July 10, 2019

People in Japan are renting cars but not driving them.

Adaptation to the Suicidal Niche.

“Moderates” Do Not Have A Story Worth Telling.

Decades-long butterfly study shows common species on the decline. Our philosophy of “kill everything” is not going to work out so well for us.

New Footage Shows Just How Alarmingly Fast an Arctic Island Is Crumbling Into the Sea. Everything is fine. It’s fine. It’s fine I tell you!

The only people who understand how politics works are Evangelicals. They don’t vote on identity. They vote on issues.

Zoom Lets Websites Start Filming You Without Your Consent, Even on Windows.

The ‘Platform’ Excuse Is Dying. For years, tech companies have relied on a rhetorical sleight of hand. It’s not working anymore.

July 9, 2019

The Young Hands That Feed Us. An estimated 524,000 children work unimaginably long hours in America’s grueling agricultural fields, and it’s all perfectly legal. This is one of the reasons for the hard push for open borders…got to keep the chattel, err, I mean “workers” coming.

Ancient life awakens amid thawing ice caps and permafrost.

America’s FBI Is Running Facial Recognition Searches On Millions of Driver’s License Photos.

Global population of eight billion and growing: we can’t go on like this. According to left Twitter, caring about population at all is eugenics. According to me, they are freakin’ morons.

What We Have Learned About Intel ME Security In Recent Years.

Why is Nancy Pelosi slamming AOC and helping Trump? That’s what she’s paid (by corporations) to do.

How an app made hiking easier – with unintended consequences.

Algorithmic Governance and Political Legitimacy.

The California coast is disappearing under the rising sea. Our choices are grim.

Russian servicemen ‘averted planetary catastrophe’ during nuclear submarine accident, military official claims at funeral.

Pennsylvania Republican Lawmakers Move to Strip Reformist Prosecutor Larry Krasner of Authority.

‘Worst Olympian ever’: how a young skier triumphed over trolls. I kind of love her now.

Area Man Always Thought He’d Squander His Life Differently.

July 8, 2019

Researchers have demonstrated a method for getting high-energy photons striking silicon to kick out two electrons instead of one, opening the door for a new kind of solar cell with greater efficiency than was thought possible.

Like the kid in the back of the classroom tossing spitballs and making fart sounds, a journal of subversive humor is funny only if there’s someone up front attempting to maintain order.

Haunted by the Reagan era. Past defeats still scare older Democratic leaders — but not the younger generation. Democrats do not want to lead. Modern Dems are there to control the left, not defeat the right.

Artificial waiting in user interfaces.

Don’t Count on U.S. Regulators to Make Self-Driving Cars Safe for Pedestrians. They haven’t bothered to do that with SUVs.

One climate crisis disaster happening every week, UN warns.

Portal axle.

Entitled Burger King Employee Wants $15 An Hour Just For Dealing With Worst Of America Every Day.

Republican lawmakers introduce bills to curb protesting in at least 18 states.

Apple: Misunderstanding Design And Jony Ive’s Role.

Exercise-induced enhancement of synaptic function triggered by the inverse BAR protein, Mtss1L. In mice, but good chance of this working similarly in humans too.

July 7, 2019

Welcome to the K-12 Surveillance State.

We Need Insects More Than They Need Us.

Don’t Pay Off Other People’s Debts After They Die.

Amid scrutiny over 737 Max, Boeing to replace 900 inspectors. And union is not happy.

Sci-Fi Author Ted Chiang on Our Relationship to Technology, Capitalism, and the Threat of Extinction.

Hell Breaks Loose. Searching for hope in a blazing world.

Committed emissions from existing energy infrastructure jeopardize 1.5 °C climate target. Translation out of scientist-ese: we won’t come anywhere close to hitting the target and we’re fucked.

A senior member of the union representing Boeing’s engineers says Boeing’s cost-cutting culture is to blame for production problems with the 737 MAX and other planes.

Progressive Boomers Are Making It Impossible For Cities To Fix The Housing Crisis. “Progressive.”

Obesity now causes more cases of some cancers than smoking.

Why Big Brother Doesn’t Bother Most Chinese. For now at least, citizens are embracing social-credit systems that can establish greater trust between people and businesses.

July 6, 2019

How Poppy Northcutt became the first woman in the Apollo mission control room.

Astronauts Aren’t Dying From Space Radiation, New Research Suggests.

Raising the American Weakling. There are two very different interpretations of our dwindling grip strength.

Meat Supplementation Improves Growth, Cognitive, and Behavioral Outcomes in Kenyan Children.

Is Meat The Problem Or Is It The Over-Production Of Grain? I hadn’t thought about it this way. Yes, eating less meat might be better for the planet but if you think that’s why large corporations care about it, you are f’in crazy.

Vertical Farms: Thermodynamic Nonsense. I had never worked out the numbers before, but these intuitively seemed like garbage ideas to me from the jump.

The hired hand.

Study finds that air pollution may offset health benefits of walkable cities.

Almost a Third of World’s Top VPNs Are Secretly Owned By Chinese Firms, Study Finds.

July 5, 2019

Just 77 companies are powering the global stock market rally. The median global firm with less than $5 billion in market value is down roughly 5% on the year.

Politics Is Changing; Why Aren’t the Pundits Who Cover It?

Where matters: Study shows positive health outcomes in walkable, park-rich neighbourhoods.

The Gap Between Rich And Poor Americans’ Health Is Widening.

Study suggests surgery alternative for rotator cuff pain: push-ups, pull-ups.

If You Want Me To Stop Saying ‘Like,’ Stop Interrupting Me. Your problems with the way women speak may, in fact, be your own fault.

2 Billion Records Exposed In Massive Smart Home Device Breach.

Woman Accused Of Turning In Domestic Abuser Husband’s Guns To The Police Will Face Misdemeanor Charge.

The World’s Second-Largest Rainforest Is Losing the Carbon It’s Held for a Thousand Years.

Why are Guatemalans seeking asylum? US policy is to blame.

Ten common myths about bike lanes – and why they’re wrong.

Software woven into wire: Core rope and the Apollo Guidance Computer.

July 4, 2019

‘If Grandma Is on the Table, No One Will Blink at the Price’: A Former Drug Company Manager Explains Industry Price-Setting.

Do you really need microservices? For most, no. Waste of time and effort, and godawful slow.

June was hottest month ever recorded on Earth, European satellite agency announces.

Modernization Theory Never Dies.


One of the most misleading ideas in the liberal-empiricist pantheon is the idea that public language merely encodes pre-existing thoughts or ‘mental representations’ so that we can communicate them. This is perhaps the ultimate act of concealment of authority.

These days, it seems as if everything in the world conspires against human flourishing.

Boeing Pilots Flagged Software Problems on Jets Besides 737 Max.

The case for diet soda: It gets a bad rap, but the research tells a different story.

Analysis says we need to stop building fossil fuel plants now.

The New Deal solidified capitalist democracy in the United States. The country has swung between hints of social democracy and free market absolutism ever since.

When convenience meets surveillance: AI at the corner store. Noticed a store I went to recently was doing obvious facial recognition at the registers.

Among women, in same-sex groups, a tendency toward mutual distrust and competition was revealed more often than among men.

What You Lose When You Gain a Spouse. What if marriage is not the social good that so many believe and want it to be?

The leftist narrative on immigration is so completely insane that only complete lemmings can take it seriously. Well, it’s a species of deep religious belief, so it’ll never make sense.

Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing. Magic in tech form.

New-Vehicle Sales Fall to 1999 Levels: How to Grow Revenues After 20 Years of Stagnation (Yup, You Guessed It).

The Spirit of the Century: Fritz Leiber’s “Smoke Ghost.”

Amazon confirms it keeps your Alexa recordings basically forever. What kinda mook uses anything like this?

Too Many Companies Drain Value From the Economy.

India staring at a water apocalypse. It’s not going to be possible for 500 million plus people to migrate. They will just die, being completely realistic.

Is Angular Momentum truly fundamental?

Why Model?

Participation in ANY retirement plan by the “Bottom 50” FELL between 2010 and 2016.

ADP Employment Data Disappoints (Again) As Small Business Continue Shedding Jobs.

Overall, trigger warnings appear to have little impact on affect or learning, but they do increase people’s belief that warnings are necessary for sensitive topics. Advertisements for conscientiousness are not totally worthless, but the sanctimony is what kills it.

July 3, 2019

What is the Probability of a Nuclear War? Over a long time scale, 100%.

Who Should Live in Flooded Old New York? Residents of the drowned city remain illegally, and have nowhere else to go.

The candidates want the borders open until that glorious day when we transform Latin America’s nations so that its people no longer wish to migrate to America. This is delusional.

The convoy phenomenon.

Alcohol causes significant harm to those other than the drinker.

How you and your friends can play a video game together using only your minds.

New Studies Show Pundits Are Wrong About Russian Social-Media Involvement in US Politics.

The least affluent 70 percent of American households had less wealth at the end of 2018 than at the beginning of 2007. But it’s all good, because Kevin Drum says so.

Neanderthals glued their tools together. The 55,000- to 40,000-year-old stone tools still carry traces of resin adhesive.

What Democrats Don’t Get About the Republican Party.