July 12, 2017

The Hidden Rules of the Puritan Fashion Police.

Where the Left Went Wrong—and How It Can Win Again.

Just 100 companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says.

I grew up well versed in the facial expressions of those who looked down on us. Been there, know that look.

Lucky Break Leads to Controversial Supernova Discovery.

Nation “Too Broke” for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35.


A Baker’s Crusade: Rescuing the Famed French Boulangerie.

Seattle City Council unanimously approves income tax for the rich.

Bacillus subtilis Protects Public Goods by Extending Kin Discrimination to Closely Related Species.

In Arkansas, Women Now Need Permission From Men To Get Abortions.

July 11, 2017

Greatest Movie Props of All Time.

24-core CPU and I can’t move my mouse.

Systemd for (Impatient) Sysadmins.

Renewable energy is becoming so cheap the US will meet Paris commitments even if Trump withdraws.

1997 Asian Crisis Lessons Lost.

Why Sex Is Mostly Binary but Gender Is a Spectrum.

MSM, Still Living in Propaganda-ville.

What happened when Walmart left.

EU is still at risk of slow self-destruction.

Over many objections, W3C approves DRM for HTML5. Contentious feature is added, without mandate to protect security researchers. What about protecting me, my fucking culture? DRM is pure evil.

Amazon is taking away the power of brand names, throwing another industry into turmoil.

Coal no longer fuels America. But the legacy — and the myth — remain.

DRM Is Toxic To Culture.

Henry Rollins: America’s Real Safety Net Is Drugs, Alcohol, Cheap Food and Free Porn.

Two-factor authentication is a mess.

Fifty-eight percent of GOP thinks higher education harms the country.

Ethereum And Bitcoin Energy Consumption Surpasses Entire Countries’. Cryptocurrencies are asinine in so many ways.

July 10, 2017

Strange silk: Why rappelling spiders don’t spin out of control.

More evidence of the growth of concentrated poverty.

Renewables will be the ‘cheapest form of new power generation’ by 2020.

The AWS tax is considerable and, for some, irreversible. For most companies, once they have moved their data and applications into the AWS environment, there’s no easy way out.

Trump is unpopular, but he’s more popular than the Democrats. (Sound familiar?) A recent poll has a 40 percent favorable rating for Trump, but only 35 percent for the Democratic Party. An April 2017 poll surprisingly found that Trump would win in a rematch against Clinton.

Americans Who Can’t Afford Their Homes Up 146 Percent.

If the half in jeans runs around in sneakers or boots, while the half in skirts totters about on spike heels, then these two groups of people will be biologically as well as socially different. Their muscles will be different, as will their reflexes, posture, arms, legs and feet, hand-eye coordination, and so on.

“New atheist” Sam Harris — still deeply wrong on Islamic extremism and terrorism. Liberals like to pretend that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Harris likes to pretend that politics does not. Both are equally wrong.

Racism Is Everywhere, So Why Not Move South? Can easily double or quadruple your effective spending power/standard of living by moving from expensive cities like NYC, Seattle, etc.

This great-grandmother wants to end ‘the dirty little secret of nursing.’ It’s a rare doctor or nurse that hasn’t been assaulted by a patient or their family multiple times.

America’s Future Is Texas.

Facebook is building a new campus that includes 1,500 apartments and a grocery store. The return of the company town.

What Both the Left and Right Get Wrong About Race.

July 9, 2017

‘The Mummy,’ ‘The House,’ and ‘Transformers 5’: Hollywood’s Problem Isn’t Sequels, but Bad Movies.

Being good at programming competitions correlates negatively with being good on the job.

Lead pollution is typically considered a hallmark of industrial society, but a growing body of research suggests human activity has been fouling the air with harmful heavy metals for millennia.

But that’s how neoliberalism acts. It kills politics by erasing real political differences and putting fake ones in their place. No government, no political solidarity, just the freedom to sell and be sold that knows no physical or symbolic borders or constraints. And it’s very effective for an ideology according to many Dems does not exist.

One Woman’s Slide From Middle Class to Medicaid. Not only could it happen to you, it is likely.


It’s Time We Retire The Invented Distinction Between Political Belief And Personal Character.

How teachers, firemen and college endowments ended up enriching America’s hedge fund billionaires.

Why Single-Payer Health Care Saves Money.

Elon Musk’s big battery brings reality crashing into a post-truth world. For months, politicians and fossil fuel industry have lied about the viability of renewables. Now Tesla’s big battery in South Australia will prove them wrong.

Closet Archive.

Can you define “appropriate attire?” The Speaker’s Lobby dress code is a reminder that the sartorial is always political.

Avoid the Left Internet “Expert.”

Marx was a student of capitalism, and that is how he should be judged. Many of the contradictions that he saw in Victorian capitalism and that were subsequently addressed by reformist governments have begun reappearing in new guises, like mutant viruses. From 1997.

Detroit’s Underground Economy: Where Capitalism Fails, Alternatives Take Root.

Mind Games. This person did not understand large parts of the movie, such as that Nathan is making fun of Caleb when Caleb spouts his cliches because Caleb is not all that bright and Nathan chose him because he thinks in aphorisms and cliches.

Meet Clara Rockmore, the Pioneering Electronic Musician Who First Rocked the Theremin in the Early 1920s.

The New Nation-States.

July 8, 2017

Show Me the Money: A Systematic Exploration of Manipulations, Moderators, and Mechanisms of Priming Effects.

In These States, You Don’t Need a Doctor to Prescribe You the Pill.

The giant undersea rivers we know very little about.

The Long, Weird Half-Life of Trinitite.

OpenBSD Will Get Unique Kernels on Each Reboot.

Our obsession with eminence warps research.

The New York City Ferry Has Tips for the Subway.

What Mark Zuckerberg Gets Wrong About UBI. Like other tech moguls dabbling in politics, the Facebook founder has shown little interest in actually shoring up the welfare state.

Where Machine Learning meets rule-based verification.

If I could reduce to a bumper sticker how ABM practitioners differ from mainstream economists, it would read, “Stare at the world, not at your model.”

July 7, 2017

These Deep-Sea Corals Glow to Survive in the Dark.

How the Clipboard Works, Part 1.

In defense of the campus: Why the left must not write off universities.

Big Brother isn’t the reason you’re not free to do what you want with your life; capitalism is.

Origins of ‘eh’: How 2 little letters came to define Canadians.

How the Growth of E-Commerce Is Shifting Retail Jobs.

In World’s Best-Run Economy, House Prices Keep Falling — Because That’s What House Prices Are Supposed To Do.

France will ‘ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040.’

No matter how many hours of Orphan Black you watch, and no matter how aware you are of the behind-the-scenes machinations that allow one performer to interact with multiple versions of herself, there are still stretches when you forget that almost every clone on the show is played by the same actress. If I hadn’t read about the show in advance, I wouldn’t have realized this for a while.

At the boundary between chaos and order, order rules (eventually).

Solving the heroin overdose mystery: how small doses can kill.

Billionaires dream of immortality. The rest of us worry about healthcare.

The Good Guy with a Gun Theory, Debunked.

This is how Big Oil will die.

July 6, 2017

In North Korea, ‘Surgical Strike’ Could Spin Into ‘Worst Kind of Fighting.’

The Media’s Unacceptable Silence on the Republican Health Care Bill.

These lifetable simulations are based on WHO consensus estimates for the mortality risk ratio related to long-term exposures and suggest an average loss of life expectancy of 9–11 years for an annual air pollution exposure increase of 10 ugPM2.5/m3.

Why the Media Really Hates ‘War Machine.’

The Democratic Party’s Deadly Dead-End.

Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau: when brutal neoliberalism tries to re-brand itself through fresh faces.

The tech industry after Moore’s Law.

Antitrust and the Marketplace of Ideas.

Phylogenomics reveals rapid, simultaneous diversification of three major clades of Gondwanan frogs at the Cretaceous–Paleogene boundary. Asteroid go boom, frog evolution go zoom.

July 5, 2017

Why not put music at the heart of education?

In Neanderthal DNA, Signs of a Mysterious Human Migration.

Car buyers stretch loan payments to record lengths to get in pricier vehicles. That will end well.

Acting is amazing. Emilia Clarke is said to be a bad actress, but Daenerys is supposed to be repressed, closed off, in control — and that’s exactly how she plays it. See how different she is when not being Daenerys?

Sessions and Trump can’t stop criminal justice reform.

Echoes of Wall Street in Silicon Valley’s grip on money and power.

The early mathematical education of Ada Lovelace.

Bird Predation By Praying Mantises: A Global Perspective.