April 30, 2022

Gaining tools and knowledge to counter Russian propaganda. Ian Welsh needs to do a lot of work on this.

The James Webb Space Telescope is fully aligned and ready to observe the universe.

Why Dodd-Frank Increased Banking Industry Consolidation.

A terrifying look into Putin’s possible motivation leading to the invasion of Ukraine.

Think Bigger About Remote Work.

U.S. inflation rate surges to 6.6%, PCE index shows, but prices might also be peaking.

Your Kids Can Handle Dangerous Ideas.

The Best Hope for Peace in Europe Is Victory for Ukraine.

The Impact of Evolving SARS-CoV-2 Mutations and Variants on COVID-19 Vaccines.

CDC versus the Zombies. Why undead ideas hamper agencies.

The U.S. Wants to Tackle Inflation. Here’s Why That Should Worry the Rest of the World.

64% of Workers Would Consider Quitting If Asked to Return to the Office Full-Time.

How uncompetitive markets are driving up the cost of living.

Relativism: The spontaneous ideology of the undergraduate.

A Remedy For FOMO. The conception of free will as the continual creation of unpredictable novelty can lead us away from social-media-driven anxieties that often cripple our decision-making.

To Govern the Globe.

Consumer Spending Shifts from Goods to Services, Inflation Crushes Incomes, But “Real” Spending Hits Record.

April 29, 2022

Mortgage Volume Gets Crushed by Spiking Interest Rates: What it Means for Future Home Sales and Consumer Spending.

It Took Me 10 Years to Understand Entropy, Here is What I Learned.

Report: 90% of nurses considering leaving the profession in the next year.

Democrats Who Won’t Say ‘Abortion’ Are Very Concerned People Don’t Understand the Threat to Abortion.

More Kids? After the Last Two Years? No Thanks.

Nobody Walks Around Feeling “Valid.”

Russia’s tanks in Ukraine have a ‘jack-in-the-box’ design flaw. And the West has known about it since the Gulf war. Indeed.

Boeing Looked for Flaws in Its Dreamliner and Couldn’t Stop Finding Them.

How driving is subsidized in America.

Drones Have Come of Age in Russia-Ukraine War.

Joker America.

The US needs a new approach to producing weapons. Just look at Ukraine.

April 28, 2022

Wild Sounds: The Loss of Sonic Diversity and Why It Matters.

3,200-Year-Old Egyptian Tablet Records Excuses for Why People Missed Work: “The Scorpion Bit Him,” “Brewing Beer” & More.

Unprecedented water restrictions ordered for Southern California.

Ukraine says Russian rockets flew over Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant.

Scientists model landscape formation on Titan.

Why pessimism sounds smart.

Delta to begin paying flight attendants during boarding.

Escape from Mariupol: 10 minutes to pack up, then a risky 11-hour drive.

Builders have abandoned the market below $300,000.

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America, April Update: Raging Mania on the Eve of the Spike in Mortgage Rates.

Believe in Science? Bad Big-Data Studies May Shake Your Faith. No, women who eat cereal aren’t more likely to have male babies, and Bitcoin prices can’t be predicted from returns in the carboard-box industry.

Deadly Blaze Ripped Through Russia’s Top Air Defense Research Lab.

Sixty percent of Americans, including 75 percent of children, had been infected with the coronavirus by February.

Workers Are Funding The War On Themselves. How workers’ retirement savings are enriching billionaires and, in every way imaginable, financing the apocalypse.

Global Supply Chain Crisis Flares Up Again Where It All Began.

Operation Z: The Death Throes of an Imperial Delusion.

From King Cobras to Geckos, 20 Percent of Reptiles Risk Extinction.

Monthly correlates of longitudinal child mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic according to children and caregivers.

‘Bossware is coming for almost every worker’: the software you might not realize is watching you.

NASA’s Psyche Spacecraft Heads to Cape Canaveral.

Poverty cosplay : ces riches qui jouent à être pauvres.

April 27, 2022

The Belarusian railway workers who helped thwart Russia’s attack on Kyiv.

Nukes, Nubs And Coners: The Unique Social Hierarchy Aboard A Nuclear Submarine.

Why inflation and the cost-of-living crisis won’t take us back to the 1970s. I think Tooze is likely to be wrong here.

With Inflation, Workers Are Facing Return-to-Office Sticker Shock. The cost of a daily routine — travel, coffee, food — is far pricier than it was when offices shut down two years ago.

Why Nasal Sprays Are Poised to Be the Next Weapon for Fighting Covid. Should’ve been developing these much faster and in concert with injectable vaccines.

The Drive to Vaccinate the World Against Covid Is Losing Steam.

How Democracies Spy on Their Citizens.

Congress Has to Ask How Much McKinsey Hurt the F.D.A.

Most Americans have been infected with the coronavirus at least once, the C.D.C. says.

Get the Kids Out of the Room—We’re Going To Talk About Sex. Despite our best efforts, we’ll continue to be drawn to each other by the power of sex, and that is mostly a good thing. Liberal prudes are terrified now, and crying.

U.S. intel helped Ukraine protect air defenses, shoot down Russian plane carrying hundreds of troops. Brutal but necessary.

She set out to walk every street in Santa Cruz and walked into the story of her life.

April 26, 2022

The threat of a global ‘buying strike’ rises as cost-of-living hits.

A profound shift’: US boosts supply of heavy weapons to Ukraine.

What does it mean for there to be a housing shortage? Goddamn Kevin Drum continues to be a huge dipshit.

How Cities Became Accidental Wildlife Havens.

Higher interest rates could help, Powell says. Not everyone agrees.

Wind energy is booming in deep-red Republican states.

The French left’s ‘ouf!’ of relief masks the truth: this was no victory for Macron.

Researchers discover new deep-sea creature in Monterey Bay.

Four COVID experts say it’s time to accept reality: Vaccines work, mask mandates don’t.

6 Covid mysteries experts hope to unravel.

Corporate profiteers blamed price increases on labor costs — then gave big raises to CEOs.

EPA plan would force Utah, Wyoming and California to cut harmful air emissions drifting into Colorado. It’s the first time the federal agency has tried to extend its “Good Neighbor Rule” into the West.

Specializing in breadth can be a path to innovation comparable to, and (at least in terms of Nobel Prizes) arguably better than, specialization alone.

Policymakers still aren’t taking inflation seriously enough.

Fed Chair Powell Telegraphs the Perfect Storm for Wall Street’s Megabanks: Rapid Rate Hikes Hitting $234 Trillion in Derivatives.

April 25, 2022

SpaceX shut down a Russian electromagnetic warfare attack in Ukraine last month — and the Pentagon is taking notes.

The Limits of ‘Lived Experience.’

Reactions to Plague in the Ancient & Medieval World.

The Demand for Political Misinformation is a Bigger Danger than the Supply.

Hadza hunter-gatherers are not deontologists and do not prefer deontologists as social partners. I mean, who would?

A look behind the scenes of my Atlantic story on rape in Ukraine.

Art Crushed by Political Orthodoxy…Again.

April 24, 2022

Five charts that show why our food is not ready for the climate crisis.

Distressed Democrats and relaxed Republicans? Partisanship and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All’s well that ends (and peaks) well? A meta-analysis of the peak-end rule and duration neglect.

Army To Test Its Biggest Interactive Drone Swarm Ever Over Utah. This is the future of warfare.

Photojournalist describes what Russia left behind in Bucha: ‘It’s apocalyptic.’

A Room with a Feud. What happened to robust — and, yes, rude — literary criticism?

Guns now leading cause of death among children and teenagers in US, data suggests.

Russia’s offensive in the Donbas can’t make up for its failure in Kyiv. How to understand the new phase in the Ukraine war — and why, in the big picture, Russia has probably already lost.

The sexes do not differ in general intelligence, but they do in some specifics.

While JPMorgan Chase Was Getting Trillions of Dollars in Loans at Almost Zero Percent Interest from the Fed, It Was Charging Americans Hit by the Pandemic 17 Percent on their Credit Cards.

How polyester bounced back. I like (modern) polyester.

America Gave Up on Overtime—and It’s Costing Workers $35,451 a Year.

The case for testing Pfizer’s Paxlovid for treating long COVID.

Covid Drugs Save Lives, but Americans Can’t Get Them.

Blaming Workers, Hiding Profits in Primetime Inflation Coverage.

King Dollar is in no danger of losing its world financial crown.