December 31, 2023

No more anonymous shell companies buying houses: A landmark Rubio law to go into effect.

After Rise in Murders During the Pandemic, a Sharp Decline in 2023.

When a gasoline tanker crashes. Well that’s a gooey kablooey if I ever saw one.

SpaceX launches two rockets—three hours apart—to close out a record year.

From FedEx to airlines, companies are starting to lose their pricing power.

A genetic mutation carried by about 500 million people makes drinking dramatic, but may protect against infectious diseases.

America Should Be More Like Operation Warp Speed.

Born that way. Confident or shy, our temperament is mostly baked-in from birth. But how that influences our lives is up for grabs.

China’s economy had a miserable year. 2024 might be even worse.

December 30, 2023

The amount of heat energy in the earth’s crust is so enormously vast (41x more than that of all known petroleum and nuclear fuel reserves) that large-scale construction of geothermal plants could provide an abundant source of zero-carbon energy, without the intermittency problems of solar and wind.

First new U.S. nuclear reactor since 2016 is now in operation. Nice.

Generative AI Learned Nothing From Web 2.0. Nobody learns anything in my field. Ever.

The IDEs we had 30 years ago… and we lost. I remember most of these.

Lustron house.

When accounting for inflation, home prices have increased 118% since 1965, while income has risen by just 15%.

‘I feel like a criminal for quitting’: nurses in the US fight ‘stay or pay’ agreements.

Has Gratuity Culture Reached a Tipping Point?

Fun evolved into work, sometimes more than true work, which is where we find ourselves now.

Electric Cars Are Already Upending America. After years of promise, a massive shift is under way.

December 29, 2023

It’s a ‘massive student debt strike’ activist says, as millions of borrowers still aren’t making payments.

Thanks to This Man, Airplanes Don’t Crash Into Mountains Anymore.

Bread, How Did They Make It?

A broken washing machine has helped me understand the poverty trap.

Watch A SWAT Battering Ram End A Highway Truck Chase In Texas.

Pizza Hut Franchises Want You To Think California’s New Wage Law Is The Reason It’s Laying Off Over 1,000 Delivery Drivers. Yeah, it’s a lie at a convenient time.

40% of US electricity is now emissions-free.

December 28, 2023

Hubble sights a galaxy with ‘forbidden’ light.

Amazon Prime Video will start showing ads on January 29. LOL.

America is a scam.

‘Merchants of Complexity’: Why 37Signals Abandoned the Cloud. Good choice.

Moderna’s mRNA cancer vaccine works even better than thought.

Restaurants Have Ways to Stop You From Splitting Meals. And those are restaurants I will not go to.

Florida Manatees’ Health Improves, but Beloved Species Still Faces Threats.


Europe is now doubling down on its delusions by convincing itself that it can carry on as usual with its defining postwar peace project, the European Union, even as its most basic values are subverted and attacked from within.

How Copyright Hinders The Preservation Of Modern, Digital Culture.

Injection of “smart insulin” regulates blood glucose levels for one week.

The waning power of Emmanuel Macron.

Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System.

The curious joy of being wrong – intellectual humility means being open to new information and willing to change your mind.

December 27, 2023

The hidden costs of owning a home could be $10,000 a year. And often vastly more.

Do you actually own anything digital?

American Spies Confront a New, Formidable China.

Housing is now overvalued in 88% of the U.S., says ratings agency Fitch.

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America, December 2023 Update.

Researchers argue back and forth about whether we’ve spotted an exomoon. They should keep moonitoring this.

Rite Aid facial recognition misidentified Black, Latino and Asian people as ‘likely’ shoplifters.

December 26, 2023

The Tantalizing Mystery of the Solar System’s Hidden Oceans.

Christmastime can be a sad reminder that many towns in the US are left behind.

The Visibility of Social Class From Facial Cue.

Not All Exercise Is Beneficial: The Physical Activity Paradox Explained.

The first of the big lies is the biggest, but it’s also one of the simplest, one that you’ve probably never questioned. It’s this: Computers today are better than they have ever been before.

Most people who live in poverty and benefit from government aid are still working Americans. Whatever hole you are born into is the one you spend your life trying to work your way out of.

Doom is 30, and so is Windows NT. How far we haven’t come.

December 25, 2023

Tipping Is Immoral. But, for now, it’s all we’ve got.

Saving the Apple’s Ancient Ancestor in the Forests of Kazakhstan.

China’s Jobless Don’t Always Show Up in the Data. But They Show Up in the Library.

A man in the US really wants to buy a Capuchin monkey.

People who got fired from a job, what’s one weird detail about the firing that you still remember?

The Contempt for Democracy Driving the Anti-Abortion Movement.

Forced abortion travel has doubled following Dobbs.

December 24, 2023

Hume and his acolytes had not counted on the translation of superstition and intolerance from religion into politics. Just as soon as people stopped being willing to kill and die for their religion, they started killing and dying for their country.

The Rise of the Forever Renters.

Verizon Once Again Busted Handing Out Sensitive Wireless Subscriber Information To Any Nitwit Who Asks For It.

US child poverty doubled in 2022, thanks to Joe Manchin. We must reverse course.

Five new soft-furred hedgehog species discovered.

What the Solow Model can teach us about China.

How a Crisis in Truck Driving Could Change Life in Japan.

December 23, 2023

Older boomers won the pandemic after becoming a whopping $14 trillion richer, Fed data reveals—and Gen X is losing the race.

Biden’s historic pay raise for federal workers set to take effect.

Fly in the Ointment: Month-to-Month Rent Inflation Accelerated, Stuck at 6%+ Annualized since March.

The things they don’t teach you in school.

They Want You To Forget What A Film Looks Like.

Researchers warn that Windows 11 restrictions could send 240 million computers to landfills. Which was the whole point: force people to buy new machines. Fake security “for your own good.”

Heavy metal drink: Your favorite hot chocolate mix could contain high amounts of lead.Consumer Reports researchers found that some hot chocolate mixes contain high amounts of metals and, if frequently consumed, can cause health problems.

December 22, 2023

Pancake stack of radioactivity-sensitive films captures most accurate picture of star’s gamma ray beam.

It Sure Looks Like Phones Are Making Students Dumber. Everyone dumber, and more depressed.

Unblocking User Freedom: the right to use adblockers.

The Weird Time CPUs Came on Cards (And Why They Stopped). Wasn’t so weird, really. Slot processors were a lot easier to install.

Schichlegruber Doing the Lambeth Walk.

Galaxy-scale winds spotted in the distant Universe.

How To Turn Off Google’s “Privacy Sandbox” Ad Tracking—and Why You Should.

New nuclear deflection simulations advance planetary defense against asteroid threats.

December 21, 2023

IRS Zaps Nearly $1 Billion in Penalties for Taxpayers.

The World’s Fastest Road Cars—and the People Who Drive Them.

Building a Giant. Mapping UnitedHealth’s consumption of our health care system—from the ’70s to today.

Flowers ‘giving up’ on scarce insects and evolving to self-pollinate, say scientists.

Unaffordable rents are linked to premature death, Princeton study finds.

Hospital gives staff baked potato for Christmas bonus, values it at $15 and taxes them for it.

The Rise and Fall of the ‘IBM Way.’ What the tech pioneer can, and can’t, teach u.

December 20, 2023

Sorting in the Labor Market.

Psychiatry Won’t Solve Our Mental Health Crisis — Only Politics Can Do That.

Americans Have a Snack Problem.

Wolverine hunting a Reindeer. Damn. Wolverines are one of the few predators that frequently take prey many times their size.

My Ordinary Life: Improvements Since the 1990s.

The Year of Ozempic. We may look back on new weight-loss drugs as some of the greatest advances in the annals of chronic disease. Good. Also good: it makes the Fat Acceptance nutters cry.

Astrophysicists publish Kepler Giant Planet Search, an aid to ‘figure out where to find life.’ Find me another planet to move to, dangit.

December 19, 2023

Why Have Feminists Been So Slow to Condemn the Hamas Rapes? Even feminists only care if it’s the “right” women being raped.

Southwest will pay a $140 million fine for its meltdown during the 2022 holidays.

That Insufferable Billionaire Tyrannizing Harvard Enriches Himself by Tyrannizing the Bond Market. Meet Bill Ackman, the perfect embodiment of America’s growing oligarch scourge.