November 30, 2018

What explains America’s mysterious baby bust? Hispanic Americans are having fewer babies, as are city-dwellers. Financial insecurity, high cost of health care, and existential risk.

The Science of the Job Search, Part VII: You Only Need 50% of Job “Requirements.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Push for a Green New Deal Is Not Just Good Policy—It’s Political Genius.

Our Bipolar Free-Speech Disorder And How To Fix It (Part 1).

Attacking Monopoly Power Can Be Stunningly Good Politics, Survey Finds.

Linguist George Lakoff on what Democrats don’t understand — and Republicans do — about how voters think. AOC is the only politician that seems to understand this.

Richest 1 percent bagged 82 percent of wealth created last year – poorest half of humanity got nothing.

Strange earthquake waves rippled around Earth, and nobody knows why. Godzilla awakens.

Democrats Can Win Back Rural America, But First They Need To Understand What Bled It Dry. At the root of rural America’s angst are small towns whose economies have been taken over by a handful of predatory multinationals.

They gave Obama a chance, he promised roads and public options, and many communities and voters in these areas got neither as well as increased prices or their only county hospital getting shut down. The state dems sold out their unions.

This systemic vulnerability is largely invisible, and so the inevitable contagion will surprise most observers and participants.

Chalk by Jessica Nelson North.

How Boomer Homeowners Blocked Affordable Housing.

“When You Get That Wealthy, You Start to Buy Your Own Bullshit”: The Miseducation of Sheryl Sandberg.

How Pollution Can Hurt the Health of the Economy. Many studies show a relationship between pollution and negative educational and earnings outcomes.

American Life Expectancy Continues to Drop, with Suicides and Drug Overdoses on the Rise. Richest country in the world! At least a few dozen mostly men.

Surgeries done on a Friday had a 44% higher death rate, and on a weekend, 82% higher, compared to Monday.

Revolution of Rising Expectations.

November 29, 2018

Veterans Affairs Dept. tells Capitol Hill it won’t repay underpaid GI Bill benefits recipients. What the fuck. This is massive breach of contract.

Wall Street Mega-Landlord Blackstone Turns Screw on Spanish Government & Property Market.

A Business With No End.

The women killed on one day around the world. An average of 137 women across the world are killed by a partner or family member every day, according to new data released by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Here are the Biggest Fiction Bestsellers of the Last 100 Years.

It’s the End of the World and They Know It: How Dystopian Fiction Shapes Political Attitudes.

Stitches in time: The history of the world through the eye of a needle.

Body fat percentage is associated with cardiometabolic dysregulation in BMI-defined normal weight subjects.

The skilled/unskilled jobs divide is just snobbery.

Amazon ad shenanigans.

As deadly flames approached, a mother called her daughters to say goodbye.

November 28, 2018

Why pay someone when hundreds of 22-26 year olds with good writing skills, fresh out of college, will do it just for the bragging rights?

GM layoffs are another victory for capital over labor.

Rand Paul is right: The most economically unequal states are Democratic.

More than 40% of Americans are struggling to pay for the cost of their medications – even though nearly all of them have some kind of health insurance coverage, a new GoodRx survey has found.

The fixation on short-term profits is jeopardizing the future of American business, and creating social instability that has contributed to our current state of political polarization.

How to Land on Mars.

America Is Poorer Than It Thinks. Statistics don’t quite capture the extent of U.S. poverty. A new measure could change that.

Intermittent fasting: No advantage over conventional weight loss diets. For weight loss. It might have other benefits.

How the falling cost of solar panels can teach us to make new tech affordable. I was chastised and banned from a forum in the late 1990s for suggesting that solar panels could get much cheaper. The price I thought they could get down to is now 5 times what they actually are.

The Depravity of Climate-Change Denial.

When Blue Chip Companies Pile on Debt, It’s Time to Worry. Fueled by cheap credit, American corporations have been gorging on acquisitions. The party may soon be over.

The Insect Apocalypse Is Here. What does it mean for the rest of life on Earth? Bad things, man. Bad things.

Not all Gifts are Good: The Potential Practical Costs of Motivated Gifts.

The Prevalence of Overfat Adults and Children in the US.

Drilling on US public lands causes 24 percent of the nation’s CO2 emissions.

Bad news for renters: Apartments are shrinking and getting more expensive.

November 27, 2018

I still miss my headphone jack, and I want it back. I will never buy a phone without a headphone jack.

How Surveillance Inhibits Freedom of Expression.

Children mirror weight gain and losses of their mothers but not fathers.

Effect of Exercise Intervention on Functional Decline in Very Elderly Patients During Acute Hospitalization. A Randomized Clinical Trial.

Warning: Telling a Lame Joke in an Elevator can Endanger Your Career. This is why I avoid nearly all joking in a public or work setting. Some people are just primed to be offended.

When we think “gig economy,” we tend to picture an Uber driver or a TaskRabbit tasker rather than a lawyer or a doctor, but in reality, this scrappy economic model — grubbing around for work, all big dreams and bad health insurance — will soon catch up with the bulk of America’s middle class.

The Radicalism of Taylor Swift. Time and again, she’s stood up for labor in her industry.

Why Free Public Higher Education Is Not a Sop to the Upper Middle Class.

If you love research, academia may not be for you. I do more research than many academics simply because I have more time to do so, and can research whatever I want (right now it’s efficiency of electrical power grids in various countries).

November 26, 2018

The EU Army.

Let Bezos fend for himself and forgive student debt instead.

What If Actually…Is A Horrible Website? How does a powerful, innovative behemoth megacorporation repeatedly fail at its most basic task: running a website? Up until 2004 or 2005, Amazon’s site was fine. Now it’s garbage. Search doesn’t work. Product descriptions are terrible or non-existent, etc.

How U.S. Politics Have Become Paramilitarized.

The Monopolization of America. In one industry after another, big companies have become more dominant over the past 15 years, new data show.

Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies.

Herbicide Is What’s for Dinner. How the biggest farming practice you’ve never heard of is changing your food.

DHS wants to use credit scores to determine who gets to be a legal U.S. resident.


The German Federal Office for Information Security, BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) published a detailed Windows 10 Telemetry analysis on November 20, 2018. Morons who believe Windows 10 is not a full-on spying op should read this.

November 25, 2018

India-Based Zapr Has Developed Tech That Listens To Ambient Sounds Around Users To Build Targeted Ad Profiles, Several Popular Local Services Use Its Tech.

‘The Academy Is Largely Itself Responsible for Its Own Peril.’

On the constancy of the rate of GDP growth.

Poverty—both individual and social—is a policy, not an accident, and not some kind of natural law.

This drug saves Americans from opioid overdoses. Its price has been hiked 600 percent.


Kelly, the Sassy Dolphin. Scientists who don’t believe animals have personalities…what the hell?

Going to university does not broaden the mind, But going straight from school to work narrows it.

Comparison sites cry foul over Google Shopping service. Google should be broken up, not utterly destroyed as Facebook should be.

Memos to Nobody: Inside the work of a neglected fed agency.

Trump administration reaches deal with Mexico to keep asylum seekers out of United States.

A Chinese-Style Digital Dystopia Isn’t As Far Away As We Think. It is in fact very close indeed.

November 24, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg Is Done Apologizing to You.

Capitalism Can’t Give Us Affordable Housing.

Facebook hires former US antitrust enforcer.

Hillary Clinton: Europe must curb immigration to stop rightwing populists. Whoa. She’s right about something.

My Mexican Border Policy.

Single-Family Home Zoning vs. ‘Generation Priced Out.’

The Left Case against Open Borders. Great article.

Spotting nature’s own evolution of quantum tricks could transform quantum technology.

Contrast to the culture of today, where entertainment is age-appropriate; where the wrong word (or microaggression) is said to trigger an anxiety attack; where the ultimate fear, of separation, is seen as so damaging that, if not managed well, can ruin the child for life.

November 23, 2018

Since the 1970s, she said, CEO pay has surged 1,000%; during the same period, workers have only seen income gains of about 11%.

Speak of the devil.

Slow Software.

Silicon Valley Wages Are Shrinking for All Except the Top 90th Percentile.

QE Created Dangerous Financial Dependence, Italy Hooked, Withdrawal Next, ECB Warns.

American decline: Open pools of raw sewage in the richest country in the world.

the real “problem with political correctness.”

Michel Houellebecq – Présence humaine.

While giving the usual 1995 justification for the “M-theory” conjecture of a unique string theory, Dijkgraaf neglects to mention that, 23 years later, no one has a viable proposal for what this unique theory might be.

The Case for Mediocracy.

November 22, 2018

Theorists Debate How ‘Neutral’ Evolution Really Is. For 50 years, evolutionary theory has emphasized the importance of neutral mutations over adaptive ones in DNA. Real genomic data challenge that assumption.

The Homeless Crisis Is Getting Worse in America’s Richest Cities.

Insulin shortage could affect 40 million people with type 2 diabetes. Millions worldwide may be unable to access the drug by 2030, scientists predict.

New York City subway and bus services have entered ‘death spiral’, experts say. Amazon will certainly improve that. (That is sarcasm.)

The Media Industry and the “Make-Google-Pay” Fantasy.