August 17, 2018

Do electrons think?–Erwin Schrödinger (BBC 1949).

The Topology of Impossible Spaces.

DNA reveals ancient parrot breeder supplied US Southwest peoples. Culturally important macaws were traded far outside their natural range. That is remacawable.

The Go-Go’s Gave Us the Beat and So Much More. Female-led bands never get the credit they deserve.

Both Left and Right have turned against us. I disagree with some of the Left’s exact sins, but this is not wrong. The Left believes they are doing good. Alas, belief is not enough.

A Medicaid patient lost the care he’d received for 20 years. 3 months later, he was dead.

The Tech Backlash We Really Need. Silicon Valley will only be strengthened by its present scandals unless we ask deeper questions.

ISPs say they can’t expand broadband unless gov’t gives them more money. $200 billion already wasn’t enough?

American doctors are too educated.

Automated ‘Content Protection’ System Sends Wave Of Bogus DMCA Notice Targeting Legitimate URLs. Large corporations would erase our entire culture and in fact kill us all if it’d increase profits. Doubt this? Just wait.

The Shareholder Revolution Devours Its Children. The economy has been rigged to channel wealth to a tiny elite.

This Visual Effects Artist’s Masterful Age-Reversal Skills Are the Closest Thing We Have to Time Travel. Much better than I’ve ever seen, though the younger version’s neck doesn’t look quite right.

Silos and speech.

Baroque Underwater Photography by Christy Lee Rogers. She really baroque the mold.

It’s Capitalism’s Fault That Young People Prefer Socialism. Also to blame: Democrats and liberals.

Questioning diversity.

So much for value-free economics.

The Impact of Higher Temperatures on Economic Growth.

In the 1960s, the U.S. Government Set Off a Pair of Nukes Under Mississippi.

The Media Cannot Resist Lionizing National Security Ghouls.

The nightmarishly complex wheat genome finally yields to scientists.

Why Are ATMs Disappearing at an Alarming Rate after a Wave of Branch Closures? Banks are curtailing “cash services.” But why?

August 16, 2018

The Unlikely Activists Who Took On Silicon Valley — and Won.

What Women Want.

Researchers Discover The Tiny Brains of Bees And Wasps Can Recognise Faces. The photo at the top is almost certainly not how a wasp or bee sees the world.

The media is owned by very rich people. The journalists who work for the media serve the interests of those very rich people. It takes a special sort of stupidity to think that the media is immune from the rule that people who hire people expect their employees to serve their interests and make sure that they do. Most news is fake news, just not the way Trump claims.

The road to bipedalism wasn’t straight and narrow.

The Evolutionary Quirk That Made Vitamin B12 Part of Our Diet.

Tainted money.

25 Highest Paying Jobs in America. Note that these figures are highly skewed still by far more people with high salaries living in cities like San Francisco and Seattle, though it is indeed median. (In other words, making $90,000 a year in Kansas City is better than making $150,000 a year in SF.)

Experimental exposure to pornography was not found to influence men’s perceptions of the likelihood of women engaging in the kinds of sexual practices commonly depicted in pornography.

The Forgotten Winchester.

Yahoo’s corporate suicide.

Astronomers Directly Detect Iron and Titanium on an Exoplanet for the First Time. We need better spaceships. I’m angry I didn’t get to live when interstellar travel is possible (if it is ever).

[ə̞̃ə̃ə̝̃] – That’s the way you mumble ‘I dunno’,….

New Report Reveals Facebook and Google Benefit from Placing Employees Inside Political Campaigns.

The Problem Of Private Ambulance Services. The problem of private health care altogether.

To the extent that there is a crisis of confidence in the American media, it cannot solely be attributed to Trump. Instead, it stems from the commercialization and centralization of media ownership.

August 15, 2018

How Does File Compression Work? Very good basic overview. Nothing new to me, but well-written, so linked.

It’s worse to be middle class in the U.S. than in Europe. Wait, the US has a middle class? I see no evidence of that.

Halfway to boiling: the city at 50C. It is the temperature at which human cells start to cook, animals suffer and air conditioners overload power grids. Once an urban anomaly, 50C is fast becoming reality.

Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls.

I give up. Air conditioning is a necessity now. Ah, moronic liberals realizing something anyone south of Washington D.C. has known since ever. AC is hated because it’s pleasurable — the same reason that anything that tastes good is seen as “bad.” Nothing more.

200+ newspapers will write pro-journalism editorials. Will they also listen? That’d be a big no.

Lots of people claim to hate mayonnaise, but they eat a ton of mayonnaise, sometimes without even realizing it.

Absolute hot.

Gazing Back at the Surveillance Cameras That Watch Us.

August 14, 2018

Is the US over-counting maternal deaths?

Google Tracks You with Location History Off.

This Exoplanet Is So Hot, It Apparently Tears Apart Water Molecules.

Optimal routes by car from the geographic center of the contiguous United States to all counties.

Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns?

The last (effortless) rulers of the world: memoirs of Nevile Henderson, “Water under the bridges”.

Archaeologists use ancient dirty dishes to reconstruct climate shifts.

Dumber birds survived for longer in the wild. Intelligence might be an evolutionary mistake of sorts.

When I was your age, there were these things called “beaches.”

California Officials Admit to Using License Plate Readers to Monitor Welfare Recipients.

How feminism has made me a better scientist.

Universal Method to Sort Complex Information Found.

Soviet Collapse Echoes in China’s Belt and Road.

Does everything in the world boil down to basic units – or can emergence explain how distinctive new things arise?

Parents Break Teen Out Of Mayo Clinic. So now hospitals are basically holding patients under duress to siphon money off? Great.

Survival in the first hours of the Cenozoic.

August 13, 2018

Genome Study Upends Understanding of How Language Evolved.

USPS blames financial instability on government. And they are absolutely correct in that.

If You’re a Seller, Sell Now. If You’re a Buyer, Wait. This is about private equity, but does not bode well for the next downturn.

Why decentralized social networking never makes it — ever heard of Crossing the Chasm?

The JPEG Committee is “exploring Blockchain” — to put DRM into JPEG. Just what we absolutely do not need.

School-Security Companies Are Thriving in the Era of Mass Shootings.

The attrition of the modern scholarly record.

August 12, 2018

Friendly fox genomes help us understand the genetics of behavior. The left is going to be sorely disappointed when we better understand the genetics of human behavior.

The Left’s Hatred of Jordan Peterson Is Perfectly Rational.

The hidden economic plight of US working-class women.

Once the realm of the possible has been expanded, it is forever expanded.

Scammers told my wife she was inheriting $25 million. I decided to play along.

Workplace Wellness Programs Don’t Work Well. Why Some Studies Show Otherwise. But they increase surveillance, their actual reason.

You Can’t Have It All, but You Can Have Most of What Matters. The future will look more like this for a lot of people. Well, those who survive.

Sorry about your Stage 3 cancer. Here’s a bill for $21,000 in charges you thought were covered.

The Toll of America’s Obesity. Beyond the human suffering, diet-related diseases impose massive economic costs.

Blue crystals in meteorites show that our Sun went through the “terrible twos.”

The Trouble With Trucking. Want to understand how workers so often get a raw deal, even during a growing economy? Ask long-haul truckers.

August 11, 2018

America’s first big offshore wind farm sets record low price of 6.5c/kWh.

Something Digs Intricate Tunnels in Garnets. Is It Alive?

Unknown Unknowns: The Problem of Hypocognition.

How Globalization Has Broken the Chain of Responsibility. In today’s accelerating and overheating world, the gap between the people affected by change in local environments and the people in charge is growing ever wider.

In this rapaciously dry year, a quiet question grows louder: What are we doing here?

“What Have We Done?”: Silicon Valley Engineers Fear They’ve Created a Monster. A little late now, boyos.

Do Emotions Result in their Predicted Facial Expressions? A Meta-Analysis of Studies on the Link between Expression and Emotion.

Why is age so important in human mating? Evolved age preferences and their influences on multiple mating behaviors. All the lib crying in the world will fail to change human nature (much).

The Inmate I Took Under My Wing Didn’t Survive Prison. It’s amazing that we can send people to prison for theft but can’t seem to do anything about a woman being repeatedly raped by a family member.

Go Ahead, Speak for Yourself. Not every opinion needs to be underwritten by your race or gender or other social identity. Perhaps some sanity is slowly returning to the discourse.

Massospora, the Parasite That Drugs Cicadas.

It’s easy to become obese in America. These 7 charts explain why. Wow, women have gotten a lot fatter a lot more quickly than men in the US. That really does explain why when you travel to a country where this has not occurred, the women seem just shockingly attractive.

Core CPI jumps the most year-over-year since 2008.

See No Evil.

Nigerian Hair Culture Documented in Rainbow-Hued Portraits by Medina Dugger.

Champagne fairs.

August 10, 2018

In Pursuit of Civility.

The Weight of Numbers: Air Pollution and PM2.5.

A timesyncd total failure and systemd’s complete lack of debugability.