February 28, 2015

Not Seasonally-Adjusted CPI.

College can be a good place to park smart people until they find something productive to do.

Literally Imperfect.

How Mice Turned Their Private Paradise Into A Terrifying Dystopia.

The Forgotten Climate Apocalypse Of 1783.

Like People, Bees Can Be Fooled by False Memories.

What is the oldest city in the world?

When men complain about women.

If you’ve ever seen horror movies involving creepy porcelain dolls with chalk-white skin and dark red splotches on their cheeks, you’ve seen the last remnant of the fashion of the 1700s.

February 27, 2015

▶ Tropical Bowl.

The simple reason Walmart & TJ Maxx are handing out raises — people are quitting.

Too easy.

Mac OS X Isn’t Safe Anymore: The Crapware / Malware Epidemic Has Begun.

The Hazards of Helen.

What this means is that the decision of the European Central Bank to not engage in massive debt forgiveness and money printing condemns a significant portion of the Eurozone to utter impoverishment.

Infinity Is a Beautiful Concept – And It’s Ruining Physics.

Yes, You’re Irrational, and Yes, That’s OK.

Color and the making of gender in early childhood.

11 Most Useless And Misleading Infographics On The Internet.

February 26, 2015

FCC overturns state laws that protect ISPs from local competition.

American Christians may dislike “Islam,” but they share a lot of opinions with the radical Islamic group “Boko Haram,” a name that itself translates into “education is forbidden.”

Diverse Casts Deliver Higher Ratings, Bigger Box Office: Study.

The girl who gets gifts from birds.

Who Controls Federal Public Lands? All Americans or a Handful of Welfare Ranchers?

Psychology Journal Bans Significance Testing.

Pricing American Women Out Of Abortion, One Restriction At A Time.

It’s Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy.

American women between the ages of 25 and 54… are now less likely to be employed or on the job market than women in much of the developed world. On that score, we’re closer to Japan, a country still trying to overcome its history of hostility toward women in the workplace.

The aesthetics of clean energy.

An Unhappy Meal.

Radical individualism.

February 25, 2015

Stop Blowhard Syndrome.

Biologists lift lid on eyelash mystery.

Mobile homes are the single largest source of unsubsidized affordable housing in the U.S.

A DNA analysis of a hybrid fern shows that its parents are two different species separated by nearly 60 million years of evolution.

Day dreaming helps the mind in doing complex tasks later.

5 Women Cut from Pop Culture History for Being Too Important.

We take ourselves so seriously that we attack allies over minor foibles. Patricia Arquette backstage at the Oscars, for instance.

Yo-yo dieting better than staying obese. Note: too-small sample size and done on mice, however cohort studies show same results for humans.

We can see, then, that consent — even enthusiasm — of the exploited is not necessarily a useful paradigm for evaluating whether that exploitation is moral.

The key here is psychological. Greeks need to admit that their fellow Europeans do not care how badly they suffer; need to acknowledge that they are not seen as Europeans by their fellow Europeans, and need to look East and South for their survival and future prosperity.

February 24, 2015

APOD: 2014 September 9 – An Aurora Cupcake with a Milky Way Topping.

When it’s illegal to live with your friends….

Lots of users mean languages gain more words.

Getting nowhere fast: How having more stuff is eating up all the gains from being more efficient.

Knowledge Isn’t Power.

Com­put­ers have none of the me­chan­i­cal lim­i­ta­tions of type­writ­ers. So the ty­po­graphic short­cuts that were a nec­es­sary evil with type­writ­ers are like­wise ob­so­lete. Why per­pet­u­ate them?

Glenn Greenwald blasts Hillary Clinton: “The ultimate guardian of bipartisan status quo corruption.”

February 23, 2015

The Tragedy of the Commons in the Rentier Mind.

How ‘Defensive Architecture’ Is Ruining Our Cities.

The Changing Nature of Middle-Class Jobs.

Why Do Americans Feel Entitled to Tell Poor People What to Eat?

Science not a branch of mathematics.

Comodo “security” company ships Adware Privdog worse than Superfish.

The World’s Most Idiotic Copyright Complaint.

Women are leaving the tech industry in droves.

In Corporate Crimes, Individual Accountability Is Elusive.

Samsung lied — its smart TV is indeed spying on you and it is doing nothing to stop that.

Ah, Meetings.

Despite the ridiculous conservative idea of the rugged individualist, humans would have gone extinct long ago if they did not work in collectives.

How the NSA’s Firmware Hacking Works and Why It’s So Unsettling.

February 22, 2015

I shall a glow emit. Frickin’ genius.

Fifty Shades of sexual assault.

Feminist writers are so besieged by online abuse that some have begun to retire.

The opposite of an idiot.

In Service Sector, No Rest for the Working.

You Can Spend $750 in International Data Roaming in One Minute on AT&T.

The constant sarcasm of the hipster is just a cover for her cowardliness. Good eulogy for David Foster Wallace.

Geomorphogenesis: Screen Prints by Marie Elaine Lalonde.


The Rise of the Reactress. Why do so many roles for women this year involve suffering for the sake of men, and little else?

​Our Galaxy May Be Littered With Dying Earths.

Pirate Bay Mods Are Back on Board for Massive Cleanup.

February 21, 2015

Cerf Warns Of A ‘Lost Century’ Caused By Bit Rot; Patents And Copyright Largely To Blame.

Why the Euro will ultimately fail.

The euro is a project to roll back social democracy and to reimpose the “discipline of the market” on the state — or in other words to restore the logic of the gold standard.

Could we stop the anti-vaxxers if we said measles contains gluten?

Atmospheres of the Solar System.

Your DNA is everywhere. Can the police analyze it?

February 20, 2015

Google and blogs: “Shit.”

Does Anyone Actually Want Good Software?

‘Adult Wednesday Addams’ Is Simply Incredible.

We don’t need more STEM majors. We need more STEM majors with liberal arts training.

Evolution ‘favours bigger sea creatures.’

To the true conservative, life is not a game. There are resources. We need to use them to feed and cloth and house ourselves. Beyond that, everything else should be used to live as pleasantly and meaningfully as possible.

That these critiques treat a carefully engineered Harper Collins bestseller as an authentic account of its putative author’s inner life is rather remarkable.

When One Penalty Is Enough.

You’re also finding out something as you read vitally important for making your way in the world. And it’s this: The world doesn’t have to be like this. Things can be different.

A limerick.

February 19, 2015

In praise of artistic theft. Tom Petty knows what many don’t—that appropriation and originality can’t be separated.

Our embarrassing, servile media: Does the New York Times just print everything the government tells it?

AT&T’s gigabit service will cost the same as Google’s…but AT&T is charging customers an extra $29 a month if they want to opt out of the company’s “Internet Preferences” program, which tracks “the webpages you visit, the time you spend on each, the links or ads you see and follow, and the search terms you enter.”

Alien star system buzzed the Sun.

Lenovo Caught Installing Adware On New Computers. That ain’t just adware, that’s a MITM w/ proxy. Pure evil.

Shade the planet? The dangers are in the details.

language evolves.

That Time Listerine Claimed It Was Good For Cleaning the Vagina.

The Drip-Drip Theory of Getting Fitted Into Gender Roles.

I think what bothers me the most about a lot of the negative press surrounding Jupiter Ascending is that we’re basically busting on it for not being for boys.

February 18, 2015

The Keys to the Internet.