August 18, 2019

Tumblr’s adult-content ban came at a great cost to a community who depended on the social network to be a forum where issues related to body image, identity and sexuality could be discussed and expressed in a healthy manner.

The Machine’s Scar on Humanity and the History of Life.

It’s 2016 All Over Again. Joe Biden is pitching himself as an electable moderate who can beat Donald Trump. We’ve seen this movie before — and we know exactly how it ends.

The Street Within: Big Mama and her neighbors face homelessness in L.A.

Europe faces security threat from the rise in Chinese military power.

David Keith’s Carbon Removal Moonshot.

Youth sports in the U.S. are diverging according to income — more middle- and lower-income students quitting athletics while participation among wealthier children is rising.

How Life Sciences Actually Work: Findings of a Year-Long Investigation.

Liberals Beware: Repealing a Law That Protects Free Speech Online Will Only Help Trump. But using the right magic words and banning the wrong magic words is the solution to everything!

August 17, 2019

The world’s most-surveilled cities.

Insurance Companies Are Paying Cops To Investigate Their Own Customers.

Data Errors Plague Stock Traders in Volatile Week.

Zeroing In On Earth-like Planets.

Earth Stopped Getting Greener 20 Years Ago. Declining plant growth is linked toward decreasing air moisture tied to global warming.

Here’s What Fruits And Vegetables Looked Like Before We Domesticated Them.

Creatures of the Deep Karst.

How an Online Mob Created a Playbook for a Culture War.

Saturn Behind the Moon.

What Would Our Cities Look like If We Took Our Climate Change Values Seriously?

Companies are increasingly insisting their ads do not appear near articles or videos that contain any of a long list of words.

Sexism in the Academy.

In California, the 2020 elections will feature an epic battle to allow cities to reinstate property taxes.

August 16, 2019

NYC Restaurants ‘Thriving’ While Paying $15 Minimum Wage, Study Finds.

Where Did ‘Jazz,’ the Word, Come From?

Scientists Discover New Cure for the Deadliest Strain of Tuberculosis.

‘Climate change contrarians’ receive 49 per cent more media coverage than scientists, US study finds.

The Sinister Brutality of Shipping Container Architecture. It’s become a mark of hipster modernity everywhere from Amsterdam to Beijing. It’s also utterly ill-suited for human life. But all hail the liberal utopia!

In Hilarious IPO Filing, WeWork Dreams of $3 Trillion in Revenue But Has Billions in Losses. Red-Ink Massacre to Come in 2nd Half.

Uwe Reinhardt on High US Health Care Costs. Most of the centrist explanations are very wrong, turns out.

The Next Recession Is Going to Be Brutal.

How Segregation Caused Your Traffic Jam.

Apple’s bulbous, colorful iMac went on sale 21 years ago today.

Total annihilation for supermassive stars.

That Native App Is Probably Just an Old Web Browser.

This is a capitalist society. It’s a fatalistic mantra that seems to get repeated to anyone who questions why America can’t be more fair or equal.

Without most of the nation noticing, the beverage industry has found a way to snuff out local sugar taxes—by squashing them at the state level.

August 15, 2019

A Small Patch of Farmland Meets Humanity’s Solar Power Needs.

The dawn of the age of geoengineering.

Old Sailor Logs Show How Frighteningly Fast the Arctic Is Losing Ice.

Health insurance companies are useless. Get rid of them.

New Models Point to More Global Warming Than We Expected.

While richer countries tend to frame climate change coverage as a political issue, poorer countries more often frame it as an international issue that the world at large needs to address.

The Climate Crisis Is Not Evenly Distributed, But It’s Already Here. A new report details which areas of the United States are already undergoing the most serious change.

Down the Rabbit-Hole….

How much energy does it take (on average) to produce 1 kilogram of the following materials?

Scientists make first observation of fish schooling using bioluminescent flashes. Scintillating research.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – AI.

Even Low Levels of Air Pollution Can Damage Your Lungs as Much as Smoking a Pack a Day.

McDonald’s new paper straws aren’t recyclable — but its axed plastic ones were. The anti-plastic-straw people are some of the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet.

How the Invention of Spreadsheet Software Unleashed Wall Street on the World.

These 54-Million-Year-Old Fly Eyes Are Preserved in Astounding Detail. The crane fly fossils upend theories about the structure of the most common visual organ in the animal kingdom.

Banks are paying people to borrow money. That’s alarming news for the global economy.

The Effects of Career and Technical Education: Evidence from the Connecticut Technical High School System.

August 14, 2019

How YouTube Radicalized Brazil.

Individuals scoring high on dark personality exhibited a preference for inner-city, relative to suburban or rural living.

The Walton family gets $100 million richer every single day.

The Horror of Microsoft Teams.

Inflation Data Shows Tariffs Are Not a Tax on Consumers but on Foreign & US Corporations.

Pfizer Announces New Antidote For Slow-Acting Poison Currently Coursing Through Bodies Of Millions Of Americans.

Lower Mortgage Rates Aren’t Boosting U.S. Housing. The residential real estate market is less affordable now than anytime since before the financial crisis.

A protein in your brain behaves like a virus, infecting your cells with memories.

How Removing One Maine Dam 20 Years Ago Changed Everything.

Milky Way’s Black Hole Just Flared, Growing 75 Times as Bright for a Few Hours. Chomped something large.

August 13, 2019

When shown 5 factual news statements, about a third of 18- to 49-year-olds (32%) correctly identified all five of the statements as factual, compared with two-in-ten among those ages 50+.

The worst sales promotion in history. 27 years ago, Hoover offered two free international flights with any £100 purchase. Today, it’s remembered as the worst sales promotion in history.

Scientists find the largest observed black hole to date.

84% of Vegetarians and Vegans Return to Meat.

One in four US workers are “guard labor”.

While certain aspects of disgust may be universal, its emergence is largely enculturated and its expression is highly variable.

Horror Literature as Extreme Pessimism.


Glitch in neutron star reveals its hidden secrets.

What Graduate School in Theoretical Physics Is Really Like.

Why Does Infrastructure Cost So Much?

August 12, 2019

People kill people but capitalism makes it easy and profitable around the world.

The Controversial Plan to Protect America’s Trails.

The Door Problem. Applies to many other design arenas.

Brick & Mortar Meltdown’s Ugly Week in Record-Ugly Year.

Health Insurance Churn in the US Is a Nightmare.

These animals are so ugly. But we need them.

We Considered Ourselves to be a Powerful Culture.

Navy Reverting DDGs Back to Physical Throttles, After Fleet Rejects Touchscreen Controls.

Demographic Trends for the 50-and-Older Work Force.

Merging Galaxies from Hubble.

August 11, 2019

Prices for many goods do not move the way economists think they should. When firms opt to tweak a product’s quality instead of its price, problems ensue. Economists, wrong? How could that be?

Free trade is wrecking America. Free trade benefits our elites, so we’re get propaganda about its benefits. Here is the rest of the story.

Performance Matters.

Why our team cancelled our move to microservices.

Overdoses, bedsores, broken bones: What happened when a private-equity firm sought to care for society’s most vulnerable.

The World’s Largest Forest Has Been on Fire for Months.

How facial recognition has turned summer camp into a dystopia for campers, parents, counsellors and photographers (but not facial recognition vendors).

U.S. Taxpayers Fund Antibiotics for China as Industry Flails.

August 10, 2019

The Lehman 10th Anniversary Spin as a Teachable Moment.

The FBI and CDC Datasets Agree: Who Has Guns—Not Which Guns—Linked to Murder Rates.

Mismorphism: a Semiotic Model of Computer Security Circumvention.

When Limiting Online Speech to Curb Violence, We Should Be Careful.

The neural correlates of “mind blanking”: When the mind goes away.

Nuisance Ordinances: The New Frontier In Social Control.

The Heartland Institute Put Out a Very Stupid M4A Analysis.

On the 74th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki.