September 11, 2021

Biden’s Vaccine Push Aligns Him With a Fed-Up, Vaccinated Majority. Fuck the unvaccinated. I almost want to let them all die, but that path harms me and those who cannot be vaccinated too.

The Everything Shortage & Price Hikes Plastered All Over Fed’s “Beige Book.”

Up the Price Pipeline, Inflation Rages at 20%.

An average Covid-19 hospitalization costs Medicare about 150 times more than it does to vaccinate one beneficiary. And most of those sick and dying are older anti-vaxxers. Anti-vaxxer who get sick should not even be treated. FUCK THEM.

September 10, 2021

If You Never Met Your Co-Workers in Person, Did You Even Work There? As the pandemic drags on, more people are beginning and leaving new jobs without once seeing their colleagues face-to-face, leading to an easy-come, easy-go attitude toward workplaces.

A Single Laser Fired Through a Keyhole Can Expose Everything Inside a Room.

Ancient Greek ‘pop culture’ discovery rewrites history of poetry and song.

Human beings are remarkably bad at assessing our own risk of death; we are both afraid of dying and startlingly resistant to a whole slew of basic ways to stave it off.

German Covid super-spreader event driven by poor ventilation, study finds.

When Republicans talk about the ‘real America,’ they are not talking about the real America. ‘Real America’ is anti-American.

Twelve hours in a Florida COVID-19 ICU.

20 Years After 9/11, Surveillance Has Become a Way of Life. Constant tracking has compromised Americans’ sense of themselves. But we may be able to regain our freedom.

Norman Foster criticises architects’ “hypocritical moral stance” on airports.

The Bewildering Search for a Male Utopia.

Biden announces sweeping COVID vaccine mandates for millions of U.S. workers as he warns of ‘tough stretch.’ Nice.

September 9, 2021

The urgent need to tax billionaires out of existence.

The Ultimate Lesson of 9/11 Is That We Should Always Afford People Due Process. Always.

The Housing Shortage Is Significant. It’s Acute For Small, Entry-Level Homes.

Xi’s Gamble.

Australia’s new mass surveillance mandate.

Most older Americans want to age in place, and many can’t, or won’t, move to big cities with dense transportation networks and nearby grocery stores.

Hidden structures in hairballs, and how to see them.

The pandemic is almost certainly a bigger political risk for Biden than Afghanistan.

Sound-Alike Look-Alike Confusion and Matching Medication Product Attributes: Simulated Case-Control Studies.

No Laughing Matter? What the Romans Found Funny.

At some point, Australia’s political and health leaders must acknowledge that the country cannot escape Covid forever and must prepare the community to live with Covid.

Biden wants the sun to provide nearly half of the nation’s electricity by 2050. This is completely possible.

Most Distorted Labor Market Ever: Charts by Sector.

America needs to decide how much Covid-19 risk it will tolerate. A realistic Covid-19 endgame requires accepting some risk. The question is how much.

DARPA Looks to Microbes to Process Rare Earth Elements.

Climate change is ‘greatest threat’ to global public health, say 200 medical journals.

September 8, 2021

Chip Shortage Curtails Heavy-Duty Truck Production.

U.S. Ports See Shipping Logjams Likely Extending Far Into 2022.

The dying art of the hatchet job. Film critics have never been so weak or timid. Same with book reviewers.

As Employers Cut Their Own Throats: How They Could Save Themselves.

The Plan to Stop Every Respiratory Virus at Once. The benefits of ventilation reach far beyond the coronavirus. What if we stop taking colds and flus for granted, too. Finally, people are getting a damn clue.

The Ending of John Carpenter’s ‘In The Mouth of Madness’ Explained. Good film.

‘It’s not a normal life’: truck drivers warn of burnout as global shortage bites.

Public Housing For All.

Inside the Wuhan lab: French engineering, deadly viruses and a big mystery.

The disastrous voyage of Satoshi, the world’s first cryptocurrency cruise ship. Techbros are morons.

September 7, 2021

Are we on the road to civilisation collapse?

Towards a taxonomy of cliches in Space Opera.

Incident: China Airlines A333 at Taipei on Jun 14th 2020, all primary computers, reversers and autobrakes failed on touchdown.

People are realizing that degrowth is bad. The mad schemes degrowthers advocate are a fantasy that distracts us from real efforts to save the planet.

Study says Europe is 21 years behind its emissions reduction goals.

The Breakdown of Objective Reality. A crisis of authority has left the public increasingly willing to believe implausible things.

Survey shows healthcare workers more likely to get COVID-19 at home.

Beyond the crisis of democracy: Does anyone still believe in liberalism? No.

Neoliberalism Is Dying – Now We Must Replace It.

21st-century storms are overwhelming 20th-century cities.

The Employment Situation is Worse than the Unemployment Rate Indicates.

An astonishing one in three US workers does gig work now.

What We Actually Know About Waning Immunity. Reports of vaccines’ decline have been greatly overstated.

September 6, 2021

Opioids have killed 600,000 Americans. The Sacklers just got off basically scot-free.

Americans Don’t Really Hate Density. They hate other Americans.

You’re Doing It Wrong: Notes on Criticism and Technology Hype.

The Sinister Origins of the Texas Abortion Law, and Why Democrats Are So Unprepared to Do Anything About It.

Modernist architecture melts our brains. Findings from lockdown suggest environments lacking the complexity of life may pose a threat to humanity.

Hollywood’s theory of conflict is a heroic tale, good versus evil. But more than that is smuggled into the formula.

The End Of Roe v. Wade.

Texas Abortion Law Is the Culmination of Decades of Conservative Effort.

Russian Arctic Is Experiencing Dramatic Ice Loss.

50 inventions you might not know were funded by the US government. I been knew, but most people don’t (due to massive propaganda).

September 5, 2021

Delays Aren’t Good Enough—Apple Must Abandon Its Surveillance Plans.

The fungal mind: on the evidence for mushroom intelligence.

Operations is not Developer IT. Fuck YES!

The American Housing Market Is Stifling Mobility.

Rejected internal applicants twice as likely to quit.

The anti-Covid vaccine crisis is all about mistrust. Ivermectin is a case in point.

Inside Pfizer’s labs, ‘variant hunters’ race to stay ahead of the pandemic’s next twist.

Good News: There’s a Labor Shortage.

Blood Donor Study Estimates Over 80% of American Adults Now Have Coronavirus Antibodies.

Vietnam Lost Public Buy-in. Its COVID-19 Struggles Followed.

“Consent” Is the Wrong Framework for Experiencing Art. This links wokeness to puritanism/prudishness, which is correct.

How social learning amplifies moral outrage expression in online social networks.

U.S. Food Suppliers Are Having Trouble Keeping Shelves Stocked.

September 4, 2021

TCP/IP Turns 40.

Republicans seethe with violence and lies. Texas is part of a bigger war they’re waging.

Still unvaccinated and dying.

The Trump Court sanctions vigilantism.

The Monstrous Flow of Free Money and the Shortages.

All of Those ‘Hysterical’ Women Were Right.

NPR Trashes Free Speech. A Brief Response.

September 3, 2021

The Sacklers, Who Made Billions From OxyContin, Win Immunity From Opioid Lawsuits.

Rogue antibodies involved in almost one-fifth of COVID deaths.

Don’t assume that owning a home is always better. In some circumstances and for some people, renting is the better choice. So glad we are renters!

When America Had a Moral Panic Over Inflation.

Enter GreedCare, where the White Coat is Supplanted by the Grey Pinstripe of Corporate Conglomerates. The first in my series of articles about how healthcare has become hellcare.

Why won’t US TV news say ‘climate change’? It’s media malpractice not to mention that burning fossil fuels drives extreme weather events like Hurricane Ida.

The Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade in the Most Cowardly Manner Imaginable.

Cosmic indigestion: Swallowing a neutron star can cause a star to explode.

Roe v Wade died with barely a whimper. But that’s not all.

U.S. Civil Engineers Bent the Rules to Give New Orleans Extra Protection from Hurricanes. Those Adjustments Might Have Saved the City During Ida.

How American Environmentalism Failed.

September 2, 2021

Life may well be lousy, but most “hard choices” don’t have to be made, and those hard choices are one of the main reasons why life is lousy for so many people. Not always true, but most often true.

Shipwreck reveals ancient market for knock-off consumer goods.

At the world’s oldest social housing, rent hasn’t changed since 1521.

The Post-Roe World.

The Density Divide and the Southernification of Rural America. Great post.