October 27, 2021

Markets and freedom.

Look at How We Discuss the Defense Budget vs. How We Discuss Investing in Our People.

The neighborhood of the Spike gene is a hotspot for modular intertypic homologous and non-homologous recombination in Coronavirus genomes.

American Flew ‘Unairworthy’ Aircraft Says IG Report.

Neutron star collisions are ‘goldmine’ of heavy elements, study finds.

Managing water resources in a low-to-no-snow future.

How China controls thought and speech beyond its borders.

The search for alien tech. Radio signals is old hat: now it’s all about hunting for extraterrestrial technosignatures. But do we want to be found?.

How the US fails to take away guns from domestic abusers: ‘these deaths are preventable.’

October 26, 2021

Dune: What Denis Villeneuve Changed from the Book. Villeneuve’s changes were largely for the better, agreed.

Want To Understand Why U.S. Broadband Sucks? Look At Frontier Communications In Wisconsin, West Virginia.

Employees Cheer When Anti-vaxxers Get Fired. As they should.

Worst of US pandemic likely behind us but we can’t drop our guard, experts say. Mostly correct.

This Year’s Thanksgiving Feast Will Wallop the Wallet.

Green Hills Forever: Windows XP Is 20 Years Old.

Trouble Won’t Be “Transitory.” Mounting problems with inflation, the supply chain, and energy shortages are not likely to resolve themselves quickly. Been clear for a while to anyone not utterly clueless.

Greenhouse gas levels reached record highs in 2020, even with pandemic lockdowns.

Signs of first planet found outside our galaxy. Again, when can I move?

Why Walgreens is in Trouble in San Francisco and is Closing Some Stores: It’s Not Shoplifting, that’s an Artful Distraction from the Real Reasons.

Thousands of pages of internal documents offer the clearest picture yet of how Facebook endangers American democracy—and show that the company’s own employees know it.

The Hidden Costs of Living Alone. In ways both large and small, American society still assumes that the default adult has a partner and that the default household contains multiple people.

October 25, 2021

Biden, Tepid in the Face of Catastrophe.

A haunting tale about how a sustained political campaign can succeed despite — or perhaps as a result of — being divorced from reality.

Good old social media, always there to paper over the giant cracks of our political failures.

People Aren’t Meant To Talk This Much.

Nines of safety: a proposed unit of measurement of risk. The IT world kind of already does it this way.

How to keep a support contract: Make the user think they solved the problem. I use this strategy constantly.

The Fatiguing Effects of Camera Use in Virtual Meetings.

October 24, 2021

The Myth of Labor Shortages.

If our oil jobs are ending, we need safety nets and good replacement work. As should be true for every worker when displaced.

A cautionary tale from the streets of San Francisco. How a liberal dystopia looks.

January 6 Wasn’t a Riot. It Was War. The beginning of one, anyway. Our 1923.

BP paid ex-MI6 spy firm to snoop on green campaigners.

The Real Scandal About Ivermectin. Claims about the drug are based on shoddy science—but that science is entirely unremarkable in its shoddiness.

October 23, 2021

The Destruction of the United Kingdom.

On Fandoms, Age, and Gender: The Politics of “ Putting Away Childish Things.”

How Ugly Chins Help SUVs Dodge Regulations.

Cinema’s most misunderstood filmmaker.

What America’s Supply-Chain Backlog Looks Like Up Close.

Tolkien actually deconstructs most of the clichéd fantasy tropes he supposedly originates. I’ve said this for years. Completely obvious if you actually read his works with more than two neurons intact.

October 22, 2021

The Car Shortage Is About To Get A Whole Lot Worse.

The injury response to DNA damage in live tumor cells promotes antitumor immunity.

We Analyzed 425,909 Favicons.

You lost. Stop acting like you won.

‘I hope you die’: how the COVID pandemic unleashed attacks on scientists.

‘Waning’ Immunity.

The Key Insight That Defined 50 Years of Climate Science.

New study shows vaccine refusal’s staggering cost in human life.

The Married Will Soon Be the Minority.

Supply-Chain Crisis Fuels Latest Retreat From Globalization.

Afterhours Massacre: Intel Plunges 9% for Other Reasons, Snap Collapses 25%, Takes Down Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google.

October 21, 2021

Dark Matter Alternative Passes Big Test.

Recycled Lithium Batteries as Good as Newly Mined.

The Mystery of Why Our Ancestors Left Africa.

Simulating how just a little gender bias in the workplace can lead to big effects up the chain.

The Wall Street Journal and New York Times Censor Yet Another Major News Story on the Fed and the Mega Banks It Supervises.

Embodied intelligence via learning and evolution.

How common are high-risk coronavirus contacts? A video-observational analysis of outdoor public place behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Backlog of cargo ships at southern California ports reaches an all-time high.

The Era of Climate Sickness Has Arrived.

Welcome to the Everything Game, where if you want to read, write, speak, buy, sell, date, marry, do science, play sports, or do anything else humans do, you will have no choice but to play.

October 20, 2021

‘Equity’ is the new NIMBY.

From childlessness to the climate crisis, why is the blame always on us?

Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan and the Proud Boys: How the fragility of the male ego fuels the far-right.

Five Reasons the Child Tax Credit Shouldn’t Have a Work Requirement.

Hit by Shortages, Vehicle & Parts Production Plunged to Lowest since Lockdown. Oil & Gas Has New Script.

Even “low-level” noise is unhealthy: A neuroscientist explains how sound and health are connected. City noise really, really bothers me. Even very light city noise.

America’s strike wave is a rare – and beautiful – sight to behold.

The House Paid Leave Proposal Is Awful.

Disease Eradication.

We Need to Think Harder About Inflation.

October 19, 2021

Refreshingly Honest Billionaire Says Media Purchase Will Be Used For Propaganda.

Canon sued for disabling scanner when printers run out of ink.

The John Deere Strike Shows the Tight Labor Market Is Ready to Pop.

How to Move More Goods Through America’s Clogged Infrastructure? Robot Trains.

It’s bizarre to see a Covid patient deny Covid exists while gasping for breath.

How marsh grass protects shorelines.

How Lithium May Have Led to Serious Obesity for the Pima Beginning around 1937 — Confessions of a Supply-Side Liberal. Possible, but a little tenuous?

Adding a Variable Measured with Error to a Regression Only Partially Controls for that Variable.

College Degrees Are Overrated.

October 18, 2021

The continuing case for nuclear energy.

You might think that horror movies are a delicious, trashy pleasure. But watching them has surprisingly wholesome effects.

My father should be in surgery rehab. But with beds full of the unvaccinated, he died in covid quarantine.

Association Between Risk of COVID-19 Infection in Nonimmune Individuals and COVID-19 Immunity in Their Family Members.

New Bond Can’t Take On Beijing’s Supervillains. A whole genre of geopolitical spy thrillers is now off limits.

A whole New World.

The debilitating effects of long Covid have just begun to hit economies.

October 17, 2021

The High-Paid Media Types Are Unhappy Workers Are Getting Higher Pay.

How many lives have coronavirus vaccines saved? We used state data on deaths and vaccination rates to find out.

We’ve spotted a planet surviving its dying star – here’s what it tells us about end of our Solar System.

Neutralizing antibodies derived from the B cells of 1918 influenza pandemic survivors.

Who is the real problem when it comes to climate change?

Achieving equity through mediocrity: Why elimination of gifted programs should worry us all. Libs generally love Harrison Bergeron stuff, especially now.

US wholesale inflation surges to another record.

Climate regulating ocean plants and animals are being destroyed by toxic chemicals and plastics, accelerating our path towards ocean pH 7.95 in 25 years which will devastate humanity.

Iron: an underrated factor in aging.

Abandoned wells are a huge climate problem.

Democrats Are Ready to Abandon Black Voters, Again. And everyone else, too. Except large corporations.

Gulf Stream and Kuroshio Current found to be synchronized on decadal time scale.