August 3, 2015

Cool photo.

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania has found that 91% of health-related webpages relay sensitive information to third parties including Google, Facebook and even data brokers such as Experian.

Building a Mass Surveillance Infrastructure Out of Light Bulbs.

The Birth of Standard Error.

Women’s immune system genes operate differently from men’s.

Why Women Shouldn’t Have to Act Like Dudes at Work.

August 2, 2015

Guy In Philosophy Class Needs To Shut The Fuck Up.

Why “won’t.”

Deinococcus radiodurans.

How Sexism Affects Women’s Health Every Day.

How the way you type can shatter anonymity—even on Tor.

Sex workers need labor rights. We need to be recognized as a labor force. We have this narrative of ‘victim,’ ‘pimp,’ and ‘john,’ which I think are all really derogatory, racist, classist terms.

Kshama Sawant, the Most Important Socialist in America Not Named Bernie Sanders.

Sex-work prohibitionists have long seen trafficking and sex slavery as a useful Trojan horse. Legalization drastically decreases trafficking. Shocking, I know.

August 1, 2015

Good god is it liberating to watch a bunch of loud-mouthed broads who do not give a rat’s ass about violating safe spaces without trigger warnings. That is a really good article about history I was only dimly aware of.

Nobody is obligated to find you attractive. Something that MRAs and Fat Acceptance/Fat Celebrataion nutters should learn to deal with.

Golden jackal: A new wolf species hiding in plain view.

Chinese factory replaces 90% of humans with robots, production soars.

He Said, She Said: The Mythical History of the False Rape Allegation.

26 incredibly arduous film productions. Well-researched.

The boom in mini stomachs, brains, breasts, kidneys and more.


July 31, 2015

California’s Drought Is So Bad That Thousands Are Living Without Running Water.

13 Tips on How To Speak While Female.

Largest fire ever recorded in history of Olympic National Park is currently spreading. “When fire can eat a rainforest in a relatively cool climate, you know the Earth is beginning to burn.” We done fucked up.

In about 7 months average web page size will be same as Doom install image.

TPP Trade Deal Proposal Would See CBC, Canada Post Exist Solely For Profit.

More Millennials Living With Family Despite Improved Job Market.

In ancient Greece, writing arose among traders and artisans doing business in the markets with foreigners and visitors from other cities.

July 30, 2015

Windows 10? Here are privacy issues you should consider.

Earth now halfway to UN global  2°C warming limit.

John Horton Conway.

Cubism and internet linguistic trends.

July 29, 2015

Audible car alarms are not only incredibly annoying, but almost entirely useless.

Material with new record melting point predicted.

The Limitations of the Ethernet CRC and TCP/IP checksums for error detection.


‘Sea Slaves’: The Human Misery That Feeds Pets and Livestock.

Space and Time.

Why do you have to be so accomplished to get into college?

A Renegade Trawler, Hunted for 10,000 Miles by Vigilantes.

I miss not being scared.

July 28, 2015

“The twenty-first century, he says, “shows signs of producing shifts in energy capture and social organization that dwarf anything seen since the evolution of modern humans.”

Ursula K. Le Guin is Breathing Fire to Save American Literature.

Technology Is Magic, Just Ask The Washington Post. What color are your bits?

Raise the Gas Tax Already.

Why Social Security Beats All Rivals — And the Case for Expanding It.

Google officially ends forced Google+ integration—First up: YouTube.

What job insecurity does to our kids.

Every state flag is awful.

The Women Who Rule Pluto.

Added Sugar Is Your Enemy, Not Aspartame.

July 27, 2015

Websites, Please Stop Blocking Password Managers. It’s 2015.

It was an early version of iTunes that demonstrated the first software bugs to Grace Hopper in 1946. Indeed. iTunes is such a shit piece of software.

What in the world(s) are tholins?

From Burma to Nagasaki: the man who walked through hell.

Some issues in the foundations of statistics.

Though it may surprise you.

This Map’s Red and Blue Regions Each Contain 5% of the World Population.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: The danger of a single story.

This Trade Deal Could Be Bad News for Anyone Who Lives in Europe and Likes Food.

July 26, 2015

How the Euro Turned Into a Trap.

Woman Quickly Cycles Through Non-Threatening Voice Inflections Before Expressing Concern.

STUDY: Watching Fox News Makes You Less Informed Than Watching No News At All.

Review of Naomi Zack, “White Privilege and Black Rights: The Injustice of U.S. Police Racial Profiling and Homicide.”

I Don’t Care About Your MFA: On Writing vs. Storytelling.

How Do Fireflies Glow? Mystery Solved After 60 Years.

Dolphins Spotted Riding Whales Off The Coast Of Hawaii.

July 25, 2015


Stop Freaking Out: Fukushima Isn’t Mutating the Daisies.

Americans Are Finally Eating Less.

From vrrrramp to snikt: exploring sci-fi’s most iconic movie sound effects.

Jeb Bush pushes to ‘phase out’ Medicare.

Thousands of Apps Secretly Run Ads That Users Can’t See.

Why We Should Harvest Blood From the Dead. I do believe this is how zombie apocalypses begin.

July 24, 2015

Geniuses Representing Universal Pictures Ask Google To Delist For Piracy.

It Ought to Be Called Vice Cream.

Chain, Chest, Curse: Combating Book Theft in Medieval Times.

How Two Bored 1970s Housewives Helped Create The PC Industry.

Skin effect.

Lizard’s water-funnelling skin copied in the lab.

Even If You Think Kim Dotcom Is Guilty As Sin, The US Government Stealing His Assets Should Concern You.

The Real Problem With Asking Americans to Work Longer Hours. Most of us don’t see what’s wrong with that.

Senate Bill May Kick 200,000 Off Social Security If They Have Arrest Warrant.

It ain’t over til it’s over: America’s wars drag on no matter what officials say.

Conventional wisdom held that pythons and anacondas suffocate their prey. Instead, the predators cut off their victims’ blood supply, a new study says.

July 23, 2015

Garden Gem tomato: Why Harry Klee’s perfect cultivar isn’t sold in supermarkets. Outside of America, almost all food tastes better than what we can get here. This is why.

Rain is sizzling bacon, cars are lions roaring: the art of sound in movies.

Jouissance. My favorite French word. Has no English translation, not even a close analog.

How One Law Banning Ethnic Studies Led to Its Rise.

Easy DNA Editing Will Remake the World. Buckle Up. No! Technological progress is over! Didn’t you get the fucking memo?! (Even if only 1/10 of this is true, it will change the world greatly.)

Perhaps Rand’s largest talent lies not in her status as the mother of Objectivism, but her ability to play the Cool Girl, even posthumously, in the minds of men whose view of women is colored by both desire and revulsion.

This Giant Display Uses Colored Thread Instead of Pixels.

Visceral adipose tissue is associated with microstructural brain tissue damage. Can’t get entire paper.

How Not to Be Elizabeth Gilbert.

July 22, 2015

It’s not just Fox News: How liberal apologists torpedoed change, helped make the Democrats safe for Wall Street. My side: only 10% less terrible than the other side. Yay?

Entrepreneurs don’t have a special gene for risk—they come from families with money.

Tracing Routes to America Through Ancient DNA.

Look Who’s Gawking: Inside Nick Denton’s phony, hypocritical class war against tech workers.

Playing Mozart’s Piano Pieces as Mozart Did.