May 28, 2022

As we endure shooting after shooting, the US starts to seem like a body being attacked from within by some strange and debilitating illness.

The China evac. Companies finally want to leave. But can they afford to?

Major New Zealand salmon producer shuts farms as warming waters cause mass die-offs.

France’s crop yields will be ‘very poor’ due to unprecedented drought.

Ancient Earth globe.

Why is Xi Jinping doubling down on a ‘zero-Covid’ policy that is causing massive economic distress and public anger in China?

Retail earnings reveal major gaps between lower- and higher-income shoppers. Shocking noone.

A Culture That Kills Its Children Has No Future.

Vaccines Are Still Mostly Blocking Severe Disease. Our original-recipe shots are holding up against new variants. But we may need to improve them, and soon.

How Corporate America’s Favorite Legal Trick Is Backfiring. For decades, companies have used arbitration agreements to shirk responsibilities to their customers and employees — but now the tables have turned.

NRA Convention Applauds As Gunman Massacres Entire Crowd.

Never-Before-Heard Buzzword Flying Around Office Can’t Be Good.

Beyond the official clichés: The Texas school shooting reveals the advanced sickness of American society.

You Are Going to Get COVID Again … And Again … And Again. Probably not.

Columbine happened 23 years ago. How is America still no further forward?

May 27, 2022

Job interview canceled due to looming recession.

National suicide plays out one murderous mass shooting at a time.

Copyright As Censorship: Abuse Of The DMCA To Try To Delete Online News Is Rampan.

Abortion’s Last Stand in the South: A Post-Roe Future Is Already Happening in Florida.

Farm vehicles approaching weights of sauropods exceed safe mechanical limits for soil functioning.

On rebooting: the unreasonable effectiveness of turning computers off and on again.

A New Enzyme Found in Compost Just Set a Speed Record For Breaking Down Plastic.

If Europe and Japan can have small, cheap EVs, why can’t America? Here, the big trucks just run you over.

Secrets of California’s skydiving salamanders revealed by researchers.

Putin’s real goal in Ukraine isn’t territory. Putin isn’t just trying to take over Ukrainian land — he is trying to obliterate Ukrainian identity.

FTC fines Twitter $150M for using 2FA phone numbers for ad targeting.

New York divorce coercion gang.

US New Home Sales Plummet, Inventory Rises To The Highest Level Since 2008.

The Surveillance State Is Primed for Criminalized Abortion.

A City Fights Back Against Heavyweight Cars.

It’s not beige, it’s not grey: it’s greige – and it’s why all our houses look the same.

Ireland’s abortion ban was a story of suffering and death.

May 25, 2022

Sharp cut in methane now could help avoid worst of climate crisis.

New York City Removes Last Public Pay Phone in End of an Era.

Average Age of Cars & Trucks in Operation Rises to Record, as New Vehicle Sales & Miles Driven Plunged.

How Crypto Is Using the Behavioral Dynamics of Bernie Madoff’s Fraud.

Workers are being forced to put up with some truly abominable behavior.

Clarence and Ginni Thomas Are Telling Us Exactly How the 2024 Coup Will Go Down.

Americans are stuck in an age of scarcity, and they don’t like it.

How the Kent State massacre raised your tuition.

Maximum likelihood pandemic-scale phylogenetics.

Ukraine destruction: how the Guardian documented Russia’s use of illegal weapons.

Giant container ships are ruining everything. We can blame the Big Boat Era for many of our supply chain headaches.

The Era of Borderless Data Is Ending.

Defining anabolic resistance: implications for delivery of clinical care nutrition. You need more protein as you age, not less.

Deadly Indian heatwave made 30 times more likely by climate crisis.

Recession is ‘likely,’ former SEC chief economist says.

A serology test result positive for SARS-COV-2 was positively associated only with persistent anosmia (odds ratio, 2.59; 95% CI, 1.57-4.28), even when restricting the analyses to participants who attributed their symptoms to COVID-19 infection.

A history of punctuation.

High-tech surveillance in post-Roe America: Chilling new report outlines possible future.

Prices for oil, natural gas, food and other goods will stay elevated while economic growth slides, bringing stagflation. Also my assessment.

May 24, 2022

Bankers Are Driving the Wheat Price Explosion, Not the War in Ukraine. Global starvation is a choice. Always is.

Ancient ‘Tanks’? Chariots, Scythed Chariots and Carroballistae.

What Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowe’s tell us about the state of the American consumer.

Germany Inc. Jan-Werner Müller on Europe after the invasion.

Economical Cars, Hybrids, Small SUVs Suddenly Hot, Inventories Depleted. But Supply of Trucks & Full-Size SUVs Rises.

Democracies Can Out-Compete the China-Russia Alliance.

How the Right to Birth Control Could Be Undone.

The New Land Yacht Aiming to Break a Land Speed Record.

‘Workers don’t want toys or free food, they want a higher quality of life’: The Great Resistance is here. Companies struggle to get workers back to the office.

New study estimates how long mined metals circulate before being lost.

We must stop letting Russia define the terms of the Ukraine crisis.

Don’t believe those who say ending Roe v Wade will leave society largely intact.

Does Lifting Weights Stunt Growth?

How GDPR Is Failing.

Find an Abortion.

Ukraine endgames 2.0: Can either side ‘win’ this war?

Kids Are Far, Far Behind in School.

flagging emoji?

How to Prepare for the Next Ukraine. Washington Must Ramp Up Support for Vulnerable Partners—Before It’s Too Late.

The Normalization of “Working Through Covid.”

Ukrainians using e-bikes mounted with missiles to blow up Russian tanks.

Long Covid Is Dangerous. The Fear of It Still Shouldn’t Rule Your Life.. Exactly.

May 23, 2022

Nearly 8,000-year-old skull found in Minnesota River.

The Doom Spiral of Pernicious Polarization.

COVID Won’t End Up Like the Flu. It Will Be Like Smoking. Nah.

Porn could be in danger if Roe is overturned.

Biden administration lays out plan for four carbon-capture facilities.

Supply chains are never returning to ‘normal.’

Historical contingency drives compensatory evolution and rare reversal of phage resistance.

Housing Is the Fed’s Frankenstein, and It Won’t Be Easily Tamed.

Once-trampled (and secret) Grove of Titans redwood stand in Northern California reopens with boardwalk.

A Whole Age of Warfare Sank With the Moskva.

Russia tries to rebound in Ukraine as prospects for victory fade.

How a Social Security program piled huge fines on the poor and disabled.

The Age of Extinction Is Here — Some of Us Just Don’t Know It Yet. We’re Crossing the Threshold of Survivability — And There’s No Going Back.

May 22, 2022

Boeing’s Starliner capsule docks for first time with International Space Station.

The Annihilation of Florida: An Overlooked National Tragedy.

As Supply Rises & Mortgage Rates Spike, US Home Sales Fall to Lowest since June 2020, Plunge in California’s Coastal Metros.

Dem Voters Want Dem Pols Who Do Things. The Joe Manchin wing of the party lost big on Tuesday. Corporate donors don’t want Dems who do things, however.

A 900% Jump in Hedging Costs Looms Over Commercial Mortgages.

Buffalo suspect exposes dangers of accelerationist, neo-fascist lone-actor violence.

Global heating is cutting sleep across the world, study finds.

Think abortion rights is a “divisive” issue? Only to the political class. Yes, a fundamentalist minority passionately opposes abortion, but most Americans want it to be legal and accessible.

We’ve Been Drawing These Saber-Tooth Cats All Wrong.

A live attenuated vaccine confers superior mucosal and systemic immunity to SARS-CoV-2 variants.

I always try to emphasize that without Roe (or equivalent), women can’t possibly get any appropriate medical care. I mean *any*.

Dmitri Trenin: Moscow’s defeat in Ukraine would transfer the crisis to Russia and threaten its existence.

That is the spirit that leads to the conquering of evil when it comes down to it.

Why Inflation Is Hitting Gen Z Particularly Hard.