August 31, 2017

By questioning Harris and the party’s other rising stars, the left performs necessary political work.

Now Comes the Uncomfortable Question: Who Gets to Rebuild After Harvey?

This is probably the worst US flood storm ever, and I’ll never be the same. The Flood of 1927 was as bad if not worse, though rainfall not as much. The song “When the Levee Breaks” was written about this flood, by Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe McCoy, later made famous by Led Zeppelin.

New study: We’re outpacing the most radical climate event we know of.

It’s a Myth That Corporate Tax Cuts Mean More Jobs.

Rural America Is Building Its Own Internet Because No One Else Will.

The Art of Philosophy: Visualising Aristotle in Early 17th-Century Paris.

August 30, 2017

These Women Entrepreneurs Created A Fake Male Cofounder To Dodge Startup Sexism.

Don’t Fall for Babylonian Trigonometry Hype.

The age of AI surveillance is here.

Business as Usual: The Long History of Corporate Personhood.

For years, engineers have warned that Houston was a flood disaster in the making. Why didn’t somebody do something?

How Chuck Norris Facts became the internet’s first great meme. Wrong. “Dancing baby” and/or “All Your Base” were the first great memes. Arguably “All Your Base” b/c many more were on the internet then.

What We Get Wrong About Technology.

Where Harvey is hitting hardest, 80 percent lack flood insurance. Going to be a field day for the rich and hedge funds there soon.

Scientists Find Gene Can Explain Horses’ Ability to Pace.

Basically every problem in the US economy is because companies have too much power, new research argues. Same paper linked before presented in a different way.

August 29, 2017

Democrats are starting a fierce internal debate. Finally.

Harvey Is What Climate Change Looks Like.

Are Birds Aware of Their Camouflage? A New Study Suggests So.

The Tater Tot Is American Ingenuity at Its Finest.

We’re living on Caprica.

A long journey to reproducible results.

So now there’s this ridiculous situation where progressivism has become the vehicle for spreading and normalizing non-western misogyny masquerading as hallowed cultural traditions.

August 28, 2017

Photos: The Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

A new study finds that students who are known as “high achievers” and take highly competitive courses are the most likely to cheat on their exams.

The Future of Military Robotics Looks Like a Nature Documentary. Technology as nature.

A Sinister War on Our Right to Hold Cash.

The first men to conquer death will create a new social order – a terrifying one.

Why a dumb phone is a smart move.

Wage Stagnation in Nine Charts.

Money for the People.

August 27, 2017

The Centrist Smear: The Five Steps Liberals Take to Undermine Leftist Critique.

Math: Still Not Everywhere. The biggest lie told in school is, “You’ll definitely need this one day!”

The Lost Lesson of the Financial Crisis.

The Parasite that Wires Plants Together.

Too many people writing have nothing interesting to say and no interesting way in which to say it.

Why Men Don’t Believe the Data on Gender Bias in Science. Other than being raging misogynists?


How Mushrooms Became Magic.

Opioid epidemic directly tied to higher unemployment, weak economy.

August 26, 2017

Evidence for evolutionary shifts in the fitness landscape of human complex traits.

We’ve been underestimating the solar industry’s momentum. That could be a big problem.

Seventy-eight percent of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck, up from 75 percent last year, according to a recent report from CareerBuilder.

I firmly believe that not only should we raise the minimum wage, but we should also create a maximum wage.

Emmanuel Macron Is No Model For Democrats.

The end-Cretaceous mass extinction was rather unpleasant. Climate simulation shows how long soot blotted out the Sun.

What I Got Wrong About Misogyny.

Same Boat.

August 25, 2017

Deepest Fish Ever Recorded — Documented at Depths of 8,178 m in Mariana Trench.

Seattle Climbs but Austin Sprawls: The Myth of the Return to Cities.

Why Ecology Needs Natural History.

Unions are still very important.

Nearly 11 percent more Americans would have held jobs as programmers if not for the H-1B program. Half of all college graduates who studied computer science end up working outside of the tech field.

Vanguard Group is America’s new landlord.

Unpopular ideas about social norms.

August 24, 2017

Alaska’s thawing soils are now pouring carbon dioxide into the air.

The mathematician Svitlana Mayboroda and collaborators have figured out how to predict the behavior of electrons — a mathematical discovery that could have immediate practical effects.

Spyware Found In Over 500 Android Apps, Together Downloaded More Than 100M Times. So much for the daft “cellphones are so much safer than PCs” piddle.

Keeping it in the family: why we pick the partners we do. According to both the left right, humans did not evolve, evolutionarily-influenced mate choice is fake, there is no such things as evolved sexual characteristics attractive to the opposite sex (breasts are only for babies!). Blah. Idiots.

The Deep Seas Are Alive With Light. Bioluminescence is not rare, scientists have learned. It is so common in the oceans that it ranks as one of the planet’s dominant traits.

The neoliberal road to autocracy.

Stop Telling Us to Stay Home and Do Nothing.

Ellen Pao’s new book shows that Silicon Valley’s bad culture starts with VCs.

Thanks to Amazon, Seattle is now America’s biggest company town.

August 23, 2017

Stuxnet explained: How code can destroy machinery and stop (or start) a war.

Book Review: The Spirit Level.

Polarization for controversial scientific issues increases with more education.

The Jobs Most Segregated by Gender and Race.

The Camera That Will Transform Our Understanding of the Universe.

Fantasies about the future have a troubling effect on achieving actual goals. If positive thinking doesn’t work, what does?

Fear the rise of info-monopolies over America.

Evict the rich. The one neat trick to solving the housing crisis: give the things owned by the rich to the poor.

What Google Bros Have in Common With Medieval Beer Bros. “It turns out that whenever an occupation becomes profitable, women get cut out.”

New Report Finds Police Have Used Tasers in a Staggering Number of Killings.

August 22, 2017

Let’s hear it for the four-hour working day.

Why didn’t electricity immediately change manufacturing?

How Hate Groups Forced Online Platforms to Reveal Their True Nature.

Positive and Negative Liberty.

The myth of the benefits cheat is a sign of unkind times.

People Who’ve Never Lived In Poverty, Stop Telling Poor People What To Do.

Sometimes Giving A Person A Choice Is An Act Of Terrible Cruelty.

Back to the progressive future: It’s not too late to overcome the mistakes of the Clinton era.

August 21, 2017

Iconic Plague Images Are Often Not What They Seem.

The truth has got its boots on: what the evidence says about Mr. Damore’s Google memo.

The Argument For Open Borders. “Open borders” only works if everyone is already identical. Violent erasure of differences furthers neoliberalism, so “open borders” is sold as some paradisaical possibility, rather than the cataclysm it would be for most.

The Dangerous Rise Of Unproductive Entrepreneurship.

Charlottesville car attack suspect has a history of domestic violence, like so many other terrorists.

Our Minds Have Been Hijacked by Our Phones.

From Pariahs to the Privileged: On Keri Leigh Merritt’s “Masterless Men.”

August 20, 2017

Renewable subsidies for wind and solar energy are already paying for themselves—at least in the US.

Neoliberalism: the idea that swallowed the world. The word has become a rhetorical weapon, but it properly names the reigning ideology of our era – one that venerates the logic of the market and strips away the things that make us human.

Standing at work linked to heart disease. Sitting and standing in offices is bad? Fine, let’s just not work in offices anymore at all. Solved.

Cracking down on opioids has made life miserable for chronic pain patients.

Constant Anxiety Won’t Save the World. Spreading fear and worry about issues you care about on social media can lead to burnout rather than action.

Financing Suburbia: How government mortgage policy determined where you live.

Polish painter Anna Bilinska, Self-portrait with apron and brushes, 1887.

A rock shelter at Madjedbebe, home of the Mirarr people in Kakadu, shows humans have lived here on this continent continuously for at least 65,000 years

Google’s Anti-Bullying AI Mistakes Civility for Decency.

August 19, 2017

Evidence of a Toxic Environment for Women in Economics.