May 27, 2017

American Guns Are Fueling the Immigration Crisis That Trump Wants to Fix with a Wall.

During a hospital stay, all microbial hell breaks loose between you and the room.

Places other than New York exist, and people do things in them. Shocking to New Yorkers, I know.

For Army Infantry’s 1st Women, Heavy Packs and the Weight of History.

Single-Payer Would Cost A Third of Current Health Care Costs Per Family. Fuck Kevin Drum.

The Case Against Low-fat Milk Is Stronger Than Ever.

GPA’s reward generalists, but the world rewards specialists.

Facebook’s tentacles reach further than you think.

May 26, 2017

The Curious Case of the Disappearing Nuts. Hard case to crack for sure.

The Gatlinburg Wildfires.

I wrote the SQL query in 5 mins. Why does my engineer say it will take a month? Reminds me of the programmers I’ve met (more than one!) who think because they can change the IP on their Windows box, it makes them networking experts.

The p-value reveals almost nothing about the strength of the evidence, yet a p-value of 0.05 has become the ticket to get into many journals.

There are animals that appear to offload part of their mental apparatus to structures outside of the neural system entirely.

The Science Behind the Flamingo’s One-Legged Stance.

When the Patient Is a Gold Mine: The Trouble With Rare-Disease Drugs.

Old legitimate 1000 shilling notes and newer counterfeit 1000 notes are worth about 4 U.S. cents each. Both types of shillings are fungible—or, put differently, they are accepted interchangeably in trade, despite the fact that it is easy to tell fakes apart from genuine notes.

Chrome won.

The Rise of the Liberal Conspiracy Theorist. Louise Mensch’s loony Trump fantasies fill a craving the left didn’t know it had.

A Women-Only Wonder Woman Screening Is Predictably Upsetting Dumb-Ass Sexists.

The Assault on Colleges — and the American Dream. With state funding down, top public colleges are replacing lower-income students with affluent ones.

Trump Wants Families On Food Stamps To Get Jobs. The Majority Already Work.

Jupiter’s interior and deep atmosphere: The initial pole-to-pole passes with the Juno spacecraft.

May 25, 2017

Helping One Million Developers Exit Vim. Vim is the roach motel of text editors.

‘Phenomenology of Illness’ reviewed by Dr Katherine Hall.

Pfizer announces more retractions for sacked lab head Min-Jean Yin.

Our Economic System Causes Spam and Much Else That Hurts Us.

Google and Facebook lobbyists try to stop new online privacy protections.

The Big One is going to happen, no matter how much you want to deny it, California scientists say. Fred Sanford agrees.

What an Attack at an Ariana Grande Show Means for Teen Girls.

Mapping 50 Years of Melting Ice in Glacier National Park.

Renewable Energy Powers Jobs for Almost 10 Million People.

Trump budget director “hopes” millions lose Social Security benefits.

Whipple shield.

This Is the Most Complex Video of a Real Cell Ever Made.

7 Alien ‘Earths’ May Be Swapping Life via Meteorites.

Boston Globe Blocks Readers Using Privacy Modes In Browsers.

Give the US and France and the UK twenty more years of random, periodic carnage and it is likely to produce some results that seem far-fetched now.

Where do numbers come from?

Betsy DeVos would not agree to bar discrimination by private schools that get federal money.

How Do You Count Without Numbers?

May 24, 2017

Race, gatekeepers, and net neutrality. Funny how the “tech nonsense” I was warning everyone about in the 90s — that I was told “didn’t matter at all” — now defines nearly everything.

How Women Mentors Make a Difference in Engineering.

Long exposures of movies with an analog camera.

Alone on the Open Road: Truckers Feel Like ‘Throwaway People.’

Sick of Myself. Algorithmic identity is a means of control and consolation.

Nasa revives ‘weird life forms’ trapped inside crystals for 60,000 years, raising hopes of finding alien organisms in space.

Manchester was an attack on girls. The horror in Manchester shows that what seems to unite men everywhere is the hatred of girls and women.

Mike Pence Asks Waiter To Remove Mrs. Butterworth From Table Until Wife Arrives.

Noam Chomsky Looks at How the System Is Rigged to Ensure That Corporations Always Win.

All Power to the Banks! The Winners-Take-All Regime of Emmanuel Macron. Neolibs have been masterful at giving us evil (Macron, Clinton) vs. even more evil (le Pen, Trump). Except we chose more evil in the US.

Environmentalists Are Ignoring the Elephant In the Room: U.S. Military Is the World’s Largest Polluter.

It’s Time for the Government to Give Everyone a Job.

Communism kills. So does profit-craving capitalism.

May 23, 2017

Ladybugs Pack Wings and Engineering Secrets in Tidy Origami Packages.

Consciousness is not a thing, but a process of inference.

Output Optimum and the Roller Coaster of Immiseration.

In 2016, scientists discovered 18,000 new species. Now meet the Top 10.

The painful truth about teeth. You can work full time but not have the money to fix your teeth – visible reminders of the divide between rich and poor.

Anarchism, work and bureaucracy. An interview with David Graeber.

Windows 10 Enterprise ignores various privacy settings. I found similar things in various tests that I have done for my own purposes.

Catcalling is totally cool with Facebook: 5 highlights from the leaked moderation manual.

Discoveries Fuel Fight Over Universe’s First Light.

The inevitable future of Slack is your boss using it to spy on you.

May 22, 2017

Economic Forecasting Is Still Broken.

The vision of Central Park. Maybe the future is modernized BBSes as the web decays.

Bail Out.

UK switches on the world’s largest wind turbines. A single revolution of their blade can reportedly power one house for 29 hours.

Your Addiction to Social Media Is No Accident. They’re using manipulative tricks from casinos, among other things.

Tinned Pilchards.

The FBI Has a New Plan to Spy on High School Students Across the Country.

The Return of the Repressed.

Jailed for a Facebook post: how US police target critics with arrest and prosecution.

Pilgrim at Tinder Creek.

Social media aggregates interactions between loved ones so that you get industrialized communication rather than personal connection.

Democrats are falling for fake news about Russia.

May 21, 2017

Americans Are Paying $38 to Collect $1 of Student Debt.

Unemployment in the U.S. Is Falling, So Why Isn’t Pay Rising?

When wolves return to the wild, everything changes.

The Dangers of Reading in Bed. In 18th-century Europe, the practice was considered a menace to life and property, but mostly to morals.

Britain would have been safer with Corbyn in charge.

your coworkers are very dramatic.

Yes, Women Have Always Written Space Opera.

The relationship between gesture and thinking/speaking.

Feds admit they used secret anti-terror mass surveillance tool to catch an undocumented waiter.

May 20, 2017

Hype goggles removed, there is no fundamental difference between Google and Monsanto; between Apple and Exxon; between Facebook and Raytheon.

Roger Ailes’ life work was making paranoid creeps look like virtuous men.

No such thing as ‘fat but fit’, major study finds.

Thanks to Genetic Testing, Everyone Could Soon Have a Pre-Existing Condition.

New paint colors invented by neural network. “Stummy Beige” and “Burble Simp” are brilliant.

If household chemicals are wreaking havoc on the hormones of cats, what are they doing to us? Betting the obesity epidemic is at least partially related to chemical exposure.

Rapid greening of Antarctic Peninsula driven by climate change.

Trump isn’t a toddler — he’s a product of America’s culture of impunity for the rich.

Let them paste passwords.

In the World’s Most Expensive City, 1 in 10 Maids Sleeps in a Kitchen, Toilet, or Corner of the Living Room.

Why Hardware Engineers Have to Think Like Cybercriminals, and Why Engineers Are Easy to Fool. Wait, the head of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit is named Borg?

Get a Grip.

Thank Minitel for the French Election.

Roger Ailes Was One of the Worst Americans Ever. Made more old people paranoid and afraid than anyone in our history.

The U.S. is the most obese nation in the world, just ahead of Mexico. USA #1!

We Aren’t Built to Live in the Moment.