June 30, 2023

Fake environmental reviews are killing good housing projects. Here’s what California can do about it.

Inside a Secret Lesbian Sex Toy Smuggling Ring. In the 80s, Thrilling Bits was clandestinely selling dildos, vibrators and banned queer erotica – right under the nose of customs.

Revenge of the Variable-Rate Commercial Debts.

Low protein intake associated increase in risk of all-cause and cause-specific mortality among older men.

What Happened to Women’s Rights In the Past Year Should Surprise No One. People surprised by what the Dobbs decision hath wrought must not have been watching the conservative movement over the past 40 years.

The Secret in the Spots on Monarch Butterflies’ Wings.

The Marx whisperer. The geographer David Harvey’s videos on Capital have made him an internet intellectual. But he has been observing the carnage of capitalism his whole life.

Facial recognition technology is proliferating as Western countries grapple with advances brought on by artificial intelligence.

Why the great #TwitterMigration didn’t quite pan out. The fediverse kinda sucks. This is not the solution.

Master Lock’s Milwaukee plant to close after 100 years and send jobs abroad.

Carry That Weight. There’s a problem with transporting new vehicles across the country: They’re too heavy.

June 29, 2023

‘Deceiving and disgusting’: Readers react to the rise of restaurant service fees.

Copyright Laws Make Photographs of the Eiffel Tower at Night Illegal.

Drugmakers Are Abandoning Cheap Generics, and Now US Cancer Patients Can’t Get Meds.

Drive-thrus are creating problems for cities and towns.

California has tried to boost its housing stock. See which states have done better.

How Microsoft Excel Tries to Rebrand Work as Excitement. This banal type of office software has a long history of trying to pass itself off as whimsical.

‘Not for employee use’: why are US retail workers being denied chairs?

Everyone’s a Business Major Now. Forget the discourse. The United States already has abandoned traditional subjects.

Ukraine recaptures territory held by Russia since 2014. Counteroffensives against a well-prepared foe are slow, grinding things.

Dobbs Turned Abortion Into A Huge Liability For Republicans.

A small Nebraska company is helping law enforcement around the world spy on users of Google, Facebook and other tech giants. A secretly recorded presentation to police reveals how deeply embedded in the U.S. surveillance machine PenLink has become.

June 28, 2023

Earth was created faster than we thought. This makes the chance of other habitable planets in the Universe more likely.

How Your New Car Tracks You. Vehicles from Toyota, Honda, Ford, and more can collect huge volumes of data. Here’s what the companies can access. Dystopia now (and worsening).

A Brief History of Insults.

GOP-run states are eyeing abortion beyond their borders. Blue states are fighting back.

We’re Now Finding Out The Damaging Results of The Mandated Return to Office — And It’s Worse Than We Thought.

Oregon Finally Legalizes Pumping Your Own Gas After 72 Years.

Effective pills for weight loss, including an oral version of Ozempic, are on the horizon.

Fuck your timesheets.

Supreme Court Rejects Theory That Would Have Transformed American Elections. The 6-3 majority dismissed the “independent state legislature” theory, which would have given state lawmakers nearly unchecked power over federal elections.

Couple develops rare disease after beetles eating their furniture get mites. When your pests have pests, you’re in for a bad—and very itchy—time.

Waiting is becoming a legitimate solution for modern Helpdesk Support.

From the Hoover Dam to the Second Avenue subway, America builds slower.

Protests broke Reddit hack for useful Google search results—and Google knows it.

How Tech Can Make It Excruciatingly Hard to Apply for a Job While Homeless.

China’s Restless Workers. Labor strikes are rising in China as weak demand sees factories shutter and workers’ pay cut.

June 26, 2023


Critics Say Submersible Should’ve Been Tested With Poorer Passengers First.

When the economy’s winners feel like losers. The country’s upper middle class isn’t used to precarity.

Financial storm bears down on US commercial real estate.

America Aims for Nuclear Power Renaissance.

Putin looked into the abyss Saturday — and blinked.

From “Heavy Purchasers” of Pregnancy Tests to the Depression-Prone: We Found 650,000 Ways Advertisers Label You.

June 25, 2023

In post-Roe US, clinical trials may be too risky during pregnancy.

The ghosts of California’s most utopian experiments live in the remains of communes.

Overconfidence dictates who gets ‘top jobs’ and research shows men benefit more than women.

The Lack of Housing is a Generational Crisis.

A year ago Roe v Wade was overturned. Grieve for the new America. The supreme court’s decision has created a two-tiered class of US citizenship: one for men and one for women. It is a generational tragedy.

57,000-Year-Old Cave Engravings Were the Work of Neanderthals, Researchers Say.

Car quality is suffering as automakers shift focus to technology.

How Microsoft’s ruthless employee evaluation system annihilated team collaboration.

June 24, 2023

Flamin’ hot addictions: why is America so hooked on ultra-processed foods?

We’re in the midst of anti-sex backlash that has ensnared Jennifer Lawrence’s new romcom.

5 Deaths at Sea Gripped the World. Hundreds of Others Got a Shrug.

Only Zoning Reform Can Solve America’s Housing Crisis. By making it impossible to build enough homes in places where people want to live, local governments hurt the economy and democracy.

Home Prices Drop Year-over-Year by Most since 2011, as Investors Pull Back, amid Dismal Sales and Rising Supply.

He has flown 23 million miles. Here are his travel secrets.

Compliments to the Chef: Prigozhin’s Trouble Looks like Civil War.

June 22, 2023

Objectively measured facial traits predict in-person evaluations of facial attractiveness and prosociality in speed-dating partners.

The reasons for wanting people back in the office aren’t the ones that are being trotted out almost daily in the media.

A daytime nap is good for the brain.

Obesity increases risk of 13 types of cancer.

Pedestrian deaths soared in a handful of states in 2022.

How scientists are hacking the genetic code to give proteins new powers.

US doctors are rationing lifesaving cancer drugs amid dire shortage.

June 19, 2023

Gen Z and Millennials are scrimping. Boomers? Living it up.

5,500 New Marine Life Species Discovered in Mining Area.

Why It Matters Who Caused Inflation.

USSR Sprinkled More Than 2,500 Nuclear Generators Across The Countryside.

If Ariel Knew, She Would Have Stayed Under The Sea.

America’s latest inflation wave is all about corporations ‘using excuses’ and ‘cover’ to increase profits, says top UBS economist.

June 18, 2023

Humans Have Pumped Enough Groundwater to Change the Tilt of the Earth.

A New Dialect Emerges in South Florida.

Cable News Likely to “Disappear” Within a Decade (and That’s OK).

The Dirty Secret of Corporate Pride. The zeitgeist that once incentivized rainbow-washing has mutated.

2D Solar Cells Poised to Set Power-Per-Weight Record.

Feeling younger than your age may be good for your health.

YIMBY momentum: Over 80% of Americans support building more homes in their local neighborhood.

The Fundamental Link Between Body Weight and the Immune System.

June 17, 2023

Everybody in the US Is Getting Depressed, CDC Says.

Software effort estimation is mostly fake research.

My 24 year old HP Jornada can do things your modern iPhone still can’t do. And BeOS could do things modern OSes can’t do (though modern OSes are steadily getting worse).

Two Still Dead In Mausoleum Collapse.

Scientists have developed a super repellent that can stop 99% of mosquitos from biting your skin.

The Four Monster Service Sectors whose Sales Dominate the US Economy.

They’ve mastered the art of appearing smart, without actually being so. Once you’ve been in some smart environments, you learn to talk the talk.

Profit Inflation Is Real.

The Moral Crisis of America’s Doctors.

Tech’s Reckoning.

‘Shadow Banks’ Account for Half of the World’s Assets—and Pose Growing Risks.

June 16, 2023

Trapped Under Trucks.

A wild Karen appears.

Music Label Demands Google Delist A Wikipedia Page With Info It Doesn’t Like.

Broader Support for Abortion Rights Continues Post-Dobbs.

New York State Senate Passes Prohibitions on Non-Competes.

Top Russian officer reported killed in Ukraine counteroffensive.

Stretching 280 feet below the Earth’s surface in Turkey’s Cappadocia region is a web of tunnels and cave-like dwellings that once housed 20,000 people.

Why Toyota Would Put a Fake Stick Shift and Fake Engine Noises in an Electric Car.

Living near or visiting the coast associated with better health.