November 13, 2018

What ancient DNA says about us.

Surviving Jonestown.

Submarine to visit deepest parts of the ocean in Five Deeps Expedition.

Making light twist into a bowtie may reveal dark matter.

Americans Demand Their Voices Be Heard And Also Some Kind Of Dessert You Get After Breakfast.

Canada is richer than the US, according to a new wealth ranking — in fact, the US doesn’t even make the top 10.

The needle and the damage done: Another election night ruined by garbage “data journalism.” Not over the twitchy “election needle” from 2016? This year, Nate Silver’s “real-time forecast” was even worse.

It is heartening to know that we essentially have the technology to phase out fossil fuel right now, if we had the political will to do so. Yes. We could be off fossil fuels in 20 years, if the political will to do so existed.

Amazon’s HQ2 Spectacle Should Be Illegal.

They now believe the impact instantly created a crater 30km deep, causing the Earth to act like a pond after a pebble is dropped, rebounding up in the centre to create a mountain – just for a moment – reaching twice the height of Mt Everest, before crashing down.

Three senior living communities in Vermont owned by Dallas private equity firm East Lake Capital have been seized after a state investigation found more than 100 elderly residents were being neglected and, in some cases, weren’t receiving food. America; what a country, where we let private equity firms abuse our elders in the sacred name of profits.

How plants evolved to make ants their servants.

Why We Dread New Software Updates. Because they remove capabilities, steal yet more data, and force interfaces I’d’ve been embarrassed to use as a five-year-old.

November 12, 2018

New Research Shows Vitamin D And Fish Oil Supplements May Not Be Worth It.

Stealthy moths avoid bats with acoustic camouflage.

No More FOMO: Limiting Social Media Decreases Loneliness and Depression.

It ended in 1767, yet this experiment is still linked to higher incomes and education levels today.

A Hundred Years After the Armistice. If you think the First World War began senselessly, consider how it ended.

Econometrics: The Keynes-Tinbergen controversy.

Then, there’s Sephora. Unlike the rest of Silicon Valley’s tech workforce, which is overwhelmingly dominated by white and Asian men, 62% of the LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton-owned cosmetics chain’s IT employees are women.

What DOES Happen When Women Choose The News?

How surveillance capitalism became the pre-eminent business model of Silicon Valley.

Be Afraid of Economic ‘Bigness.’ Be Very Afraid. In the 1930s it contributed to the rise of fascism. Alarmingly, we are experimenting again with a monopolized economy. This is under-examined. Glad there is a mainstream article linking oligopoly and monopoly to fascism.

November 11, 2018

Why the election didn’t matter.

Identification, Characterization, and Heritability of Murine Metastable Epialleles: Implications for Non-genetic Inheritance.

Eyes see 300 images per second : Dragonflies And Damselflies.

ASU geoscientists discover an overlooked source for Earth’s water.

Nate Silver: The modern-day snake oil salesman.

Pundits analyzing Britain’s Leave vote obsess over everything but what mattered: decades of economic decay in declining regions. But the only possible explanation for anything is racism, don’t you get it?

Why I Dread Returning to an American Public School. In Germany, my daughter’s school offered circus lessons. Now I’ll have to sell wrapping paper to keep the gym lights on. Whenever I go to a more civilized country, it’s always a bit of a shock to return to the US.

The Contact Hypothesis is a Mess.

November 10, 2018

US ‘war on terror’ has killed over half a million people: study.

List of instances of AI doing what creators specify, not what they mean.

Scientists Do Too Much Research on the Old Instead of the New. Mostly agreed. But in academia, you are often severely and irreparably penalized for striking out on your own or having unusual ideas.

Statement of Faith.

DNA Testing Reveals Baffling Bird Is Three Species in One. Oh. I thought its name was “baffling bird.” Maybe that’s just the title of its name. Or perhaps that’s just what we call the title of its name. Congratulations, now you understand references and pointers in C.

The UX Uncanny Valley. When users don’t have options, things can get weird.

How many computers are in your computer?

November 9, 2018

The Extremely Fast Peopling of the Americas.

We need an FDA for algorithms.

These Men Ate Poison So You Could Have the FDA.

Big Money—Not Political Tribalism—Drives US Elections.

Aristotle Was Wrong—Very Wrong—But People Still Love Him. Other than as an historical footnote, it is pointless studying Aristotle.

What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer. A lot of alienation and a whole lot of guns.

Laura Levis died outside a Boston-area ER. The doors were locked.

How biologists are creating life-like cells from scratch.

On the Being of Female People.

November 8, 2018

Economic Distress Did Drive Trump’s Win.

American Meritocracy Is Killing Youth Sports. Where “merit” == money.

America Voted. The Climate Lost. Fossil fuel companies spent record amounts to oppose pro-climate ballot initiatives, and it paid off.

Structure of the electron.

The red parts got redder and the blue parts bluer in a midterm election that underscored America’s deep divide.

The Key to a Long Life Has Little to Do With ‘Good Genes.’

Energy cost of ‘mining’ bitcoin more than twice that of copper or gold. I’ve heard stupider ideas that Bitcoin, but not all that many.

How Plants Produce Oxygen Revealed by ‘Tour-de-Force’ Laser Measurement.

The State of the American Debt Slaves, Q3 2018.

Empathy is not in our genes.

November 7, 2018

Learning to Read in Your 30s Profoundly Transforms the Brain.

Gentle reminder: you are a goddamn adult.

Choose: open borders or the welfare State.

Lifting Weights Just Once a Week Can Cut Your Heart Disease Risk in Half.

The Case of Jane Doe Ponytail.

Miranda, the fabulously wealthy composer of the 2015 hip-hop musical Hamilton, is a relic of the pre-Trump era. Hamilton diverted the attention of establishment Democrats at the worst possible time, and it embodied so many of their fatal flaws — a patina of wokeness over a fundamentally conservative message [and] the conspicuous consumption of $1,200 Broadway tickets by people pushing austerity policies.

Sex trafficking.

It’s Time to Stop Using Myers-Briggs at Work. Agreed. This test doesn’t tell you nothing, but doesn’t really predict much in the (often broken) sense that scientists mean, either.

You Can’t Trust BitLocker to Encrypt Your SSD on Windows 10. Much shorter and equally accurate headline could’ve been “You Can’t Trust Windows 10.”

The effect of sexual selection on phenotypic diversification among human populations: a simulation study.

Why Doctors Hate Their Computers. Part of it is that invariably doctors are the worst computer users ever. If you saw the average doctor use a computer, you’d think they have the IQ of a turnip.

Meet Yourself. Tracing the history of humans trying to reduce one another to a personality profile.

A Hopeless Election. No matter the outcome on Tuesday, American politics will only get worse.

How the Jumping Spider Sees Its Prey.

November 6, 2018

The triumph of the liberal technocrats.

How Markets Shape Political Preferences: A Field Experiment.

Why do women live longer than men?

Marie Colvin: What Really Happens in Wars.

For Bay Area sex workers, a new federal law means less safety and more poverty. Anyone who supported FOSTA-SESTA should realize how much dumbassery was involved in that.

Childhood obesity linked to air pollution from vehicles.

The efficiency of worked examples compared to erroneous examples, tutored problem solving, and problem solving in computer-based learning environments.

Explanation Of Board Game Rules Peppered With Reassurances That It Will Be Fun.

November 5, 2018

Science Confirms It: People Are Not Pets.

Economists reverse claims that $15 Seattle minimum wage hurt workers, admit it was largely beneficial.

To be sure, populism, nationalism, and information warfare existed long before the internet. The arc of history doesn’t always bend toward what I think of as progress. Societies regress. The difference now is that all of this is being hosted almost entirely by a handful of corporations.

The Palace and the Storm.

A new, eye-wateringly high estimate of the cost of obesity in the US.

Why Grandmothers May Hold The Key To Human Evolution.

what 16 year olds look like vs what y’all think 16 year olds look like.

Unknowingly on edge of a climate ‘precipice’.

Anti-Vaxxers on the Rise.

Sex in humans may not be binary, but it’s surely bimodal.

Bussed out: how America moves thousands of homeless people around the country.

“We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants into this country,” Obama said. This dynamic has dramatically shifted, as the American left now increasingly sees any level of border enforcement as beyond the pale.

Evolutionary divergence of neuroanatomical organization and related genes in chimpanzees and bonobos.

November 4, 2018

No city is an autarky. For their survival, they rely on the countrysides they conveniently ignore.

Apple Used To Be an Inventor. Now It’s Mainly a Landlord.

As the cost of housing climbs, wages stagnate, and homeownership remains out of reach for so many, the “rent wars” of the early and mid-20th century appear to be coming back.

The Questionable Rewards of a Visit to Inaccessible Island.

Nudity on TV matters, so why are we hiding it?

They are schooled to cheer the dismantling of the nation-state that will make them poorer. But it’s OK because in return they get a sense of moral superiority.

I had to climb only so far up the ivory tower to recognize patterns of abuse that I thought — in my new, secular life — I had left behind. Because academia, I slowly realized, is also a cult.

With Bugs, You’re Never Home Alone.