June 30, 2020

It’s as if the American religion has become “Don’t tell me what to do.” And that’s even more peculiar given how conformist Americans are.

How Planes, Trains and Automobiles Worsened America’s Racial Divide.

Gigantic Splotches on the Star Betelgeuse Might Explain Its Freaky Dimming.

Why the American Consumer Has Fewer Choices—Maybe for Good.

Darién Gap.

New Data Reveals Hidden Flood Risk Across America.

The Republican Choice. How a party spent decades making itself white.

Two Friends in Texas Were Tested for Coronavirus. One Bill Was $199. The Other? $6,408.

June 29, 2020

The Great Pause Was an Economic Revolution. Governments stopped the world in its tracks during the pandemic—and our relationship to the economy will never be the same again.

Spuds with everything.

Personal Income Fell 4.2% in May.

While the US public housing system may have started off with the intention of providing quality homes to low income and vulnerable populations, those efforts were quickly dashed by how the program was created and managed. Planned failure to “prove” it doesn’t work.

The Spaceguard Centre, near Knighton, in Powys, is a working observatory which tracks “near-Earth objects” – comets and asteroids which could hit Earth.

As coronavirus surges, more stores are going cashless. The price tag is racism.

How Bees Avoid Bumping Into Nature’s Obstacle Course.

June 28, 2020

‘Black neutron star’ discovery changes astronomy.

The War on Upstart Fiber Optic Internet Providers.

Why the US military usually punishes misconduct but police often close ranks.

Why Birds Can Fly Over Mount Everest.

Extraordinary ‘megaflash’ lightning strikes cover several hundred kilometres, smashing records.

The first rule of feminine labor is that you don’t talk about your feminine labor.

TikTok and 53 other iOS apps still snoop your sensitive clipboard data. Passwords, bitcoin addresses and anything else in clipboards are free for the taking.

Plagued Retail: My View from the Trenches.

Zuckerberg: It Is Now More Convenient for Me to Be the Arbiter of Truth.

Ideas Alone Won’t Tame Capital.

World Trade Plunges. Here’s Why it’s Even Worse in Reality: China’s Deep-Fake Data Comes to Light.

Gender bias kept alive by people who think it’s dead.

June 27, 2020

Twitter Bans WikiLeaks-Style Website For Publishing ‘BlueLeaks’ Documents. Distributed Denial of Secrets published nearly 270 gigabytes of leaked police documents. Now, they’re banned. Power protects power.

With YouTube Music, Google is holding my speakers for ransom. YouTube Music charges a monthly fee to play my music on my speaker? Predator/prey scam economy.

The Free Market Is A Failure.

The basic, structural problem is that large segments of the service economy depend on the discretionary spending of affluent people.

No One Is Attempting to Silence White Men. But plenty of them are freaking out as old power structures are starting to get ripped apart.

The coronavirus could cut your Social Security benefits for life, unless Congress acts.

Pandemic’s Cleaner Air Could Reshape What We Know About the Atmosphere.

How the Virus Won.

Pandemic causes ‘unprecedented’ fall in global trade.

Why Do We Have Cops in Schools? In the mid-1970s, police officers were in only about 1 percent of US schools. That changed since the late 1990s.

A new study hints at how non-living matter coalesced into the first living cells.

Defund The Megacorps.

People with the same jobs as their parents on how professions have changed.

Microsoft’s “new approach” to retail stores: Closing them forever. Microsoft designed its retail stores to be cool like Apple’s. It didn’t work.

June 25, 2020

Why Do We Pay So Many People So Little Money? The coronavirus pandemic is forcing America to confront its epidemic low-wage problem.

Experiment confirms 50-year-old theory describing how an alien civilization could exploit a black hole.

Australia’s fires altered the atmosphere in unprecedented ways, study finds.

Tax the Rich and Their Heirs.

The Dudes Who Won’t Wear Masks.

Mysterious ‘Ghost Redwoods’ May Survive to Help Nearby Trees.

Facebook Creates Fact-Checking Exemption for Climate Deniers.

How to Use the Past Exonerative Tense to Uphold White Supremacy.

Clean water is a human right. In America it’s more a profit machine.

Saharan dust plume sweeping toward Gulf Coast is most significant since the 1970s.

June 24, 2020

Home Sales Plunged Most since 2008, Condos -41%. First-Ever April-May Price Drop in Normally Red-Hot Spring Selling Season.

We are in the middle of three crises – a pandemic, a severe economic depression, and civil unrest – that would strongly argue against people turning out in big numbers for a meaningless pep rally.

How Ring Transmits Fear to American Suburbs. Why do we surveil ourselves?

The Media Isn’t Ready to Cover Climate Apartheid.

Why Covid-19 Damage to the Economy Will Be Deep and Lasting.

US poll shows broad support for renewables, climate measures. Latest Pew poll of 11,000 US adults shows (almost) everybody wants more solar.

Millions of Americans can’t afford water as bills rise 80% in a decade.

You can’t tell people anything.

June 23, 2020

The Cave Kingpin Buying Up America’s Underground.

Slowing the Coronavirus Is Speeding the Spread of Other Diseases.

Our two choices aren’t between forward and back. We have an infinite number of choices, all forward.

U.S. Home-Mortgage Delinquencies Reach Highest Level Since 2011.

Gigantic wolverines, otters the size of wolves: fossils offer fresh insights into the past.

How Humanity Unleashed a Flood of New Diseases. What do Covid-19, Ebola, Lyme and AIDS have in common? They jumped to humans from animals after we started destroying habitats and ruining ecosystems.

We are all part of the biggest psychological experiment in history.

The Dark Soul of the Sunshine State. Why Florida is the way it is.

Urban inequality didn’t happen by accident.

Every Federal Reserve Board Member Is A Multi-Millionaire.

Coronavirus rent freezes are ending — and a wave of evictions will sweep America.

June 22, 2020

Decay in government quality and its cost in Covid-19 lives.

Revenge of the Suburbs. Suburbia was never as bad as anyone said it was. Now it’s looking even better.

Cities Grew Safer. Police Budgets Kept Growing.

Slip-up reveals Chevron ties to architect of climate attack.

Nursing Homes Evict Residents to Make Way for Lucrative Coronavirus Patients. Nursing homes across the country are kicking out old and disabled residents and sending them to homeless shelters and rundown motels. According to centrists, no medical system but this one is possible.

Identitarian deference is really just a special kind of ad hominem, a way to prove or dismiss what someone has to say with a claim about who they are.

The West is dying and we are killing her. We’re proud to destroy our own freedoms and repackage failure as democratic progress.

Cardiac MRI of Children with Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) Associated with COVID-19: Case Series.

The Gas Industry Is Paying Instagram Influencers to Gush Over Gas Stoves.

June 21, 2020

The Illusion of a Rapid US Recovery.

We’re losing against surveillance capitalism.

Get Ready for Another Summer of Out-of-Control Ticks. 2020: great year!

Demography and Decentralization: Measuring the Bulletin Board Systems of North America.

“The Karens Are Giving Us a Hard Time Now.” A waiter at a reopened restaurant explains how dining works in a pandemic.

Vultures are circling our fragile economies – we must not let them feast. We should never forget the lesson of the French Revolution: rentiers need the state more than the state needs rentiers.

Consider the Greenland Shark.

People with Type A blood were ‘associated with’ a 45% ‘higher risk of acquiring COVID-19’ compared to people with other blood types, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found.

Are Planets with Oceans Common in the Galaxy? It’s Likely, NASA Scientists Find.

Naomi Wu and the Boobs of Doom. There’s more than one way to put a knee on someone’s neck.

Rare, super coronavirus antibodies likely to yield vaccine, say Stanford, UCSF experts.

June 20, 2020

Overall, our findings support the motivated reasoning interpretation of misinformation; partisans seek out information with congenial slant and sincerely adopt inaccurate beliefs that cast their party in a favorable light.

Study Finds 1 in 5 People Worldwide at Risk of Severe Covid-19.

The latest round of unemployment claims should probably put a damper on anybody’s hopes that the economy is about to come roaring back to life from its coronavirus-induced coma.

We were, until a few weeks ago, witnessing the same events as now—racial discrimination and police brutality are not exactly new—but the ideological lenses through which we were seeing them were entirely different.

Rising Seas Threaten an American Institution: The 30-Year Mortgage. Climate change is starting to transform the classic home loan, a fixture of the American experience and financial system that dates back generations.

Computers as I used to love them.

An Extinction Event for America’s Restaurants. The post-pandemic dining experience will be unrecognizable.

The Overlooked Role of Guns in the Police-Reform Debate.

June 19, 2020

Big Money Bought the Forests. Small Logging Communities Are Paying the Price.

A warning from South Korea: the ‘fantasy’ of returning to normal life.