November 30, 2023

The Dead Children We Must See.

To Move Fast, Quantum Maze Solvers Must Forget the Past.

As Groundwater Dwindles, Powerful Players Block Change.

Americans are ‘doom spending’ — here’s why that’s a problem.

Bye Bye, Spotify.

True Colors.

The bottom line is that vaccines worked and everything else was a sideshow. Had we approved the vaccines even 5 weeks earlier and delivered them to the nursing homes, we could have saved 14,000 lives and had we vaccinated nursing home residents just 10 weeks earlier, before the vaccine was approved, as Deborah Birx had proposed, we might have saved 40,000 lives. Mostly agreed.

Americans need an extra $11,400 today just to afford the basics.

November 29, 2023

Antagonisms flare as red states try to dictate how blue cities are run.

Science Has a Censorship Problem.

Kettle of Vultures: A History of Interest.

That time Verisign typo-squatted all of .com and .net. I remember this clown crap.

‘Stop the price gouging’: Biden hits corporations over high consumer costs.

Prices of New Houses Drop Further, -18% Year-over-Year, Sales Drop, High Inventories Rise Further, Supply Jumps.

After 151 years, Popular Science will no longer offer a magazine.

Why Is Everyone So Unhappy at Work Right Now? RTO nonsense, primarily.

Spike in premature births caused by COVID, halted by vaccines.

Data from NASA’s Webb Telescope backs up ideas on planet formation.

Watch A Boomer Try To Chop Down A No Right-On-Red Sign With World’s Dullest Axe.

Solving climate change will have side effects. Get over it.

My job is killing their Work from Home agreement and it’s going to financially ruin me.

November 28, 2023

Housing wealth is meaningless, destructive and fundamentally changing our society. Exactly — deadweight loss for society; reduces productivity and harms everyone.

GitHub now requires a login to search.

Solar skeptics are inveterate techno-pessimists, and consistently underestimate humanity’s ability to innovate around early technological hurdles.

awesome-selfhosted/awesome-selfhosted: A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted on your own servers. This is the way.

A modest defense of the rodent.

Scientists paid large publishers over $1 billion in four years to have their studies published with open access.

Just How Bad Is the US Cost-of-Living Squeeze? We Did the Math.

The Costs of Polarizing a Pandemic: Antecedents, Consequences, and Lessons.

November 27, 2023

The curse of Docker.

Silicon Valley’s worldview is not just an ideology; it’s a personality disorder.

People who stuck by Covid lockdown rules the most strictly have the worst mental health today, research has found. LOL.

A doctor tried to renew his passport. Now he’s no longer a citizen.

Why America Abandoned the Greatest Economy in History.

American Borrowers Are Getting Closer to Maxing Out.

New maps show where snowfall is disappearing.

We Should All Be Working Part Time for Full-Time Pay.

The Secretive Industry Devouring the U.S. Economy.

November 26, 2023

Lithium “Shortage” Bubble Implodes (Again), Price Collapsed 77% in a Year, as Demand and Production Both Surged.

The Mummy!

My boss literally said “the employees should know that this is not the kind of job where you can support your family.”

America is broken right now. It feels like there’s no hope for a better future no matter how hard you try.

Buying and renting are so much more expensive now — but one is still cheaper almost everywhere.

Loved, yet lonely.

Consciousness science should move past a focus on complex mammalian brains to study the behaviour of ‘simpler’ animals.


November 25, 2023

Mid-old cells are a potential target for anti-aging interventions in the elderly.

China’s rise is reversing.

Corporate America Just Threw A Party Celebrating Tax Cuts For The Ultrarich.

The Secret Language of Ships.

Netflix Spent $55M+ On A Sci-Fi Show That Never Finished An Episode, Report Details BTS Chaos.

A growing global footprint for China’s space program worries Pentagon.

Millennials priced out of homeownership are feeling the pressure.

The Low Down on the Greatest Dictionary Collection in the World.

November 24, 2023

Ancient warning of a rising sea.

Home Sales Collapse, Prices Drop Further, Supply Jumps. People Are Finally on Buyers’ Strike.

Washington Tweaks How It Prices the Future. An updated document from the Office of Management and Budget will make it easier to enact regulations.

The people targeting you with cyberscams may themselves be victims of slavery. The economy is just scams and exploitation all the way down.

The climate emergency really is a new type of crisis – consider the ‘triple inequality’ at the heart of it.

Canada’s unprecedented housing crisis could be a warning sign for the US.

MS hates us.

November 23, 2023

Rogue Worlds Throw Planetary Ideas Out of Orbit.

We’ve been fighting poverty all wrong. The success of the expanded child tax credit shows why anti-poverty programs should be unconditional.

Airlines will make a record $118 billion in extra fees this year—their websites are designed to get you to pay.

Why TSA’s Implementation of Facial Recognition is More Dangerous Than You Think.

Why Americans Dislike the Economy. With real wages at 2015 levels, life milestones, such as buying a home, are increasingly unachievable.

Baby boomers got rich off real estate and they are in perfect position to do it again. Great. Love that we’ve decided one gen should hoard all the damn wealth forever.

We need to improve tech criticism. Here’s how.

Google announced that starting in June 2024, ad blockers such as uBlock Origin will be disabled in Chrome 127 and later with the rollout of Manifest V3. Firefox will not be far behind.

Texas businesses say abortion ban costs state nearly $15 billion a year.

Millennial and Gen Z parents are struggling.

Most Americans tip 15% or less at a restaurant — and some tip nothing, poll finds. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Dwarf galaxies use 10-million-year quiet period to churn out stars.

Daily Telescope: A snapshot of 500,000 stars near the center of the galaxy.

Shere Hite: remembering the feminist sex researcher forgotten by time.

Cost-of-living crisis fuels global appetite for instant ramen.

Forget dystopian scenarios – AI is pervasive today, and the risks are often hidden.

Evidence confirms Israel’s al-Shifa claims, so critics move the goal posts.

A heritable iron memory enables decision-making in Escherichia coli.

Unions are the strongest in decades. Nearly a million Americans got double-digit raises as a result.

November 21, 2023

Make America Build Again.

From airlines to ticket sellers, companies fight U.S. to keep junk fees.

New college grads are more likely to be unemployed in today’s job market. The unemployment rate for recent college graduates is higher than for the general population in an unusual shift.

The Cassette-Tape Revolution.

Richest 1% account for more carbon emissions than poorest 66%, report says.

A non-adaptive explanation for macroevolutionary patterns in the evolution of complex multicellularity.

Bacteria can maintain rRNA operons solely on plasmids for hundreds of millions of years.

Societies become increasingly fragile over their lifetime, according to research by scientists from Europe, China, and the USA.

2 degrees, 40 feet: Scientists who study Earth’s ice say we could be committed to disastrous sea level rise.

November 20, 2023

How do you fight shoplifting? Not by locking down everything in CVS.

All over the country, companies are having a hard time hiring workers because there’s no affordable — or available — housing nearby.

A town that became ‘one giant Airbnb’ is now facing a reckoning.

New data: Over 100 elementary-aged children arrested in U.S. schools.

Mysterious ‘Tasmanian devil’ space explosion baffles astronomers.

Extra Fees Drive Assisted-Living Profits.

The Sneaky Sticker-Shock of Subscription Culture.

A 30-Year Trap: The Problem With America’s Weird Mortgages.

The inescapable tyranny of the bad boss.

Our Wall Street Crybabies Want the Fed to Stop QT, they Wag the Drop in Overnight RRPs that’ll Blow up the Banks or Whatever.

The school closures that took 50 million children out of classrooms at the start of the pandemic may prove to be the most damaging disruption in the history of American education.