August 31, 2018

Beluga whales and narwhals go through menopause.

The New Reading Environment. Each this is not to say or in other words a dull sword wielded against willful misunderstanding.

Online Bettors Can Sniff Out Weak Psychology Studies. So why can’t the journals that publish them?

Hothouse Earth Is Merely the Beginning of the End. Not the end of the planet, but maybe the end of its human inhabitants.

How Trump can thank his presidency to the lack of prosecution of white-collar criminals after the financial crisis. Yes. If Obama had prosecuted even 10 people during the GFC, Hillary Clinton would now be president. 100% guaranteed.

Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic.

It Came From the ’70s: The Story of Your Grandma’s Weird Couch.

Supply of Homes Surges 20% to 90% in Many Markets Just as Pending Home Sales Drop.

Who’s Afraid of a White Minority?

Offering a more progressive definition of freedom. Progressives, as they have in most areas, have hugely failed here.

Meth is everywhere. Florida is this way, too.

August 30, 2018

Pope Promises More Open, Transparent Molestation In Future.

The Mystery of People Who Speak Dozens of Languages.

Newly Discovered ‘Rose Hip’ Neurons May Be Unique To Humans.

Air-conditioners do great good, but at a high environmental cost.

How U.S. Education Became A “Debt Sentence.”

September 1888: George Eastman Patents His Kodak Camera.

New research shows that even by the age of two years old children are already crippled by the scrutiny of others and will change their behaviour if they are being watched to boost their reputation. Humans are perhaps too social.

UN Scientific Paper Suggests Capitalism Has to Die in Order for the Planet to Be Saved.

Nearby Cepheid Variable RS Pup.

5 Questions: John Ioannidis calls for more rigorous nutrition research.

Democrats Are Blowing a Huge Opportunity on Climate Change. The party has shifted to the left and is proposing bold new solutions on a range of issues—but its leading figures aren’t talking much about the most existential threat to our future.

Partisanship’s a Helluva Drug — And It’s Reshaping the Economy.

FCC can define markets with only one ISP as “competitive,” court rules.

What on Earth is Obama doing? Fuck Obama. Just as worthless as Trump. Fuck Obama x a billion.

How to Use LEDs to Detect Light.

A Brown University Researcher Released A Study About Teens Imitating Their Peers By Turning Trans. The Left Went Insane. So Brown Caved.

America is one of the few cultures with insults for smart people.

Miami Will Be Underwater Soon. Its Drinking Water Could Go First.

August 29, 2018

We find the last universal common ancestor of cellular life to have predated the end of late heavy bombardment (>3.9 billion years ago (Ga)).

The Trump Tax Cuts Were Supposed to Depress Housing Prices. They Haven’t. So far, economists see only faint effects of the new tax law in housing prices. The predicted carnage hasn’t materialized.

Fed Paper Questions ‘This Time Is Different’ Yield Curve Theory.

The Origins of Our Misguided Hatred for Pigeons. I like pigeons. I speak their pidgin a smidgen.

These Cultural Treasures Are Made of Plastic. Now They’re Falling Apart.

She paid $3.47 for a prescription drug. The retail price was 10,000% higher.

Cigarette Butts—Not Plastic Straws—Are The Worst Contaminant of Oceans, According to New Study.

Air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals.

The Dangers of Ignoring Cognitive Inequality. Cognitive inequality is going to matter more and more over time. Already huge changes on this axis in my lifetime.

The numerous groups that pretended to be Steam, the ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’ band.

Researchers find way to spy on remote screens—through the webcam mic. Huh. Remote Van Eck phreaking.

August 28, 2018

Climate change will be deadlier, more destructive and costlier for California than previously believed, state warns. This will be true for nearly everyone. Reality is now setting in.

In 2017, four US states generated more than 30% of their electricity from wind.

Risky Play and Growing Up: How to Understand the Overprotection of the Next Generation.

Earth’s Deadliest Mass Extinction Was Driven by Toxic Volcano Plumes.

John McCain Wasn’t a Hero.

The Heartbreakers at Chain Restaurants. The calories are the problem, not the fat content, etc. Don’t be mislead by poorly-researched articles like this.

Why Tesla’s Autopilot Can’t See a Stopped Firetruck. Many humans don’t and can’t see a stopped firetruck or stopped bus — why do you think they have those huge flashers and all that orange on the back, and they still get rear-ended all the time?

August 27, 2018

Sea Level Rise Already Causing Billions in Home Value To Disappear. All that stuff that couldn’t happen keeps happening. Strange, that.

Software piracy remains an important part of preserving our digital heritage.

How did the “moral economy”—a concept that once encompassed a radical critique of capitalism—become the province of billionaires?

Philosophy Needs a New Definition.

Transitional Turtles.

Communal-mode interpersonal skills may become increasingly important to life success—not less, as techies hope.

The presence of the word “natural” on your food has long guaranteed you one thing: Someone at that food company wanted to write it there.

August 26, 2018

What happens when we work non-stop.

A Tadpole Bigger than a Can of Soda.

Facebook escalates censorship of left-wing, anti-war organizations.

NASA Chief Wants to Send Humans to the Moon — ‘To Stay.’ There are also a lot of people I’d like to send to the Moon forever — no habitat or oxygen required.

Black holes, paradoxes, and computational complexity.

The Centipede’s Dilemma.

Everything Is Equal.

Failure and rejection don’t always lead to success. And that’s OK.

Dozens is oral legacy rooted in survival.

What Makes Hunting So Divisive.


Drought In Central Europe Reveals Cautionary ‘Hunger Stones’ In Czech River.

The torturer in everyone.

The Student Debt Problem is Worse Than We Imagined.

Inside the strange, uniform politics of today’s MBA programs—and what it says about America’s elites.

Whole Foods: America’s Temple of Pseudoscience. Americans get riled up about creationists and climate change deniers, but lap up the quasi-religious snake oil at Whole Foods.

August 25, 2018

Cinderella “plot holes” I am tired of hearing.

Online Shopping Is Making Us Accumulate More Junk.

What’s Missing From the Medicare for All Debate. What’s sad is that as a society we can no longer even do the things that are a clear win-win.

Study: Google Android Phones Collect Almost 10 Times More Data than iPhones.

New Poll That Shows 70% of Americans Support Medicare for All Includes 84% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans.

How a hacker network turned stolen press releases into $100 million.

Mass Media Is The Enemy Of The People Like The Cage Is The Enemy Of The Bird.

No, The World Isn’t Getting Better For Everyone.

Were Twitter to lose the protections I wrote into law, within 24 hours its potential liabilities would be many multiples of its assets and its stock would be worthless. The same for Facebook and any other social media site.

From 2007 through 2017, the CPI rose 21%. Over that same period, college tuition costs jumped 63%, school housing surged 51% and the price of textbooks rose 88%.

America’s Never-Ending Culture War.

Amid fires and hurricanes, price of climate change begins to hit home. It’s becoming awful expensive for a hoax.

The Bipartisan Cry of ‘Not in My Backyard.’ The housing secretary wants to encourage mixed-income, multifamily development as a way of making housing more affordable. But it’s a notion homeowners of all political leanings tend to oppose.

This is how much America’s 1% has socked away.

Lessons Learned from Centuries of Indigenous Forest Management.

Here Comes the 2nd Wave of Big Money in the “Buy-to-Rent” Scheme.

Air pollution takes a year off average global life expectancy.

Big oil asks government to protect it from climate change. Now that is funny.

Beware Rich People Who Say They Want to Change the World.

Carbon Dioxide: An Open Door Policy.

August 24, 2018

Arctic’s oldest and thickest sea ice breaks for first time in history. Well, we are fucked. More so anyone younger than 20.

See how journalists work as a pack to manipulate us. Well, really, it’s their bosses — corporate journalists are just the henchmen and -women.

Porn use does not predict problems with porn, but religiosity does, finds a new meta-analysis, which suggests that Pornography Problems due to Moral Incongruence (PPMI) appear to be the driving force in many of the people who report dysregulated, uncontrollable, or problematic pornography use.

Society Is Made Of Narrative. Realizing This Is Awakening From The Matrix.

The evolutionary mystery of gigantic human brains.


In U.S., wage growth is being wiped out entirely by inflation.

Why the Sea Is Blue: Rachel Carson on the Science and Splendor of the Marine Spectrum.

The Case for Applied History.

Lump-of-Labor Fallacy: The Nastiest Motives of Nasty People.