September 30, 2022

What Ted Cruz and Tucker Carlson Don’t Understand About War. On the modern battlefield, brains and adaptability yield far better results than ruthless brutality does.

Why Moral Panic About the Sanctity of Strangers’ Marriage Is Actually Feminist.

Chips are the new oil. There are no reserves.

The War in Ukraine is Going to Get Scarier.

Used cars have become unaffordable.

Laid-Off Workers Hired Quickly by Other Companies: This Labor Market Is Astonishingly Strong, Fuel for Fed Inflation Worries.

The Era of Fast, Cheap Genome Sequencing Is Here.

How the EU got its mojo back.

Neon is making a comeback. Good.

FDA’s rotten definition of “healthy” food is finally getting tossed.

September 29, 2022

The 90km journey that changed the course of the war in Ukraine.

Ultra-diffuse galaxy F8D1 has a giant tidal tail, observations find.

An electric car has about half the carbon footprint of a conventional car.

Remote working may be a win-win for employers, employees and — even the economy.

Collecting Vernacular Photography.

The ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ Is Not the Oldest Surviving Work of Literature.

The electric push button, the now mundane-seeming interface between human and machine, was originally a spark for wonder, anxiety, and social transformation.

September 28, 2022

Last War Brain. On both Russia and inflation, many Americans are stuck in the 2000s.

Physicists Rewrite a Quantum Rule That Clashes With Our Universe.

To say U.S. abortion rollbacks are in line with Europe is simply wrong.

Deadlier Than the Titanic: A Ferry Set Out With About 1,900 Aboard. Only 64 Survived.

The negative cost of Net Zero.

Is the world ready for extremely effective weight-loss drugs? A new class of medicines has the potential to permanently change the way America tackles its obesity problem. Fat Acceptance nutters gonna be pissed.

Twilight of Environmental Idols. The problem with environmentalism is not simply that it isn’t up to the task of building a low-carbon future but that it is actively obstructing that future.

Beating climate change absolutely requires new technology. It’s Yglesias, but he’s dead right in this case.

Truss learns the hard way that Britain isn’t America.

September 27, 2022

Vladimir Putin’s ship of fools is sinking fast. Will he take everyone down with him? Ian Welsh: This is what Putin intended all along! Flawless victory!

Wildly Popular And Under Attack: The Political Battle Over America’s Public Lands.

Why Omicron Might Stick Around.

The West is testing out a lot of shiny new military tech in Ukraine.

Each generation thinks they reinvented the world; each generation is mostly wrong.

How abortion rights are upending the US midterm elections.

Billionaire Monopolist Jeff Bezos Is Buying Up Single-Family Homes to Rent-Trap Humanity Forever.

In America, Clean Water Is Becoming a Luxury.

How Americans Got Red Meat Wrong.

Seniors are stuck home alone as health aides flee for higher-paying jobs.

A ‘Nightmare’ for Forecasters: Here’s Why Hurricanes Are Getting Stronger, Faster.

Goldman Sachs Announces They’re Blowing Up A Nursing Home And There’s Nothing Anyone Can Do About It.

No one in physics dares say so, but the race to invent new particles is pointless.

A theory on the function of bullshit jobs: to maintain the illusion of meritocracy and to provide status and prestige for elites.

Back to petticoats: Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban shows GOP longs to force women into the past.

Nanopore-based technologies beyond DNA sequencing.

September 26, 2022

A Complaint Sixty-Five Million Years In The Making.

Don’t Believe the Generals. Afghanistan was a lost war long before last year’s final withdrawal.

It just got harder in California to steal and then sell catalytic converters.

Imagine if every person in the world had the ability, at their arbitrary whim, to anonymously activate your fire alarm inside your home. That is the reality of the telephone. There is nothing quite as rude as the telephone.

50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat.

3x new books added to the Pirate Library Mirror (+24TB, 3.8 million books).

Do Not Bring Your ‘Whole Self’ to Work.

The white, conservative Southern women who asked me to keep their abortions secret. My middle-class evangelical peers quietly took advantage of abortion rights, while publicly advocating against them.

New York City’s Empty Offices Reveal a Global Property Dilemma. The rise of remote work will hurt older buildings, leaving landlords in the lurch. Good.

September 25, 2022

‘I’d rather eat an actual burger’: why plant-based meat’s sizzle fizzled in the US.

How a Hospital Chain Used a Poor Neighborhood to Turn Huge Profits.

They Were Entitled to Free Care. Hospitals Hounded Them to Pay.

Men who get their legs broken to gain height are not entirely mad.

Recession: medicine that’s worse than the disease.

Key Housing Crisis Factor: The Disappearance of Starter Homes in the U.S.

Why professional runners can be disqualified for starting a race after the gun. Judging by my own pretty-fast reaction times, I’d expect really fast people to be capable of around 40 milliseconds or so in perfect conditions.

The Citroën Berlingo 2CV Fourgonnette Is the Best Kind of Retro.

China’s weaknesses increasingly dominate its strengths.

September 24, 2022

The global library is burning.

Why Adults Still Dream About School.

U.S. has sent backchannel warnings to Russia against using nuclear weapons.

Experience: I was attacked by a wild boar while surfing. Ehh…what?

UMD Researcher Develops Nasal COVID Vaccine.

Explaining the mysterious purple gold at Spain’s Alhambra.

This Inflation Will Be Tough to Get under Control.

Remote workers are wasting their time proving they’re actually working.

September 23, 2022

Variability in energy expenditure is much greater in males than females.

Wildfire smoke is unraveling decades of air quality gains.

The Housing Shortage Isn’t Just a Coastal Crisis Anymore.

Rents fell in August for the first time since November 2021, but tenants are still struggling. Here’s why.

Boeing to pay $200 million to settle charges it misled investors following 737 Max crashes, SEC says.

Self-managed abortion with pills: Medically safe, legally risky.

The Disappearing Art Of Maintenance.

September 22, 2022

A return business-class flight on the longest routes, between New York and Sydney, for example, can cost more than $20,000, about double the price from pre-pandemic days.

The Odds of a Bad Outcome are Rising.

Good News for Weary Travelers: Online Passport Renewal Is Coming Your Way.

The Internet Is Not Disneyland; People Should Stop Demanding It Become Disneyland.

Study Shows That Copyright Filters Harm Creators Rather Than Help Them.

“Dr. Doom” Roubini Expects a ‘Long, Ugly’ Recession and Stocks Sinking 40%. Concur.

Putin Is Cornered.

On strike for a better world: Labor conflict is coming — and the ruling class will fight back hard.

Astronomers find the death cry of a star in a cluster long ago and not so very far away.

Better than Bulgaria but not as nice as Cuba: how did the US become such an awful place to live?

Europe just had its hottest summer on record.

The Ragtag Army That Won the Battle of Kyiv and Saved Ukraine.

US installs record solar capacity as prices keep falling.

Killed for Walking a Dog. The mundanity and insanity of gun death in America.

The robots are here. And they are making you fries.

Putin is getting desperate. Ukraine and the West must keep the pressure on.

September 21, 2022

Texas bucked nation’s learning loss trend. No infinite school closures for one.

Lindsay Graham’s national sexual assault law.

New Vehicle Inventory Still Near Record Lows, with Twist: Fuel-Efficient Cars Vanish, Full-Size Pickups Pile Up. Ram, Dodge, Jeep Overstocked.

‘Even those who lost their jobs still brought in enough money to make ends meet’: Pandemic benefits may have helped improve equality in dozens of cities, analysis shows.

If I mention the ‘modern male struggle’, do you roll your eyes? It’s time to stop looking away. The men are not OK.

Fork of the popular “I don’t care about cookies” extension.

Compact electron accelerator reaches new speeds with nothing but light.

Better Products Often Fail.

September 20, 2022

Rome Was His Laboratory.