sheath Proteins Preserved for 75 Million Years.

Contextualizing avian mortality: A preliminary appraisal of bird and bat fatalities from wind, fossil-fuel, and nuclear electricity.

The media didn’t want to believe Trump could win. So they looked the other way.

Sea Levels Will Rise Faster Than Ever.

On Trump’s Performance.

When I told you so feels like sobbing terror vomit. Hillary was always about as electable as a broken Tonka truck in a landfill, as much as dumbo-Dems did not want to hear that.

Economic Depression: A commentary on Paul Romer’s The Trouble With Macroeconomics.

2016 Macbook Pro snafu highlights the mess with USB Type-C. Will be avoiding that all for at least 2 years till it all shakes out.

How the Hillary Clinton campaign deliberately “elevated” Donald Trump with its “pied piper” strategy. Was obvious without even the leaked email as evidence.

Hubris of Rationality, Science, & certainty. Science is great but can’t answer or even ask the most important questions.

November 9, 2016

The smug style in American liberalism. Hilarious that this is on Vox.

The Tech That Was Going To Save The Internal Combustion Engine Was A Lie. Well, it works if you drive like you’re 85 all the time.

Nobody in the 1970s would recognize an iPhone as a phone. It is actually far superior to the Star Trek communicators that people in the 1970s saw on TV. Bet the communicators had a damn headphone jack though.

If The FBI Can’t Stop All These Leaks About An Investigation, Why Would it Be Able To Keep Encryption Backdoor Secret?

How the politics of debt explains everything.

The closing of the liberal mind.

The long shadow of 1989.

Diving Into the Medical CPI: Are Your Medical Expenses Up Only 5% from Year Ago?

It is an indication of blind support for neoliberal feminism when we assume that if a woman has the same access to abusive power like her fellow men do, she has somehow ‘dismantled patriarchy.’

November 8, 2016

In Rolling Stone Defamation Case, Magazine and Reporter Ordered to Pay $3 Million. Now if only rapists were pursued so assiduously.

Quick fix for an early Internet problem lives on a quarter-century later. Yes, anyone can send BGP advertisements but that openness also makes the internet work.

Long-range projectiles for Navy’s newest ship too expensive to shoot.

Male identity remains tied up in dominance and earning potential, and when those things flag, it seems men either give up or get angry.

NVIDIA Adds Telemetry to Latest Drivers; Here’s How to Disable It.

Habit Formation and Rational Addiction: A Field Experiment in Handwashing.

Explaining it all.

The vast majority of possible careers involve moving to the city, and around every city is now a hundred-foot wall called “Cost of Living.” It’s Cracked, but might be the best article I’ve read discussing the why of now.

How Models Reveal the Secrets of Biology Without Making the News.

Why Trump’s use of the word ‘stupid’ is not so stupid.

Close to absolute zero, the particles exhibit their quantum nature.

November 7, 2016

The Future of the Euro Area.

Economists Forgot Smith and Darwin’s Message: Society Cannot Function Without Moral Bonds.

The End of the General Purpose Operating System. The future is nigh, and it sucks.

Thoughts on the “physically secure” ORWL computer.

I Was Wrong – The H-1B Visa Program Must Be Abolished.

Welcome to the pyramid at the end of the world.

Time for a change in the way we tell time.

The Coming Plague of Poverty Among the Elderly: Clinton’s Plan For Gutting Social Security.

Negative Emotions Are Key to Well-Being.

November 6, 2016

Power posing’s real problem is with hormones, not data.

What allows them to be not offended at rape jokes and racial slurs is that they are not targeted at them. For white guys, these are fun toys to play with.

The Human Right to Water at Standing Rock.

The thing that triggers copyright rules – copying – is an intrinsic part of the functioning of the Internet and computers. There’s really no such thing as ‘‘loading’’ a web-page – you make a copy of it. There’s really no such thing as ‘‘reading’’ a file off a hard-drive – you copy it into memory.

Absurd Notions: World is Running Out of Dollars.

An Obituary of The New York Times.

Solid metallic hydrogen has been produced in the laboratory.

H.264 is magic.

Adolescence, loosely defined as the period between puberty and financial independence, now lasts about 15 years, twice as long as it did in the 1950s.

Your phone can talk to advertisers beyond your back, beyond your audible spectrum.

Three New Scandals Show How Pervasive and Dangerous Mass Surveillance is in the West, Vindicating Snowden.

The macabre fate of ‘beating heart corpses.’

Spiking a Rising Tide.

Chinese Characters Are Futuristic and the Alphabet Is Old News.

En Iran, Hillary Clinton est perçue comme la candidate la moins pire. Not sure the Iranians are right about that, but the right spirit for sure.

America’s First Female Rocket Scientist Ran Away From Home to Become a Chemist.

How to Disable All of Windows 10’s Built-in Advertising. A paid OS with fucking ads. What the fuck.

At Standing Rock, women lead fight in face of Mace, arrests and strip searches.

November 5, 2016

Apple is now officially a dongle company that happens to make smartphones and computers.

From ‘reset’ to ‘pause’: The real story behind Hillary Clinton’s feud with Vladimir Putin.

Mixotrophy is the norm rather than the exception.

Confused Reporter Doubles Down On Bogus Trump/Russian Server Story With ‘I’m Just Asking Questions’ Non-Apology.

In the period immediately following World War II, both of the triumphant blocs moved rapidly to define the word ‘fascism’ expediently. The critical objective, on each side, was to emphasize those features comparatively understated in its own domestic version of the phenomenon, in order to underscore the impression that they had unambiguously sided against it.

What is the gender pay gap and is it real?: The complete guide to how women are paid less than men and why it can’t be explained away.

How funky tortoiseshell glasses can beat facial recognition.

As Flint Suffers, Nestlé Plans Dramatic Expansion of Water Privatization in Michigan.

The world’s best effort to curb global warming probably won’t prevent catastrophe.

Neoliberalism and Textbooks (I promise this is better than it sounds).

Are smart cities just a utopian fantasy?

November 4, 2016

Why Black Americans Are Not Nostalgic for Route 66.

Why Are US Presidential Elections So Close?

After 20 Years, NASA Finally Finished Building The James Webb Space Telescope.

Long, short, forward and back: Our concepts of time—and how we process it in the brain—are based on our understanding of physical space, with some surprising cultural variations.

Young Adolescents as Likely to Die From Suicide as From Traffic Accidents.

Planet Earth II and the bloodthirsty evolution of the nature documentary.

The recovery of the last eight years has only benefited the upper 20% or so by income of the population; the rest have been left to get by on declining real wages, while simultaneously having to face skyrocketing rents driven by federal policies that prop up the real estate market, and stunning increases in medical costs driven by Obama’s embarrassingly misnamed “Affordable Care Act.”

This evil office printer hijacks your cellphone connection.

Will social democracy return? A review of Offer and Söderberg.

Web fonts, boy, I don’t know.

November 3, 2016

All major airlines break down once in awhile. But none of them break down in midair more often than Allegiant.

Human brain is predisposed to negative stereotypes, new study suggests. Evolutionarily-shaped threat model of relative safety of outsiders vs. insiders.

Nearly naked black hole exposed by galactic close encounter.

What Call Centers Can Tell Us About Bleakness and Resistance in the Modern Workplace.

The Kingdom of the Dead.

The Case Against Democracy.