June 30, 2018

‘Breakthrough’ algorithm exponentially faster than any previous one. Just a reminder that the vast majority of the reason computers have gotten faster over the years is algorithmic improvement, not improved hardware.

Majority of Americans Think Social Media Sites Censor Political Viewpoints. Because they do.

Not An Excuse But An Explanation.

Are we stuck with cement?

How Merkel broke the EU. Far from being Europe’s savior, the German chancellor is gradually, if unwittingly, destroying it. Attempting to preserve the status quo when it cannot be preserved is the best way known to break a system quickly.

Weeds Are Winning the War against Herbicide Resistance.

People who keep seeing the same doctor have lower death rates.

The Remaking of Class.

Thomas Bayes and the crisis in science. Modern science is often attempting to find a slight signal in a mass of noise. Often, this is not really possible even when many scientists claim it is, no matter how much math you throw at it.

Anthony Kennedy Was Never Really a Friend to Liberals. A look back at his record shows that but for a few high-profile rulings, he was a conservative justice who granted more power to the right. He was merely a bit less conservative than many of the other troglodytes on the court.

A parthenogenetic quasi-program causes teratoma-like tumors during aging in wild-type C. elegans. I strongly doubt that aging is just an accumulation of damage, in humans or anything else.

Is Morality Unified Evidence that Distinct Neural Systems Underlie Moral Judgments of Harm, Dishonesty, and Disgust.

Prevalence-induced concept change in human judgment.

A Warming World Creates Desperate People.

Tips For Staying Civil While Debating Child Prisons.

Hepatitis Spikes as Poverty and Isolation Grip the Homeless and Forgotten.

The Privilege Of ‘Civilized’ Political Discourse.

June 29, 2018

Plastic Recycling Is a Problem Consumers Can’t Solve.

The DNA Cops Who Make Sure the World’s Deadliest Viruses Aren’t Rebuilt.

How Bank Lending Really Creates Money, And Why The Magic Money Tree Is Not Cost Free. Nothing is cost free; sometimes money creation is a good thing. Sometimes it is not.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Won Not Because Her Ideas Are Radical but Because They’re Good.

We Have Reached Peak Screen. Now Revolution Is in the Air. I use my smartphone as little as possible because it’s terrible and I hate it.

John McWhorter on the Accelerating Pace of Linguistic Change.

We can’t go back to the dark days of discrimination based on a pre-existing condition. Really the only win of the ACA was this provision.

Anthony Kennedy’s retirement ensures the Supreme Court will allow states to outlaw abortion. In many states, it’s already effectively outlawed.

Obama on immigration.

Diagnosis: Female.

An Extraordinarily Expensive Way to Fight ISIS.

Visitor from another solar system accelerated away from the Sun. Simplest explanation for the visitor’s motion is heated jets of gas. Or ion rockets!

In Japan, Your Smile is Being Recorded: Take This Job and Love It—Or Else. Inevitable for the US, too. If you think customer service jobs are terrible now, just wait.

The Gender Paradox of the Nordic Welfare State.

After the Fall: Ten Years after the Crash.

Intensifying Heat Waves Bring Hidden Expenses—Especially for the Poor and Vulnerable.

A Real Emergency.

Spinning glass ball rejects light from one direction.

We Continue to Sense Danger Even When Threats Decrease.

June 28, 2018

While propaganda is ancient, modern methods make it vastly more effective than in ancient times. Scientists tell us that mind control does not exist. As is often the case in the social realm, they are wrong.

Asset Prices Divorced From Economic Reality More Than Ever.

In Hindsight, Obama Shouldn’t Have Appointed Merrick Garland. Safe choices aren’t.

The Lessons of a Stunning New York Primary. The millennials, for the most part, are alright, but probably too late.

I took a phone call from the Google Assistant. More of that tech that will “never happen” happening.

Janina Nowak.

The Number Ones. I wish this were written with more cultural insight (which gives me some ideas), but still interesting.

Confessions of an accidental job destroyer. I have helped destroy around 5,000 jobs myself.

Trump’s brutality is part of Obama’s legacy now.

The migration crisis will shatter Europe. And what comes after will be far worse.

The Discovery of Complex Organic Molecules on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Is a Huge Deal.

How Spiders Fly.

Cross-race effect.

Historians will write with astonishment about the Left bringing in so many people who oppose their ideals about homosexuality and feminism. I disagree with about half this piece, but at least it recognizes there is a problem — something most liberals absolutely refuse.

Kennedy could have been a perfectly adequate lower court judge, but he was in over his head at the Supreme Court. And, for that reason, his most celebrated opinions will be very easy to dismantle.

How the Surveillance State Destroys the Lives of Poor Whites and People of Color.

June 27, 2018

We can condense the EU’s unsolvable problem down to one statement: Open migration is not compatible with free education, free services, free lodging, etc. Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia will be ok places in 40 years. Not so much the rest of Europe; Sweden and Germany are fully fucked.

Bernie Sanders Is Not the Left. His refusal to endorse ICE’s abolition is the latest evidence that he’s not the politician that many believe him to be. Bernie was and is better than Hillary. I did not support him because he’s not really much of a leftist, only about what a regular Democrat was 30 or 40 years ago.

The Coldest Temperature Ever Observed on Earth. Carbon dioxide freezes out of the air at these temperatures (actually, well before).

Barents Sea seems to have crossed a climate tipping point. This is probably what a climate tipping point looks like—and we’re past it.

The loudmouth at the concert: Why can’t people stop talking and listen to the music? Because there must be a way to identify those we must shun and kneecap, in whichever order works.

Why Office Friendships Can Feel So Awkward.

Anger in America. Trump has exploited popular anger to advance his own interests, but he did not create that anger. America’s elites have spent decades doing that, creating the conditions for a figure like Trump to emerge.

Moral judgments, gender, and antisocial preferences: an experimental study.

What to do about the mess we are in.

On the civility debate and forgetting the ’70s.

June 26, 2018

Meet the 8 spooky AT&T buildings that almost certainly also serve the NSA.

While Trump distracts, GOP to gut Medicare, Social Security. I have suspected this is what the immigration circus is really about.

The completely legal, utterly grotesque system for undermining the rights of the elderly.

Amnesia dooms bankers to repeat their mistakes.

Methane leaks from US gas fields dwarf government estimates.

Friedrich Nietzsche: The truth is terrible.

The Neuroscience of Pain.

San Francisco Restaurants Can’t Afford Waiters. So They’re Putting Diners to Work.

June 25, 2018

The World is Too Loud: On Being a Writer with Misophonia.

Bias in Perceptions of Public Opinion among Political Elites.

On the etiology of human cruelty.

The case against teaching kids to be polite to Alexa.

As Minerva’s Owl Flies: The Dark Side of Hegel’s Historicism.

The Paradox of Technological Déjà Vu.

Male journalists ignore female peers on Twitter, study shows. There are male journalists on Twitter? Huh.

Happy Monday System.

Intolerable Opinions in an Intolerant Time.

Thermostats, Locks and Lights: Digital Tools of Domestic Abuse.

This Deal Shows How the Junk-Credit Market is Still Irrationally Exuberant.

June 24, 2018

Personalisation is Asymmetric Psychological Warfare.

The X-Files made me want to believe in love.

Individuals living with depersonalisation disorder bring vivid insight to the question of whether the self is an illusion.

Ekaterina Popova.

Calculating for Managing: The Emergence of the Idea of Risk Management.

The decline of America’s middle classes.

The Tragic Roots of America’s Favorite Cherry.

Here’s How That Tablet On The Table At Your Favorite Restaurant Is Hurting Your Waiter. In data-hungry, tech-happy chain restaurants, customers are rating their servers using tabletop tablets, not realizing those ratings can put jobs at risk. Always rate service workers at the top rating unless they attack you with knives. Only way to subvert the system at present.

What if Hitler Had Defeated Russia?

Amazon, the Brand Buster.

June 23, 2018

Welfare Beats Jobs When It Comes to Poverty Reduction.

2016 Trump support was greatest in areas with highest rates of painkiller use, study finds. But it was racist painkiller!

The Other Affordable Housing Option.

Zebrafish Eyes.

All* perfect pangrams of English.

Emotional eating in childhood is learned at home.

Child Labor in the U.S. Tobacco Industry. My father worked tobacco as a kid. Very common in the South.

Congress quietly passed the largest rollback of Wall Street regulations since the financial crisis.

In praise of idle hands: Underemployed and unashamed in America.