March 23, 2023

Hyundai Promises To Keep Buttons in Cars Because Touchscreen Controls Are Dangerous. Great. Buttons are so much better than touchscreens.

Why do animals living with humans evolve such similar features? A new theory could explain ‘domestication syndrome.’

The Cost of Thriving.

You Don’t Need to Disinfect So Much. Our use of antimicrobial cleaners spiked during the pandemic. Given the potential long-term health risks, it might be worth cutting back again.

People who catch Omicron are less likely to get Long Covid.

Things can happen because you decided to do them. Story of my life.

National security is teaching the US to love tech controls.

China is not a credible peacemaker in Ukraine war.

Pain as Performance: How the Romanticization of Sadness on Social Media is Damaging our Mental Health.

Ministers delay plan to lift UK state pension age to 68 as life expectancy falls.

March 22, 2023

Obesity might adversely affect social and emotional development of children, study finds.

Managers Exploit Loyal Workers Over Less Committed Colleagues. A loyal worker gets more extra work than the fair, honest, or disloyal.

A reckoning on Germany’s Russia policy is long overdue.

Russia Tried to Freeze Ukraine. Here’s How It Survived the Winter.

From red bastion to blue bulwark: What political shift in Colorado and West means for U.S.

The Right To Be Free From Automation.

Stop requiring college degrees for jobs that don’t need them.

The End of ‘Life’ As You Know It. Society’s outdated ideas about what it means to be alive are obstructing progress on some of today’s most pressing issues.

March 21, 2023

Nations reach accord to protect marine life on high seas.

The Little-Known Origin Story behind the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Jaccard index.

Super Cubs.

The continued assault on public sexuality and LGBT life in the United States manifests not only as individualized physical violence against trans, gender-nonconforming, and visibly queer people, but also as a slowly encroaching front that waves the banners of respectability politics and parents rights.

Yes, of course we should ban TikTok. Absolutely. Should’ve happened years ago.

People Had To Be Convinced of the Usefulness of Electricity.

Your Data Is Diminishing Your Freedom.

Denied by AI: How Medicare Advantage plans use algorithms to cut off care for seniors in need.

Fighting VPN criminalization should be Big Tech’s top priority, activists say. Gonna happen in the US too.

Insights into the accuracy of social scientists’ forecasts of societal change.

Unchecked corporate pricing power is a factor in US inflation.

Job Listings Abound, but Many Are Fake.

Book publishers with surging profits struggle to prove Internet Archive hurt sales.

Web fingerprinting is worse than I thought.

Republicans Are Starting to Regret Cultivating a Base of Extremist Voters.

March 20, 2023

Use of Chinese ammunition in Ukraine confirmed by U.S.

More than 75 percent decline over 27 years in total flying insect biomass in protected areas.

The Lessons Not Learned From Iraq. Twenty years on, the war still shapes policy—mostly for the worse.

EU climate agenda at risk after German pushback.

The Next Bomb to Go Off in the Banking Crisis Will Be Derivatives. Yep.

Banking crises, states of exception & the disappointment of sovereignty – a roundup of last week.

Frequent emergence of resistance mutations following complex intra-host genomic dynamics in SARS-CoV-2 patients receiving Sotrovimab.

Power Causes Brain Damage. How leaders lose mental capacities—most notably for reading other people—that were essential to their rise. Worth re-posting.

NASA instrument bound for Titan could reveal chemistry leading to life.

After Huge Plunge, Treasury Yields Are Due for a Big Bounce on Monday. Here’s Why.

March 19, 2023

Evidence for the existence of a deeply bound dibaryon, built entirely from beauty quarks.

Here’s Every New Electric Vehicle Model for Sale in the U.S. for 2023.

Researchers Are Getting Closer to Learning How to Treat and Prevent Long COVID.

Your brain may not be private much longer. Neurotechnology is upon us. Your brain urgently needs new rights.

OpenAI Knows GPT-4 Is Dangerous—but Won’t Do a Damn Thing About It.

Why the US is beating Russia in the Black Sea without firing a shot.

Precision, recall and why you shouldn’t crank up the warnings to 11.

Big publishers are suing to cut off libraries’ ownership and control of digital books, opening new paths for censorship.

Pain In the Tech Industry Is Beginning to Hit the Rest of Us.

Long-covid symptoms are less common now than earlier in the pandemic.

Research published online Thursday in the journal Open Mind shows that our concepts about and associations with even the most basic words vary widely. At the same time, people tend to significantly overestimate how many others hold the same conceptual beliefs.

Pricey Child Care Is Keeping Many Parents Out of the Workforce.

Ukrainian Black Sea grain export deal extended.

Greater Acceptance of Instrumental Harm Befalling Men than Women.

Senior care is crushingly expensive. Boomers aren’t ready.

Things are only getting harder for the Fed.

March 18, 2023

Biden to declare huge national monument in Nevada, honoring tribes.

The Great Defenders of the Status Quo. Environmental laws are being used to justify oil drilling in Los Angeles, single-family zoning in Minneapolis, and the construction of the border wall.

Russia disinformation looks to US far right to weaken Ukraine support. The Kremlin is deploying new tactics by drawing on favorite themes and conspiracy theories of rightwing Republicans. Unfortunately a lot of lefty people I know are also falling for this.

Chip Globalization Is Over and Sanctions Work, Says TSMC Founder.

Americans Head to Europe for the Good Life on the Cheap. Home sales to Americans have increased significantly, giving them a chance to enjoy a lifestyle they could not afford in major U.S. cities, but the influx risks upsetting local residents.

Joe Biden seeks to make it easier to punish executives of failed US banks.

The FCC Cracks Down on Text Message Scammers.

People with dark personality traits are better at finding novel ways to cause damage or harm others.

March 17, 2023

Suing to Protect the Right of Incarcerated People to Receive Physical Mail.

The GOP embraces a “raging misogynist” identity, backing controlling husbands and the death penalty for abortion.

Services Inflation Rages at Four-Decade High: Fueled by Rents, Auto Insurance, Repairs, Airfares, Hotels, Pet Services, Food Services, Delivery.

Burger King coupons 10/2021, 10/2022, 03/2023 – cost of living.

Is the Entire Economy Gentrifying?

50 Years Later, We’re Still Living in the Xerox Alto’s World.

Silicon Valley Bank Was Not Your Bank. And its rescue was not a populist cause.

‘Gargantuan’: China fossils reveal 70-tonne dinosaur had 15-metre neck.

Storms end Southern California water restrictions for millions.

South Korea to build ‘world’s largest’ chip center with $230 billion investment from Samsung.

Moody’s cuts outlook on U.S. banking system to negative, citing ‘rapidly deteriorating operating environment.’

The return to the office could be the real reason for the slump in productivity. Here’s the data to prove it.

Macron bypasses Parliament to push through controversial bill to raise retirement age.

The Incredible Tantrum Venture Capitalists Threw Over Silicon Valley Bank. Remind me why, exactly, these guys have so much control over technological innovation? Idiot parasites.

How Consultants Mangle Government.

Low Rates Were Meant to Last. Without Them, Finance Is In for a Rough Ride. Economists expected inflation and rates to stay low for years. With Silicon Valley Bank’s implosion, Wall Street is starting to reckon with how wrong that prediction has proved.

March 16, 2023

A country filled with empty tables: How it feels to be hungry. For a country that projects itself as the richest in the world, hunger remains hidden by design.

Shadows in the Big Bang Afterglow Reveal Invisible Cosmic Structures.

Endometriosis. What do you do when your doctor doesn’t believe you’re in pain?

Texas woman becomes longest-serving female radio presenter in the world.

Venus is volcanically alive.

We find that local adoption of the CEP causes households with children to reduce their grocery purchases, leading to a 10% decline in grocery sales at large retail chains. Retailers respond with chain-level price adjustments: chains with the most exposure lower prices by 2.5% across all outlets in the years following adoption, so that the program’s welfare benefits propagate spatially.

Caffeine may reduce body fat and risk of type 2 diabetes, study suggests.

March 15, 2023

EPA sets ‘groundbreaking’ limits on toxic ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water.

California cancels salmon fishing season.

Crab crisis in Bering Sea a sign of ‘borealization’ and big changes in the future, scientists warn.

Another Casualty If Section 230 Gets Repealed: Food Safety Data.

Was there a tech-hiring bubble? job postings data suggest so.

US set to become world’s largest LNG exporter.

You’re Better Off Not Knowing. The problem with dwelling on news about things you can’t control.

March 14, 2023

Nothing like this has ever existed.

10 Charts That Capture How the World Is Changing.