August 31, 2014

We can’t let tech giants, like Facebook and Twitter, control our news values.

Mozambique Diary: Webspinners.

Against Empathy.

Two Countries, Two Vastly Different Phone Bills.

Sale of the century: the privatisation scam.

Can the World Really Set Aside Half of the Planet for Wildlife? Can it? Yes. Will it? No.

If a problem seems scary and hard to solve, many people will just avoid thinking about it.

August 30, 2014

I Went From Grad School to Prison.

Calypso’s Island: A Short History of the Apocalypse.

The genetic prehistory of the North American Arctic.

Paratroopers miraculously survive after terrifying midair collision. Seen that happen in person.

Poll: Most Americans Want to Criminalize Pre-Teens Playing Unsupervised.

Parasitic Plant Strangleweed Injects Host With Thousands Of Its Own Expressed Genes.

Cable companies want to stop the best internet in America from growing.

A study of 50,000 people in Italy concludes that online social networks have a significant negative impact on individual welfare.

Supercomputers make discoveries that scientists can’t.

August 29, 2014

The Glorification of White Crime.

Pink spoons.

This Economy Is Ruined For Everyone.

Good on California for passing an “affirmative consent” standard for sexual assault for schools.

The Expanding World of Poverty Capitalism.

11 Ways to Solve Rape Better than Nail Polish.

Do not buy oceanfront property.

Another YA novel.

If You Want to See Inequality in the U.S. at Its Worst, Visit an Impound Lot.

If You Think the Water Crisis Can’t Get Worse, Wait Until the Aquifers Are Drained.

August 28, 2014

objectification and its effects on women.

Let’s be clear about this: Russia is invading Ukraine right now.

What India Can Teach Silicon Valley About Its Gender Problem.

Ikea’s Simulacrum.

An Alleged Sex Scandal in the Gaming World Has Brought Out the Worst in Its Young Men.

Breakfast isn’t as important as you’ve been told.

Comcast says it has to smother competition to protect poor people.

As Police Get More Militarized, Bill In Congress Would Make Owning Body Armor Punishable By Up To 10 Years In Prison.

August 27, 2014

Sliding Rocks on Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park: First Observation of Rocks in Motion.

Quantum mechanics lets you image an object with photons that never hit it.

How Social Media Silences Debate.

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin.

August 24, 2014

US households currently have an all-time high $82 trillion in overall wealth. If that wealth were spread out evenly, every US household would now have $712k.

August 20, 2014

This blog will be on hiatus while I do other stuff. About a week, most likely.

Maximize Content-to-Chrome Ratio, Not the Amount of Content on Screen.

Daisy’s Dead Air: Tales from the Swamp.

Careless discussion of epigenetic research on how early life affects health across generations could harm women.

Last year, in total, British police officers actually fired their weapons three times. The number of people fatally shot was zero.

Police are operating with total impunity in Ferguson.

The Clearest Trend in the American Workforce Is Not an Encouraging One.

The people designing your cities don’t care what you want. They’re planning for hipsters.

The Pizza Belt: the Most Important Pizza Theory You’ll Read.

August 19, 2014

Sexist pigs and zero sum games.

Postal banking already worked in the USA and it will work again.

A World of Creatures That Hide in the Open.

How much does an EU cow earn?

Don’t Let Rich People Own Apartments They Don’t Live In.

Every American town should do what Rockport, Maine and Chattanooga, Tennessee have done and build a publicly-owned fiber-optic network. If they can’t afford to do that, the state or federal government should step in and help them finish the job, just like we did with electric power in the 1930s.

August 18, 2014

Policing by consent.

Two spaces after a period: Why you should never, ever do it.

Gynaephora groenlandica.

Insect that ekes out a living in Antarctica has tiny genome.

Recent Urban Floods: A simple equation.

How air conditioning remade modern America.

Toy Soldiers.

Electron spin changes during general anesthesia in Drosophila.

NSA BIOS Backdoor a.k.a. God Mode Malware Part 1: DEITYBOUNCE.

Tony Abbott’s push to ditch renewables could hand coal and gas industry $10bn.

August 17, 2014

How The NSA Bypasses and Subverts Online Encryption. In other words, SSL does not make you safe.


Confederate States of mind.

Regulations For Your Rage.

Menu Speak.

Yubari, Japan: a city learns how to die.

Why Vaccine and GMO Denial Should be Treated Equally.

Three quarters of Americans do not feel confident that their children will have a better life than they do.

August 16, 2014

The Case Against Homework.

No, Dystopian Sci-Fi Isn’t Bad for Society. We Need It More Than Ever.


Scientific Inference Via Statistical Rituals.

GM mosquitoes a ‘quantum leap’ towards tackling malaria.

Where We Came From, State by State.

August 15, 2014

Many Women Leave Engineering, Blame The Work Culture.

Japan’s Economy Shrinks the Most Since 2011 Quake on Tax.


Absurd Creature of the Week: Voracious Velvet Worm Ensnares Foes With Jets of Slime.

Want an armored personnel carrier for your police force? Just fill out this one-page form.

Dust from beyond our solar system fell to Earth from space probe.

Utopian for Beginners.


Lucky Duckies and Fortunate Sons.

Why Obama’s statement on reporters’ arrests in Ferguson is hypocritical.

Police in Ferguson may look like soldiers, but their tactics wouldn’t pass US Army muster.

August 14, 2014

Big Thinking About ObamaCare: Wednesday Focus for August 6, 2014.

How To Cross 5 International Borders In 1 Minute Without Sweating. Not using an SR-71A Blackbird, that is.

How I Used Writing to Double My Freelancing Rate As A Programmer.

 Two out of every 5 Americans expected to develop type 2 diabetes during their lifetime.

CO Republican: Fracking is okay, it’s natural for water to burn. ‘Indians’ used it for warmth.

August 13, 2014

Silence is Not an Option.

Meet the First Woman to Win Math’s Most Prestigious Prize.

How to build a supermassive black hole in less than a billion years.

Something is amiss with the Interwebs! BGP is a flapping.

August 12, 2014

The Fields Medal was won by a woman, Maryam Mirzakhani!

In the end, we’ve learned a valuable lesson: don’t poison your kids.