August 31, 2023

Perfect 10s by both contestants in World Archery Competition. 50 meters.

Intel Shows 8 Core 528 Thread Processor with Silicon Photonics.

Poor Americans Tap Debt, Buy Less Food as Consumer Cracks Widen.

No app, no entry: How the digital world is failing the non tech-savvy.

Majority of US dog owners now skeptical of vaccines, including for rabies: study. Could we get any stupider?

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America, August Update: 4th YoY Price Drop Overall, 10 of 20 Cities with YoY Drops. Month-to-Month, Selling Season Begins to Fade.

The Fed may have destroyed the housing market by crushing both supply and demand, top economist Mohamed El-Erian says.

Visa, Mastercard Prepare to Raise Credit-Card Fees. Merchants could end up paying an extra $502 million annually in fees, according to a consulting firm.

Ukraine’s Elite Snipers Fight Russians, Bullet by Bullet.

FCC says “too bad” to ISPs complaining that listing every fee is too hard.

FUCK WELLS FARGO. They just let go of 300+ people without notice AFTER lowering the severance package from 9 months to 60 days. Some of these people have been there for 20+ years.

Decoupling isn’t phoney. The global trading system is starting to rearrange itself, and it’s mostly not Biden’s doing.

Not Everything We Call Cancer Should Be Called Cancer.

Sticking out your tongue while doing delicate work with your hands reveals a history of evolutionary relationships.

State Governments Can’t Resist The Siren Song Of Censorship.

Workers in urban areas have historically experienced a wage premium. However, due to restrictions on housing supply in the most productive cities in the last decades, the wages of low-skilled workers are eaten up by housing costs. As a consequence, there is now a housing-inclusive urban wage penalty.

This Interview Went Off The Rails In The Weirdest Way.

August 30, 2023

DOT issues largest-ever fine to American Airlines for tarmac delays.

False Canopies On Fighters Work, One Almost Killed Me.

New research finds Late Pleistocene glaciations terminated by Earth’s axis tilt rather than orbital eccentricity.

The sudden demise of Indian vultures killed thousands of people.

Expensive Drugs From Pfizer, Other Companies Targeted for First U.S. Price Negotiations.

Biden is turning away from free trade – and that’s a great thing.

How Big is the US Housing Bubble?

Die Lorelei.

Pro-environmental behavior is exaggerated on self-report questionnaires, particularly among those with stronger environmentalist identity.

The Climate Bill That Keeps On Giving. The Inflation Reduction Act could be much bigger than originally anticipated.

Germany Is Losing Its Mojo. Finding It Again Won’t Be Easy.

Portugal Has Succeeded Where We’ve Failed With Addiction.

America Is Using Up Its Groundwater Like There’s No Tomorrow.

The Political Economy of Technology.

The five global economic shifts happening now.

Closest supernova in a decade reveals how exploding stars evolve.

If warming reaches or exceeds 2°C this century, mainly richer humans will be responsible for killing roughly 1 billion mainly poorer humans through anthropogenic global warming, which is comparable with involuntary or negligent manslaughter.

The reason for insane job posting with really low pay in the U.S.

The Current Sex Panic Harks Back to the Era of Coddling Women.

August 29, 2023

Can We Be Honest About Women? Not allowed to be anymore, no.

Plant diversity in urban green spaces led to sevenfold increase in insect species, study finds.

COVID-19 virus is evolving rapidly in white-tailed deer. Study finds deer are virus reservoirs, promoting ongoing mutation. Lock them deers down! 😉

Americans face an epidemic of loneliness. For some, supermarket self-checkouts make it worse.

The CEOs Who Are Robbing You Blind. Corporate executives are using taxpayer dollars and the proceeds of worker labor to keep the pay gap grotesquely wide.

Covid Closed the Nation’s Schools. Cleaner Air Can Keep Them Open.

Crossing the divide. Do men really have it easier? These transgender guys found the truth was more complex. Not mostly, no. Not in a Western milieu.

In participants with obesity phenotype of HFpEF, semaglutide improved symptoms, physical limitations and exercise function and reduced inflammation and body weight across obesity categories. In semaglutide-treated patients, the magnitude of benefit was directly related to the extent of weight loss.

August 28, 2023

The basis of feudalism was owning land, the basis of techno-feudalism is owning intellectual property.

The first observation of neutrinos at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

You’ve Heard of Quiet Quitting. Now Companies Are Quiet Cutting.

The Early History of Counting. How ancient peoples learned to keep a tally.

The problem with America’s high homeownership rate.

The AirBnB Bubble Popping Will Pop the Housing Bubble. Yes, but it will take longer than people now think.

Being infantilized has never worked out well for women.

August 27, 2023

Training immune cells to remove ‘trash’ helps resolve lung inflammation.

Weight-loss drug Wegovy produces ‘largest benefit ever seen’ for patients with most common form of heart failure, trial finds.

Consumers Are Spending Like It’s 2019. Pandemic-driven binges recede as expenses mount and customers value experiences over goods.

Prepping can get you through an emergency. It can get you through a disaster. It can get you through shortages and supply chain problems. It’s not designed for life on an uninhabitable planet.

Why the Right Is Winning Its War on Unhoused People.

How Sauropod Dinosaurs Became the Biggest Land Animals Again and Again.

China is paying close attention to how Russia’s logistical failures hampered its invasion of Ukraine – particularly as China will face an even steeper logistical challenge should it attack Taiwan.

my father was just laid off after 26 years at his company.

Naomi Klein on following her ‘doppelganger’ down the conspiracy rabbit hole – and why millions of people have entered an alternative political reality.

Why we should be paying attention to a showdown in the South China Sea.

August 26, 2023

In Reversal Because of A.I., Office Jobs Are Now More at Risk.

Individuals with higher mass of non-fat tissue tend to have lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and better cognitive performance.

The concept of the atomic void is one of the most repeated mistakes in popular science. Molecules are packed with stuff.

Trump’s aggrieved victimhood is a recipe for carnage.

Tiny Forests With Big Benefits. Native plants crowded onto postage-stamp-size plots have been delivering environmental benefits around the world — and, increasingly, in the U.S.

Californians move inland for safety, cheaper housing — but find extreme heat that’s getting worse.

Rite Aid Prepares Bankruptcy That Would Halt Opioid Lawsuits. The drugstore chain is preparing a chapter 11 filing within weeks and doesn’t have an agreement with opioid plaintiffs, people familiar with its plans said.

Rising Insurance Costs Start to Hit Home Sales.

Return-to-office orders look like a way for elite, work-obsessed CEOs to grab power back from employees.

This Is Public Housing. Just Don’t Call It That. Montgomery County, Md., like many places, has an affordable housing crisis. So it started acting like a benevolent real estate investor.

The Fed’s $3T Mortgage Backed Securities Problem.

A marine heat wave off California helped fuel Hurricane Hilary. What’ll it do next?

American wealth disparity by the numbers. The gap between rich and poor continues to widen in the United States.

Military Spending – And Its Myths.

Sometimes Confusion Is A Good Thing.

August 25, 2023

Hospitals are killing patients because they don’t feel like doing infection control.

Big Tech Has Penetrated the GAO.

Against Automaticity.

hahaha we live in hell.

An illusion of predictability in scientific results: Even experts confuse inferential uncertainty and outcome variability.

The looming crisis that’s going to crush homeowners from coast to coast.

Each of the Past 7 Julys Had the Lowest Inventory of Existing Homes on Record. Inventory Fell for 16 Years. One Big Reason: Technology.

Why don’t more men go into teaching? Fear of The Accusation.

The Fire Last Time: Bronze Age apocalypse.

Nearly half of Gen Zers think they won’t ‘get a dime’ in Social Security: survey.

Secrets of the Octopus Garden: Moms nest at thermal springs to give their young the best chance for survival.

Looking for a US ‘climate haven’ away from heat and disaster risks? Good luck finding one.

How might JPL look for life on watery worlds? With the help of this slithering robot.

Intellectuals are Freaks.

The Problem Isn’t a Housing Shortage, It’s the Concentration of Ownership by the Wealthy. Well, it’s both.

OnlyFans Sees Increase in Revenue, Profit, and Creators in 2022. Dang, wtf.

CEOs of top 100 ‘low-wage’ US firms earn $601 for every $1 by worker, report finds.

August 24, 2023

Why We Should Abolish the Super Rich.

Trying to be human, and other mistakes.

The Space Lasers Are Back. Conspiracy theories about wildfires were virtually unheard of five years ago. Now they’re everywhere.

The Death of the Neighborhood Grocery Store.

How wealthy “super emitters” are disproportionately driving the climate crisis — while blaming you.

Wall Street’s China Dreams Slip Away.

Why Media Conglomerates are Spoon-Feeding Us Anti-Capitalism.