November 30, 2022

Can Europe keep the lights on?

Hey FDA, Free the Birth Control Pill!

What planting tomatoes shows us about climate change.

Designing Windows 95’s User Interface.

Einstein didn’t think time was an illusion.

Russian Retreat Reveals Signs of an Atrocity in a Ukrainian Village.

A Woman Wanted an Abortion to Save One of Her Twins. She Had to Travel 1,000 Miles.

The Myth of the 25-Year-Old Brain. A powerful idea about human development stormed pop culture and changed how we see one another. It’s mostly bunk.

Robot Landlords Are Buying Up Houses. Companies with deep resources are outsourcing management to apps and algorithms, putting home ownership further out of reach.

It’s Public Land. But the Public Can’t Reach It.

Behavior-changing parasite moves wolves to the head of the pack. A parasite associated with bold behavior is also associated with pack leadership.

What’s the most ridiculous/funny non-IT thing you’ve been asked to do, fix, or were involved in?

‘Pong’ is now half a century old.

One Step Closer to a Universal Flu Vaccine?

November 29, 2022

A City Fights Back Against Heavyweight Cars.

Do Not Use Services That Hate The Internet.

Is the “End of History” back on track?

How the pandemic ended America’s bad romance with work.

Frontend developers: stop moving things that I’m about to click on.

The Spin of a Human Body.

Even if you’re paying for the product, you’re still the product. See all recent Windows releases for examples.

Occupations Associated with SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Vaccination, U.S. Blood Donors, July 2021–December 2021.

The piecemeal evolution of writing.

Report: FTC “likely” to file suit to block Microsoft/Activision merger.

How a Cyberattack Plunged a Long Island County Into the 1990s.

Republicans and billionaires are selling Americans a deadly caricature of “freedom.”

The Death of the Key Change.

A blind spot for attractiveness discrimination.

Comcast’s sneaky Broadcast TV fee hits $27, making a mockery of advertised rates.

November 28, 2022

A man won the legal right to not be ‘fun’ at work. Hero.

Elite Conservatives Have Taken an Awfully Weird Turn.

More employers are demanding workers return to the office as the job market slows. Told ya that was gonna happen. MBAs love butts in seats, despite how unproductive that is.

The U.S. Has Always Known Political Violence, But Seldom Has It been so Pointless.

भुक्त (Bhukt).

Key to the smooth running of democracy is the indifference of much of the population, much of the time.

Poorly equipped German army awaits financial reinforcement from Berlin.

Pandemic ‘immunity gap’ is probably behind surge in RSV cases, scientists say. Covidians cry about the “immunity gap,” but it’s real.

The Exceptionally American Problem of Rising Roadway Deaths.

“Weird Wonder” Fossil Discovery Adds Piece to Puzzle of Arthropod Evolution.

November 27, 2022

Fewer Players, Fewer Homes: Concentration and the New Dynamics of Housing Supply.

Dream homes and disasters: Is the government ready to confront climate risk?

The evolution of whales from land to sea.

Power Imbalances and Sex. Repost, but a worthy one.

Western sanctions catch up with Russia’s wartime economy.

Americans are choosing to be alone. Here’s why we should reverse that.

A ‘no screens’ parenting style can’t exist in a post-COVID world.

November 26, 2022

We now know why black hole jets make high-energy radiation.

U.S. is sending Ukraine $400 million in ammunition and generators.

Has Long COVID Always Existed? The pandemic might not have spawned a new chronic illness but rebranded an old one. Yup.

“Invalid Username or Password”: a useless security measure.

The Tragic Birth of FM Radio.

Adderall shortage puts U.S. on brink of public health crisis.

It’s not your imagination: Shopping on Amazon has gotten worse. Everything on Amazon is becoming an ad.

Thinking about taking your computer to the repair shop? Be very afraid.

Apple is becoming an ad company despite privacy claims.

Six million Americans carried guns daily in 2019, twice as many as in 2015. What a fucked-up country.

De novo origins of multicellularity in response to predation.

Housing Breaks People’s Brains. Supply skepticism and shortage denialism are pushing against the actual solution to the housing crisis: building enough homes.

A particle accelerator that just turned on could reveal rare forms of matter.

Is America’s infatuation with billionaires finally coming to an end?

The Grey Recession. Pensions are supposed to be the most sensible part of the economy, but in an ageing society they are creating new systemic risks.

November 24, 2022

Disinfecting the air with far-ultraviolet light. Devices that use wavelengths of sanitizing ultraviolet light that are safe for people could become a more common sight.

How one man quietly stitched the American safety net over four decades.

It’s not just Trump: Midterms show the religious right is an albatross around the GOP’s neck.

Adderall and amoxicillin shortages raise questions about transparency and accountability in Big Pharma. Oh, it’s not a question. There’s none.

Does Clitoral Knowledge Translate into Orgasm? The Interplay Between Clitoral Knowledge, Gendered Sexual Scripts, and Orgasm Experience.

Help seed Z-Library on IPFS.

Mercedes locks faster acceleration behind a $1,200 annual paywal.

After renegade nurse chops off man’s foot, state finds heap of system failures. Nurse wanted to stuff the amputated foot and use it to scare children. Alrighty then.

November 23, 2022

Buffeted by Economic Woes, U.K. Starts to Look at Brexit With ‘Bregret.’

Hospital Billing Is a Crime Against American Patients.

The population of college-age Americans is about to crash. It will change higher education forever.

Classic joke.

A Year After the Omicron Surge, Officials See a Reduced Covid Threat This Winter.

Have We Been Measuring Housing Inflation All Wrong? Focusing on rents on new leases, as commercial indexes do, gives a better read on price pressures than existing government gauges like CPI.

Major tax-filing websites secretly share income data with Meta.

US Is Focused on Regulating Private Equity Like Never Before. An industry that has long escaped scrutiny in Washington has found agencies slow-walking deals and enforcing long-dormant competition laws.

November 22, 2022

Beware, DeSantis is as much a threat to America as Trump.

Tiny Aerosols Pose a Big Predicament in a Warming World. Fossil fuels are rapidly heating the planet, but their aerosols also help cool it. Just how much, though, is a major uncertainty in climate science.

Turtles Have Been Vocalizing All This Time. Why Did We Not Listen?

Time to start busting trusts again.

What in the World Happened to the Supreme Court? The conservative movement’s decades-long pursuit of the judiciary is now paying off.

So for those of us who grew up in the 80s and early 90s, pop culture had a hard limit of about a decade. Yep.

Was This $100 Billion Deal the Worst Merger Ever?

They’re coming for contraception. They’re coming for IVF. The anti-abortion movement isn’t slowing down. They’re coming for you.

How the forest dies. The Amazon is going dry. In one parched corner, a desperate wait for water is only just beginning.

November 21, 2022

The Mind’s Body Problem. The belief that we’re different from other organisms may be an incurable human illusion.

The Clash Of ‘Civilizational States.’ China and the West affirm each other’s identity.

China Tosses Out the Developed Nation Playbook.

Beyond Meat Is Struggling, and the Plant-Based Meat Industry Worries. Good.

Pelosi Ignored Her Own Caucus on Voting Reform For Years, Allowing States to Restrict Access.

Elon Musk bought and broke Twitter quite intentionally. It was the one remaining places that you could criticize the new American oligarchy with less bullshit and fewer repercussions. Someone gets it.

Wall Street Readies An Avalanche Of Lies.

8 ways to be the absolute worst national park visitor.

The road to low-carbon concrete.

November 20, 2022

The clear message of the midterms: the press is out of touch with the public.

Nutrition labels for broadband internet are finally nearly here.

How many yottabytes in a quettabyte? Extreme numbers get new names.

Home Sales Plunge, Investors Pull Back Too, Prices Drop 8.4% in 4 Months, Active Listings & Price Cuts Rise Further.

Who Do I (Dis)Trust and Monitor for Ethical Misconduct? Status, Power, and the Structural Paradox.