May 31, 2021

“Causal Inference: The Mixtape.”

Data isn’t oil, whatever tech commentators tell you: it’s people’s lives.

Trials begin on lozenge that rebuilds tooth enamel.

I’m a Pediatrician. Get Your Child Vaccinated.

Our Digital Pasts Weren’t Supposed to Be Weaponized Like This. A recent firing at The Associated Press is the latest example of the way in which our digital pasts are never far from the present, despite what early internet evangelists thought.

It has now been a year and a half since we started living with – and too often dying from – COVID-19. Although the pandemic is by no means over, it is not too soon to take a step back and draw some preliminary conclusions from the experience.

Coding is not ‘fun’, it’s technically and ethically complex. And it also sucks.

Earth’s Underground Worlds May Run on Radioactive Decay. No sunlight, no problem.

Jeff Bezos thinks our cultural heritage is just ‘intellectual property.’ Half the propagandized to all hell motherfuckers in this country think the same too.

The quiet failures of early neoliberalism: From rational expectations to Keynesianism in reverse.

You cannot run a country or a large business with logic alone.

Choosing the Best Business Name.

May 30, 2021

Fed’s Favorite Lowball Inflation Gauge is Red-Hot, Not Seen in Decades, Even Without the “Base Effect.”

How the Liberal Media Dismissed the Lab-Leak Theory and Smeared Its Supporters.

American Democracy Isn’t Dead Yet, but It’s Getting There. A country that cannot even agree to investigate an assault on its Capitol is in big trouble, indeed.

‘Bipartisan’ Is How Republicans Say ‘Sucker!’

Why You Should Wait Out the Wild Housing Market.

The 1,000-Year Secret That Made Betta Fish Beautiful. Scientists found that the fish were gradually domesticated like dog breeds into the beautiful shapes and colors that turn up today in pet stores.

Five easy pieces (for the social sciences).

Study Says Obese People Should Quarantine Longer.

The news media: manufacturing anger, not consent. Herman-Chomsky’s Propaganda model revised.

May 29, 2021

NASA’s Mars helicopter goes on wild ride after navigation error. Alien batting at it.

Left Vows To Topple Patriarchy By Allowing Biological Males To Dominate Women’s Sports.

Rare Vietnam War images from the winning side, 1965-1975.

It is time to clean up the air in buildings.

Racial violence and a pandemic: How the Red Summer of 1919 relates to 2020.

The direction of the GOP poses an enormous challenge for Democrats: How do you deal with an opposition party that is strategically committed to undermining core democratic institutions?

Bosses are acting like the pandemic never happened. The pandemic transformed work. A lot of employers haven’t caught up. Told you so.

New Paper: Why “Intellectual Property” is a Misnomer.

Calutron Girls: 1944.

Making Sense of the Great Whip Spider Boom.

Leaded gas was phased out 25 years ago. Why are these planes still using toxic fuel? Piston-engine aircraft remain the single largest source of highly toxic airborne lead.

Outer Space Should Be Ours to Explore, Not Jeff Bezos’s or Elon Musk’s.

May 28, 2021

People of Color Have Agency. The incredible condescension towards people of color in contemporary liberal culture.

Vaccinate the World! The Best Investment Ever.

Incidents of domestic violence increased in response to stay-at-home/lockdown orders, a finding that is based on several studies from different cities, states, and several countries around the world.

Ohio lawmakers want to abolish vaccine requirements—all vaccine requirements. We have some brilliant people in this country.

Drug Lords Demand Legal Immunity For Their Empire. The Sackler family made billions off the opioid crisis — unless Congress acts quickly, they could now be granted sweeping legal immunity. The rich, face consequences? Not in my oligarchy!

Goodbye to the Future: The Last Days of Tokyo’s Nakagin Capsule Tower. Early attempt at the pod life.

How Finance Sharks Destroy Industries: Chicago Tribune Edition.

Americans Are on the Move. Their Stuff Doesn’t Always Follow. A nationwide moving spree and a shortage of truck drivers are creating challenges, leaving some people to buy or borrow items; ‘We have nothing but two dogs and an AeroBed.’

May 27, 2021

Renewable Energy Is Suddenly Startlingly Cheap. Now the biggest barrier to change is the will of our politicians to take serious climate action.

US joins calls for transparent, science-based investigation into Covid origins. Several countries tell the WHO annual meeting that a new inquiry with new terms of reference must be launched.

Speaking out of turn: How video conferencing reduces vocal synchrony and collective intelligence.

‘Breakthrough’ infections are rare, and just 2% result in COVID-19 deaths, CDC says.

The Families Torn Apart By Vaccine Politics. Their loved ones turned anti-vaxx, then they turned on each other.

Mix-and-match COVID vaccines trigger potent immune response.

Why Corporations Won’t Hire Remote Workers in Colorado. In response to a Colorado state law that requires employers post salary ranges in job postings, companies are simply refusing to consider applicants from the state. Needs to be a nationwide requirement then.

It Turns Out, All Those ‘Woke’ White Allies Were Lying.

U.S., Europe Rise in Best Places to Be in Covid; Asia Suffers. Anywhere not under lockdown and with no masking required is the best place to be.

This morning, I am going to tell you another story about the C.D.C. and its approach to Covid-19 behavioral guidelines. It’s a story that highlights the costs of extreme caution.

May 26, 2021

Scientists find ‘missing link’ behind first human languages. Perhaps.

Emily Wilder, tradition, and the double standards around objectivity.

‘The final straw’: How the pandemic pushed restaurant workers over the edge.

Dr. Fauci drops a bombshell, saying he’s not convinced COVID developed naturally.

In defense of the COVID lockdowns. A well-argued case, and I agree mostly, except we never proceeded beyond this and ignores the vast mental health hit.

Wolves Scare Deer and Reduce Auto Collisions 24%, Study Says.

Painting Trees With Light.

The Economy Is Booming. Why Don’t Firms Believe It?

The politics of everyday life: rest.

Oxygen shortages threaten ‘total collapse’ of dozens of health systems.

Inflation ‘surprises’ are ‘almost off the chart’ as data runs hotter than expected.

Sensor-driven turbine platforms could unlock 4,000 TWh of offshore wind.

May 25, 2021

God, the noise. Reason #1,278,649 why I need my own planet.

The Real Reason Local Newspapers are Dying.

The pandemic has pushed more than 250 public health officials out the door.

I was thinking the other day about some new language we’re all suddenly using. Not new words, but particular phrases. Make space for. And sit with that. And do better. There are a few others that will come to me later, but I ran across a couple of them in a single short piece the other day, and it reminded me how much they bug me.

Long Slide Looms for World Population, With Sweeping Ramifications.

When No Landlord Will Rent to You, Where Do You Go? How extended-stay hotels and motels became the last housing option for thousands of low-income Americans.

Small Businesses Have Surged in Black Communities. Was It the Stimulus?

Eternally five years away? No, batteries are improving under your nose. Under the hood, lithium-ion batteries have gotten better in the last decade.

Deadly Fungi Are the Newest Emerging Microbe Threat All Over the World.

The problem with reinforced concrete.

Ban Big Pickups.

Microscopic fossils record ancient climate conditions.

Despite federal moratorium, eviction rates returning to pre-pandemic levels.

The Mystery of the Watermelon’s Origins May Have Been Solved.

The SUVs and Trucks We Love Are Killing People. I do not love any of them.

May 24, 2021

In Defense of Ethnoscience. It’s a rare essay that can substantially change my mind on a topic.

Explaining HIPAA: No, it doesn’t ban questions about your vaccination status.

Coronavirus infections drop below 30,000 daily in continuing sign of recovery.

Clawing Our Way Back to Reality.

The Inside Story of How Sweden Botched Its Coronavirus Response.

IMF says $50 billion is needed to end Covid pandemic in 2022. This is within $10 billion of what I calculated, and an absolute bargain.

A Brief History Of Gasoline: A Century And A Half Of Lies.

Scientists spot the most energetic light ever seen. They hint the Milky Way galaxy is full of particle accelerators.

Money creation, debt, and justice.

World-Dominating Superstar Firms Get Bigger, Techier, and More Chinese.

Severe dip in labor market participation by women with kids.

COVID-19 Vaccine Makers Are Looking Beyond the Spike Protein.

This may be the most distorted and perverse housing market ever.

Future Myopia. How do you forge a relationship to a past that considered future generations expendable?

May 23, 2021

Why studying Uranus and Neptune could help us find habitable planets in other solar systems.

The US government should buy the Greyhound bus company.

Koch Funded Eviction Push While Buying Real Estate Stakes.

Federally Funded Child Care: A Necessity Now Especially.

A new replication crisis: Research that is less likely to be true is cited more.

More and more Americans are dying from “diseases of despair,” according to a new study.

How Privilege and Capital Warped a Movement. A Series on George Floyd and America.