April 30, 2024

First post: A history of online public messaging.

Gen Z job seeker refused to do 90-minute task because it ‘looked like a lot of work’—now the CEO who complained about it is being slammed. I also would not do this.

Class of 2024, It’s Not in Your Head: The Job Market Is Tough.

This Isn’t the China I Remember.

Judge Tosses Out Many Of The Remaining Charges Against Backpage’s Michael Lacey.

Americans might finally get a real privacy law to fight Big Tech intrusions.

In a ‘meat grinder’ of a war, Russian and Ukrainian casualties rise.

April 29, 2024

Swimming and spinning aquatic spiders use slick survival strategies.

Lost opportunity: We could’ve started fighting climate change in 1971.

NASA still doesn’t understand root cause of Orion heat shield issue.

How we all got into debt. Consumer debt shapes American lives so thoroughly that it seems eternal and immortal, but it’s actually relatively new to the financial world.

Investing in Distress. Tax lien investing allows hedge funds and private equity firms to exploit mostly poor, elderly Black and Latino homeowners, leveraging the machinery of local tax enforcement.

When It Comes to TikTok, the World’s Democracies Have Played the Sucker for Far Too Long.

What America needs to do now on national security.

April 28, 2024

Fed’s Wait-and-See on Rate Cuts Further Supported by Extra-Hot “Core Services” PCE Inflation & Hot “Core” PCE Inflation. “Transitory.”

Southern California woman pleads guilty in $150-million counterfeit postage scheme.

Discussing Sonia Sotomayor’s retirement is not sexist – it’s strategic.

Feds say he masterminded an epic California water heist. Some farmers say he’s their Robin Hood.

People Are Slowly Realizing Their Auto Insurance Rates Are Skyrocketing Because Their Car Is Covertly Spying On Them.

Chuckwalla National Monument would protect swath of California desert and preserve a sacred land.

April 27, 2024

Stop Using Your Face or Thumb to Unlock Your Phone. Indeed. Terrible fucking idea.

1994 Was the Last Good Year—and It’s Still Going.

20% of grocery store milk has traces of bird flu, suggesting wider outbreak. The milk is still considered safe, but disease experts are alarmed by the prevalence.

April 24, 2024

No one buys books.

Digitized Continuous Magnetic Recordings for the August/September 1859 Storms From London, UK.

NASA officially greenlights $3.35 billion mission to Saturn’s moon Titan.

Daily Telescope: The ambiguously galactic duo.

The Man Who Killed Google Search.

After Months of Gibberish, Voyager 1 Is Communicating Well Again.

April 23, 2024

Scam World.

ChatGPT is dumber than it looks.

Welcome to the Golden Age of User Hostility.

Our recent study using data from more than 20 million participants has shown that COVID-19 vaccines consistently prevent long COVID symptoms in adults.

Do Not Make Survival Even More Difficult for People on the Streets.

Comparing Gray-Zone Tactics in the Red Sea and the South China Sea.

Why Did Cars Get So Expensive?

The Housing Shortage Is Hurting Almost Every Part of the Economy.

April 22, 2024

Humans Sheltered in This Lava Tube for Thousands of Years.

Household Size and the Housing Stock.

Cosmic rays streamed through Earth’s atmosphere 41,000 years ago: New findings on the Laschamps excursion.

Work advice I wished I knew earlier.

Why Is the Federal Reserve Always Surprised by Inflation? “Transitory.”

Does light itself truly have an infinite lifetime?

No birdsong, no water in the creek, no beating wings: how a haven for nature fell silent.

50 Years Later, This Apollo-Era Antenna Still Talks to Voyager 2.

Two lifeforms merge in once-in-a-billion-years evolutionary event.

Alzheimer’s risk associated with stressful life events during childhood and midlife, study finds.

April 20, 2024

Home Sales Clobbered by Mortgage Rates. New Listings & Active Listings Surge. Most Price Reductions for any March in Years.

Feathers Are One of Evolution’s Cleverest Inventions.

What Myths About the Anthropocene Get Wrong.

My Comments Are in the Google Doc Linked in the Dropbox I Sent in the Slack.

Five things to be optimistic about in America today.

The Pentagon Wants to Give Defense Startups a Chance.

Crunching worms, squeaking voles, drumming ants: how scientists are learning to eavesdrop on the sounds of soil. The sound of soilence.

‘An Exciting Challenge’: NASA Plans Rare Repair Spacewalk to Fix Busted Telescope.

Hospital prices for the same emergency care vary up to 16X, study finds.

Some plant-based steaks and cold cuts are lacking in protein, researchers find.

AI Flew X-62 VISTA During Simulated Dogfight Against Manned F-16.

The cost of owning a home is officially the highest on record, Redfin says. Here’s how bad it is out there.

Why are American roads so dangerous?

Exposure to Poor People Weakens Support for Redistribution among the Rich.

April 19, 2024

The Forgotten War on Beepers.

Mortgage Rates over 7% and Heading Higher, Housing Market Still Frozen, Lots of Buyers on Strike as Prices Still Too High.

How did life on Earth begin? Cracks may have been the key.

Months of Job Cuts Leave Some Workers Scarred by Multiple Layoffs.

Everything We Can’t Describe in Music. The terroir of sound, timbre’s role has always been underrated, or even ignored, because it’s so intangible.

2 Years on, Ukraine’s Sinking of the Moskva Intrigues China’s Naval Strategist.

How the Sewol Sinking Changed South Korea.

Climate damages by 2050 will be 6 times the cost of limiting warming to 2°.

A narco revolt takes a once-peaceful nation to the brink.

Dozens of Ukrainian children abducted by Russia found in Germany – National Police.

NASA’s downed Ingenuity helicopter has a ‘last gift’ for humanity — but we’ll have to go to Mars to get it. Sign me up.

Wall Street Steered Billions to Blacklisted Chinese Companies, House Probe Finds.

Our Uniquely American Drug Shortages. More drugs are in short supply than ever before. We’ve known the reason why for a long time: monopolistic middlemen.

Ukraine cannot fight evil with empty hands.

Dropbox’s CEO says managers mandating returns to the office are just ‘mashing the go-back-to-2019 button’ and creating toxic relationships with staff.

We Need To Rewild The Internet.

Force de dissuasion.

April 18, 2024

The economic research policymakers actually need.

Higher education was easily accessible to disabled people during Covid. Why are we being shut out now? MBA thinking.

Trader Joe’s and Starbucks are helping Elon Musk undermine the US government.

Why America fell for guns.

The Right Won’t Admit the Comstock Act Would Mean Arrests for Abortion.

Cold Coulomb crystals, cosmic clues: Unraveling the mysteries of space chemistry.

Why a $100,000 income no longer buys the American Dream in most places.

April 17, 2024

How to keep Earth from being cooked by the ever-hotter Sun. Here are two options for future humans to keep us in the habitable zone.

$1 million homes are now ‘typical’ in a record number of U.S. cities, analysis finds. Here’s where they are.

Our Drunken Sailors Binge despite Higher Interest Rates, and the Fed Watches them Nervously.

To Build Muscle, It’s the Sets That Count. Be sure to practice safe sets.

China, Russia and Iran Are Reviving the Age of Empires.

Revealed: how companies made $100m clearing California homeless camps.

New report estimates U.S. fraud losses exceed $233 billion annually.

China’s Punishment for People With Bad Debts: No Fast Trains or Nice Hotels.

Democrats Must Start Distinguishing Themselves on Insurance Policy. Amid a crisis for homeowners, Democrats have done little while Republicans pursue an agenda of bailouts and deregulation.


They’re Looting The Internet.

Big Tech Is Downsizing Workspace in Another Blow to Office Real Estate.

April 16, 2024

A.I. Made These Movies Sharper. Critics Say It Ruined Them. Damn that is terrible.

The official inflation numbers dont reflect reality. Not even close.

As Predicted, California Has Killed the Rooftop Solar Market, Now the State Supreme Court May Step In. Complete fucking idiocy.