October 31, 2022

California’s gas-car phaseout brings turmoil to mom-and-pop gas stations.

Democrats Need to Remember What It Means to Be a Workers’ Party. Between price gouging and stock buybacks, it’s time to talk about what’s really driving inflation.

The con artist and the mark.

The Restaurant Industry’s Worst Idea: QR Code Menus. FUCK THESE ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

Social mammals evolve faster than solitary ones, according to new study of evolution.

The conspiracy theorist ‘worldview’ and the language of their argument.

Walgreens will stop judging its pharmacy staffers by how fast they work.

Churches Are Breaking the Law by Endorsing in Elections, Experts Say. The IRS Looks the Other Way.

The Election That Saved the Internet From Russia and China.

The concept of cringe is cringe.

October 30, 2022

How we Geolocated a Photo of a Russian Missile Programming Team.

Evolutionary mystery of harmonious flower meadow may be solved.

Science Has a Nasty Photoshopping Problem.

“We regret to inform you” that Donald Trump is cashing in on white America’s death wish.

Last, Most Important Inflation Measure before the Fed’s Meeting Next Week, “Core PCE,” Worsened for 2nd Month in a Row.

COVID-19 Origins: Investigating a “Complex and Grave Situation” Inside a Wuhan Lab.

Americans under 21 first voted 50 years ago. It didn’t go as expected.

A Colorado train passenger looked out the window – and found a missing hiker.

The 1959 Buick Electra 225.

Regular physical activity was associated with improved vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 hospitalisation, with higher levels of physical activity associated with greater vaccine effectiveness.

German president Steinmeier admits ‘bitter failure’ of policy on Russia.

October 29, 2022

The Rise of Biodigital Surveillance.

The Changing Fortunes of Japanese Camera Manufacturers.

Which emoji scissors close?

Something Violently Shook the Surface of Mars. It Came From Space.

The end of the system of the world. A critical point has been reached; decoupling is for real this time. Sure seems that way.

Defendants are punished for seeking their right to a trial all the time.

UN warns there’s currently ‘no credible pathway’ to keep temperature rise under 1.5C.

Tracking CO2 emission reductions from space: A case study at Europe’s largest fossil fuel power plant.

On Car-Free Streets, Many New York Restaurants Thrived.

Russia Crisis Heralds Turning Point for Global Energy, IEA Says.

Pharmacies are reporting shortages of the widely used antibiotic amoxicillin.

New US state voting laws present most intense voter suppression threat in decades.

Keep Your Bird-Watching—I’m a Spider Man.

People Are Turning to Sex Work as Costs of Living Rise—and They’re Being Punished for It.

Where Did Omicron Come From? Maybe Its First Host Was Mice. Indeed. Mice in a lab.

Based on the analysis of the publicly available information, it appears reasonable to conclude that the COVID-19 pandemic was, more likely than not, the result of a research-related incident.

Why Victorian houses look so haunted.

October 28, 2022

‘Kill everyone’: Russian violence in Ukraine was strategic.

Mortgage rates hit 7 percent for the first time in two decades.

Russia Now Has a Second Frontline Set Up Just to Kill Its Deserters. Like WWII.

Why I Keep Coming Back to Reconstruction.

The United States’ Unamendable Constitution. How our inability to change America’s most important document is deforming our politics and government.

Beyond Catastrophe. A New Climate Reality Is Coming Into View.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Going To Kill His Company. Good.

The NIH’s misguided genetics data policy.

October 27, 2022

If GitHub Copilot Is A Copyright Problem, Perhaps The Problem Is Copyright.

mRNA technology and a vaccine for cancer. Cure is ‘in our grasp’ say the scientists behind the BioNTech Covid-19 jab. Probably not, but I hope so.

The World Needs More Gigantic Sci-Fi Sea Dams. I say good-dam.

Are Pandemic School Closures to Blame for America’s Historic Learning Loss? Probably.

How many people die from the flu?

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America: Biggest Price Drops since Housing Bust 1. Record Plunge in Seattle (-3.9%), Near-Record in San Francisco (-4.3%) & Denver. Drops Spread Across the US.

Another Closely Watched Recession Alarm Is Ringing.

Most Parents Don’t Favor Abstinence-Only Sex Ed. Why Is the Government Still Funding It?

The FBI Has Infiltrated r/antiwork Subreddit.

Zoom, Teams, Slack Are Wreaking Havoc on Employee Productivity. Shifting between multiple apps to get stuff done drains workers’ time, efficiency and engagement. Can anything be done? It truly is terrible.

The ‘Anti-Navy’ the U.S. Needs Against the Chinese Military. This is good.

It cost $38,398 for a single shot of a very old cancer drug. Medical industry in the US is a scam.

I’m a doctor. The law shouldn’t force me to hurt my patients this way.

October 26, 2022

Are Real Numbers Real?

Why are there so few dead bugs on my windshield these days?

Your Cat Knows When You’re Using Your ‘Cat Talk’ Voice.

The Case of the Missing Fuel: The story of the Stockport air disaster.

America’s cars and trucks are getting bigger, and so are their front blind zones. Children are paying the price.

Google’s ad sales take a beating, a bad sign for wider economy.

Amid Backlash, Liberal House Democrats Retract Call to Pursue Ukraine Ceasefire. Those people are idiots. Useful ones (to Putin).

October 25, 2022

Why did comedy die? How changing culture and movie economics killed the Golden Age of comedy.

The Social Recession: By the Numbers.

Tuna use sharks as back scratchers despite risk of being eaten.

Ukrainian woman’s journey from Azovstal to PoW to freedom.

Only 5% of plastic waste generated by US last year was recycled, report says.

Passengers in fatal Boeing 737 MAX crashes are ‘crime victims,’ US judge says. And the judge is correct.

Covert network provides pills for thousands of abortions in U.S. post Roe.

Myocarditis seven times more likely with COVID-19 than vaccines.

Forgetting The Asbestos. Or, how we lose knowledge and technologies. And what we can do about it.

French Government Hits Clearview With The Maximum Fine For GDPR Violations.

TSMC: the Taiwanese chipmaker caught up in the tech cold war.

October 24, 2022

Good Bones by Maggie Smith.

People get into the weather, I think, the same way they get into airplane crashes or mushroom hunting.

It’s Gotten Awkward to Wear a Mask.

You See a Venomous Black Widow. These Lizards See a Snack.

We used to get excited about technology. What happened? Innovation that truly serves us all is in scarce supply. That’s a problem.

What is the optimal dose of resistance training for longevity?

An Earth-like planet orbiting an M dwarf—the most common type of star in the universe—appears to have no atmosphere at all. This discovery could cause a major shift in the search for life on other planets.

October 23, 2022

Health department medical detectives find 84% of U.S. maternal deaths are preventable.

Pfizer plans to sell Covid vaccines at $110 to $130 per dose.

Americans Reclaim 60 Million Commuting Hours in Remote-Work Perk.

Some People Really Are Mosquito Magnets, and They’re Stuck That Way.

A new paper claims SARS-CoV-2 bears signs of genetic engineering. Yes it does.

Georgia Says A Fetus Is A Person. The Implications Are Terrifying.

US businesses propose hiding trade data used to trace abuse.

October 22, 2022

As Inflation Stalks Europe, Leaders Shudder. Not just Europe — a lot of food we buy is nearly 2x as much as it was three years ago.

The world’s energy situation is not as terrible as you might expect.

Using Adoptions, Russia Turns Ukrainian Children Into Spoils of War.

Part of lost star catalog of Hipparchus found lurking under medieval codex.

Housing Bubble Woes: Home Sales Plunge, Prices Drop 7% in 3 Months, Price Reductions Surge. Mortgage Rates Spike.

How Ticketmaster gets away with it.

High-Tech Cars Are Killing the Auto Repair Shop.

October 20, 2022

These Doctors Admit They Don’t Want Patients With Disabilities.

How L.A. became the most overcrowded place in the U.S.