October 30, 2023

Electroreduction of nitrogen with almost 100% current-to-ammonia efficiency.

Lies My Corporation Told Me.

The ‘great wealth transfer’ isn’t $72 trillion but $129 trillion, BofA says—and the government gave most of it to baby boomers.

Where the heck did all those structures inside complex cells come from?

Purple Earth hypothesis.

The Language of Lava Lamps.

These Tiny, Beautiful Wasps Eat the Hearts Out of Cockroaches.

How Economists Miss Why Many People Are Down When The Economy Is Up.

Working-age Americans are struggling to pay for health care, even those with insurance, report finds.

The Republican Electric Vehicle Tantrum. Better technology that helps America fight climate change? No thanks, say conservatives.

October 29, 2023

The Emptiness Of Literature Written For The Market.

Powell’s Gonna Have a Cow When He Sees the PCE Inflation in “Core Services,” Housing, and Non-Housing Core Services. “Transitory” and “Inflation has been defeated.” Big nope to both.

The Decolonization Narrative Is Dangerous and False. It does not accurately describe either the foundation of Israel or the tragedy of the Palestinians.

A Record of Pure, Predatory Sadism.

With Eisenhower renaming, Army’s 100+ years honoring Confederates ends.

‘Anatomy of a Fall’ is a twisty and icily cerebral thriller.

The Maine shooting suspect fits the profile. He is American and he has a gun. Ok, brutal, but true.

A Hidden Dark Side: After Her Father’s Death, This Woman Discovered A Bunch Of Really Negative Reviews He Had Written Of Pretty Well-Regarded Vacuum Cleaners.

October 28, 2023

A tale of two sisters, two countries and their health systems.

Some thoughts on the messed up memory culture of late 20th century America into which I was socialized.

Explosion 1 million times brighter than the Milky Way creates rare elements.

Trying to make sense of why Otis exploded en route to Acapulco this week.

Russia renamed its ambitious satellite program after Putin misspoke its name.

The music site Bandcamp is beloved and unique. I shudder at its corporate takeover.

A Workhorse From 1923 Is an Automotive Masterpiece 100 Years Later.

October 27, 2023

The 2023 state of the climate report: Entering uncharted territory.

How Audio Deepfakes Trick Employees (And Moms).

How Kazakhstan Helps Russia Bypass Western Sanctions.

Prescription for disaster: America’s broken pharmacy system in revolt over burnout and errors. I remember when “pharmacist” used to be a really good job. No longer.

Private Equity Wants a Piece of Your Retirement Savings.

Higher ultra-processed food intake is associated with adverse liver outcomes: a prospective cohort study of UK Biobank participants.

How Hurricane Otis defied forecasts and exploded into a deadly storm overnight.

October 26, 2023

The Massacre in Israel and the Need for a Decent Left.

Die Wirksamkeit des COVID-19-Impfstoffs bei der Prävention von Post-COVID-Erkrankungen: eine systematische Literaturrecherche und Metaanalyse der neuesten Forschung.

Novavax vs mRNA vaccine.

IceCube, the South Pole neutrino observatory.

Getting the News Has Never Been More Complicated.

Victim-blaming is a crime to so many progressives. Except when it comes to Jews.

Here’s what happens when a for-profit company takes over your local ER.

Thanks to Big Data, Landlords Know How to Squeeze the Most Out of Renters. Two firms face allegations that rent-pricing systems facilitate collusion among some big apartment owners.

GDP bonanza: U.S. economy may have grown 5% in the third quarter.

Even the French are giving up on arthouse films. Is this the end of a cinematic era?

The Evangelicals Calling for War on Poor People. A new, antisocial strain of the prosperity gospel is making its way into pulpits and breeding new hostility toward the least fortunate Americans.

How Asset Managers Ruined Our Lives: Firms like Blackstone have made investments in real estate, energy, and infrastructure to become the world’s most crooked landlords and bill collectors.

‘The Mist’ is the Timeliest Horror Movie of 2023.

Prices of New Houses -15% from Peak on High Inventories. Sales Held Up with Lower Prices & Massive Mortgage-Rate Buydowns.

October 25, 2023

How the Media Turns Extremists Into “Moderates.”

Samsung and Other Manufacturers Disable Phones Bought on Gray Markets.

Comprehensive study of West Antarctic Ice Sheet finds collapse may be unavoidable.

Facial attraction: The intriguing role of similarity in romantic connections.

Visualization of pi being irrational.

Insurance companies have discovered devious new ways to rip you off.

Florida Residents Flee State as Insurance Premiums Skyrocket up to 900%.

The Corporate Retreat From Hong Kong Is Accelerating.

Highly competitive women are more likely to recommend shorter haircuts to other women, potentially to diminish the physical attractiveness of their romantic rivals, according to new research. I’ve seen this, but tricks on them: I love short hair on women.

Older Americans are dominating like never before, but what comes next?

Roe v. Wade Is Gone, but Abortions Are on the Rise.

October 24, 2023

Europe’s largest copper producer is the victim of metal swindle worth $198 million.

Edgar Allan Poe’s America.

Settle for what? Phoebe Maltz Bovy on a Jewish existential dilemma. Jews were in “Palestine” before any Arabs were in “Palestine” by the way.

Why the ‘Mother of the Atomic Bomb’ Never Won a Nobel Prize.

A warm, wet El Niño winter is in store for California and much of the U.S.

America’s Downtowns Are Empty. Fixing Them Will Be Expensive.

‘The left has really let us down.’ Why many American Jews feel abandoned. Most of the Left would be perfectly fine with another holocaust or two.

The Limits of Outside Opinion in Gaza. A lot of my colleagues want to walk Israel back from the abyss. That is not going to work well.

Mike Flanagan’s Lasser Glass: Where To Find Oculus’ Haunted Mirror In Each Of The Filmmaker’s Horror Projects (Including House Of Usher). Oculus was quite a good film.

US pilot charged with attempted murder for ‘trying to shut down’ plane’s engines.

Food Halls, a Hot Real-Estate Investment, Conquer the Suburbs.

The digitization of our lives and livelihoods is leaving millions of Americans—particularly the elderly—on the wrong side of the digital divide. Is it possible to age-proof Silicon Valley?

Study shows the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in Japan in 2021, finding they reduced mortality by more than 97%.

Google Decides To Pull Up The Ladder On The Open Internet, Pushes For Unconstitutional Regulatory Proposals.

October 23, 2023

‘Starter Cars’ Go the Way of Starter Homes.

Sphere Studios’ Big Sky Cinema Camera Features an Insane 18K Sensor.

Adtech Surveillance and Government Surveillance are Often the Same Surveillance.

As climate risks mount, the insurance safety net is collapsing.

Confirming the Worst Hamas Atrocities: Inside Israel’s Center for the Identification of the Dead.

Americans experience a false social reality by underestimating popular climate policy support by nearly half.

America needs a bigger, better bureaucracy.

The wealthiest 1% has taken $50 trillion from working Americans and redistributed it, a new study finds. Here’s what that means.

How Sedona, an epicenter of spiritual energy and Arizona tourism mecca, came to fear and loathe tourists.

October 22, 2023

The results of this study show that both driving a motor vehicle and commuting time are associated with poorer mental health.

The 10 Year Anniversary of the HealthCare.gov Rescue.

Mid-South nurses forced to return bonuses received during pandemic.

Pure ice-cold antisemitism is guiding a lot of what you’re reading and seeing in the last week. It’s a crude hatred of Jews for being Jews, and it is as old as the hills.

Stop Complaining! Some 3-Hour Movies Need Their Epic Runtime. Yep. Shut the fuck up.

How plants communicate with each other when in danger.

The Decline of Computers as a General Purpose Technology.

Here’s What Retirement on a Boat or RV Looks Like in America.

October 21, 2023

Gen Zers and millennials working several jobs to make ends meet are finding that gig work isn’t cutting it anymore.

The Retired Israeli General Who Grabbed His Pistol and Took On Hamas. By rushing to confront the attackers himself, Israel Ziv has become a public symbol of Israel’s former military successes — and its failure this time.

Raping people to death and chopping babies’ heads off is not “resisting.” It amazes me that this needs to be said. And in no universe do I want to hear your acerbic asides about what Israel’s done to deserve it. Listen to your fucking self.

Home Prices Fall Further. Peak was June 2022. Demand Crashes, Price Cuts Jump, Supply & Days on Market Rise.

The Ultra-Affordable EVs That Won’t Be Coming to the U.S. Anytime Soon.

Thoughts on techno-optimism.

How to Fly an American President Into a Country at War.

October 20, 2023

The Hypocrisy at the Heart of the Insurance Industry.

30-Year Treasury Yield Spikes past 5%, 30-year mortgage rates hit 8%, Mortgage Applications Plunge.

New pill helps COVID smell and taste loss fade quickly.

Beware the Language That Erases Reality. An open letter signed by famous writers decrying Israel’s response to the Hamas attack shows a startling moral obtuseness.

Some Of Jeep’s Best Customers Simply Can’t Afford A Jeep Anymore. $59K for a crappy Jeep is nuts.