November 23, 2019

Hyrum’s Law.

November 22, 2019

Fuck Mozilla and fuck the Firefox developers!

Apparently No One Cares That Much About Ethnic Cleansing.

Losing the News: The Decimation of Local News and the Search for Solutions.

Why The War On Cancer Hasn’t Been Won.

The hardest thing for certain kinds of Dems to come to terms with is that they will not spend the rest of their lives fighting a basically normal political party over tax rates and social expenditures and abortion.

Assange Was Right All Along.

The Housing Market is Killing the American Dream. At least that’s one of the (big) things that is.

How America’s Elites Lost Their Grip in 2019.

Lack of Right-to-Repair Protections Is Even Screwing With the U.S. Military.

Big Business Is Overcharging You $5,000 a Year.

Humans across cultures may share the same universal musical grammar.

The Productivity J-Curve: How Intangibles Complement General Purpose Technologies.

Employing behavioral and self-report measures, we also find (b) women create outfits baring less skin, select more modest clothing, and intend to dress less revealingly to encounter other women, flexibly damping permissiveness cues depending on individual features (physical attractiveness) and situational features (being a newcomer) that amplify aggression risk.

50 States of McMansion Hell: Fairfax and Loudoun County, Virginia.

Study: Urban dwellers who live near nature less likely to die early.

November 21, 2019

Fuck Mozilla and fuck the Firefox developers!

Against Economics.

Americans spend 390 more hours at work a year today than did 30 years ago.

Nearly All Mass Shooters Since 1966 Have Had 4 Things in Common.

Big Tech’s Toughest Opponent Says She’s Just Getting Started. Margrethe Vestager won praise for her oversight of the tech industry. Now, with more authority from the European Union, she envisions a more aggressive agenda.

American Airlines Staff “Begging” Not To Fly On Boeing 737 Max Planes.

Now That Assange Is Safely Locked Up, Sweden Drops Its “Investigation.” I have no idea if Assange raped anyone. But that’s not why we was being investigated.

Spanish Requirement of 1513.

The Hierarchy Of Cringe.

In an age of disappearing prison libraries, jail profiteers provide “free” crapgadget tablets that charge prisoners by the minute to read Project Gutenberg ebooks.

Consumer DNA Testing May Be the Biggest Health Scam of the Decade. Nah, the actual health care system is the biggest health scam of the decade.

In the Race to Live on Land, Lichens Didn’t Beat Plants.

It’s the user’s fault if a Ring camera violates your privacy, Amazon says.

How the Great Pyramid at Giza Looked in 2560 BCE.

November 20, 2019

Fuck Mozilla and fuck the Firefox developers!

Bringing the world’s buried wetlands back from the dead.

Helicopter parents say their actions are all about their children, but what they’re doing is reaping the rewards for themselves, suggests new research (n=302), which found that high helicopter parenting leads to low mastery, self-regulation and social competence in young adults aged 18 to 24.

Feds move to loosen movie distribution rules, which could hurt indie theaters. Absolutely will hurt, no question, as that’s the point.

Avoid News: Towards a Healthy News Diet.

Individuals who thought they were wired to lie detector reported less empathy for a needy person, suggesting that empathy research is contaminated by socially desirability effects.

A century later, plant biodiversity struggles in wake of agricultural abandonment.

What happens when you launch a fresh install of Firefox? I was curious, so I did so with version 68.0.2, and monitored my network activity. Bad things, man. Bad things.

Boeing faced only ‘limited’ safety review from NASA, while SpaceX got a full examination.

The spy in your wallet: Credit cards have a privacy problem.

First Global Map of Titan Reveals a Truly Alien World.

What if All That Flying Is Good for the Planet? The results of flying are often pleasurable, so that’s why progressives are so very eager to take it away. It’s not out of any real principle or plan.

Innovation Should Be Made in the U.S.A. Offshoring by American companies has destroyed our manufacturing base and our capacity to develop new products and processes. It’s time for a national industrial policy. But the econs told me everyone would be better off. You mean that was a lie? Shocked.

Economic Consequences of Housing Speculation.

November 19, 2019

Fuck Mozilla and fuck the Firefox developers!

Eat Like The Ancient Babylonians: Researchers Cook Up Nearly 4,000-Year-Old Recipes.

Everything is Terrible but You Should Read This Story.

Let’s Be Very Clear: Medicare for All Is Not Socialism.

Apple finally admits iPad Pro won’t replace your PC.

Link between inflammation and mental sluggishness shown in new study.

This Is How Astronomers Will Finally Measure The Universe’s Expansion Directly.

India is Not a ‘Vegetarian Country’ Like the EAT-Lancet Report Would Have Us Believe.

What America Lost When It Lost the Bison. By migrating in huge herds, bison behave like a force of nature, engineering and intensifying waves of spring greenery.

Young adult siblings and twins are less alike in cognitive ability in highly educated families than in less educated families.

China now launches more rockets than anyone in the world.

For some of us, listening to other people’s chit-chat can be about as enraging as having a colleague repeatedly click their pen against your forehead.

Types of causes.

Air Pollution Reduces IQ, a Lot.

Crinkle crankle wall.

November 18, 2019

Fuck Mozilla and fuck the Firefox developers!

Surgery for Blocked Arteries Is Often Unwarranted, Researchers Find.

Writing userspace USB drivers for abandoned devices.

Interiorizing Austerity.

When a mouse over a file is enough to crash your system.

How do you crack the code to a lost ancient script?

Intuitively, we all remain hopeless slaves of appearances, no matter how often we were misled by them.

November 17, 2019

Fuck Mozilla and fuck the Firefox developers!

On average, poll respondents guessed that 32% of Democrats were gay and that 38% of Republicans earned over $250,000. The real figures were 6% and 2%. Polarization also makes you, apparently, into an utter moron.

The Salk lab previously demonstrated that confining mice to time-restricted eating during a ten-hour window can protect against obesity and diabetes. Likely works the same in humans. IF works. FA people will be angry.

‘Noise’ in the Brain Encodes Surprisingly Important Signals. Activity in the visual cortex and other sensory areas is dominated by signals about body movements, down to little tics and twitches. Scientists are now rethinking how they study and conceive of perception.

Microsoft Advertisement Inc.

Interstellar space even weirder than expected, NASA’s Voyager 2 reveals.

Apple Is Trying to Kill Web Technology.

Because women are more likely than men to experience physical and sexual threat in their daily lives, they are also more likely to judge others (usually men) to be creepy. Judgments of creepiness, however, are not necessarily reliable.

How Google Interferes With Its Search Algorithms and Changes Your Results.

We Need to Fix Online Advertising. All of It. For the sake of democracy.

The actual range of worker productivity is much narrower than the range of incomes.

‘4°C of global warming is optimal’ – even Nobel Prize winners are getting things catastrophically wrong. That’s an economist. Of course they are wrong. It’s what they do.

Middle-income Americans are increasingly ‘financially vulnerable,’ despite strong economy and low unemployment.

November 16, 2019

Fuck Mozilla and fuck the Firefox developers!

The fusion energy dream is inching toward planet-saving reality.

Persistently low fitness is an independent risk factor for dementia and death due to dementia.

Big Tech wants into your wallet so they can get more data, like their Chinese rivals.

The Chinese Government Cannot Be Allowed to Undermine Academic Freedom.

What Is a Billionaire?

How humans’ sense of ‘intuitive physics’ touches fictional worlds.

The genetic basis of Peruvians’ ability to live at high altitude. It involves changes in the basic oxygen sensing system.

The Battle of the Elites.

The Org That Doles Out .Org Websites Just Sold Itself To a For-Profit Company. A VC firm, actually, which is all bad all the time.

CDC: The number of Americans dying from antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” vastly underestimated.

The plight of late industrializers: what if peasants do not want to move to cities?

Continuing Against Closure.

How Americans Got Red Meat Wrong. Early diets in the country weren’t as plant-based as you might think.

Google reportedly manipulates search results to hide controversial subjects and favor big business. Of course it does.

November 15, 2019

Fuck Mozilla and fuck the Firefox developers!

Millions in U.S. Lost Someone Who Couldn’t Afford Treatment.

Almost all poverty gains, no matter how you slice the numbers, were in China and China DID NOT do what economic orthodoxy says you’re supposed to do.

Pete Buttigieg is the media’s perfect boy. Nobody gets the political press slobbering like a candidate incapable of saying anything at all.

Democracy doesn’t matter to the defenders of ‘economic freedom.’

The homeownership obsession. How buying homes became a part of the American dream—and also a nightmare.