July 23, 2014

How to Renounce America and Still Be Called a Patriot. Her father is a senator, she’s a CEO, and her company is forsaking its U.S. citizenship.

Did the Banks Have to Commit Fraud?


The Line Between FBI Stings and Entrapment Has Not Blurred, It’s Gone.

Stanford researcher: Hallucinatory ‘voices’ shaped by local culture — in the United States, the voices are harsh and threatening; in Africa and India, they are more benign and playful.

World’s largest aquatic insect specimen found in China.

Coder livetweets sexist remarks allegedly made by IBM executives.

How companies use Canvas Fingerprinting to track you online.

Are the people who refuse to accept climate change ill-informed?

July 22, 2014

Right-wing obstruction could have been fought: An ineffective and gutless presidency’s legacy is failure.

The tech utopia nobody wants: why the world nerds are creating will be awful.

Dropbox is ‘Hostile to Privacy.’ I wouldn’t trust Dropbox with a gerbil’s vet records.

Ban neonicotinoids now – to avert another silent spring.

House Republicans Are Killing the Dream of Local High-Speed Fiber Internet.

​New Poll Reveals The U.S. Is Number One In Climate Change Denial. Because we — rather our rich — benefit from it the most….

How a battle for freedom was sold as an erotic adventure.

Margaret Atwood: Haunted by The Handmaid’s Tale.

July 21, 2014

Square one for managers.

Silicon Valley innovation: Venture capital is not the problem. (Yes, I am deliberately linking to the article’s 2nd page as the 1st is not worth reading.)

Why are so many parents being arrested?

The final demographic.

Undocumented iOS functions allow monitoring of personal data, expert says.

The Barbarism of ISIL, the Taliban and Wahhabism and collapse of hegemonic ideology.

Wireless Net Neutrality is being completely ignored.

Climate models on the mark, Australian-led research finds.

California’s job growth defies predictions after tax increases. That is, predictions from idiots.

How can you neglect a verb tense that lets you say things like “Had he but known”? How, indeed?

This Woman Has Been Confronting Her Catcallers — And Secretly Filming Their Reactions.

Computer Models Show What Exactly Would Happen To Earth After A Nuclear War.

July 20, 2014

Bill Maher’s sexist tweet: The so-called progressive makes light of domestic violence.

Robotic glove gives you extra fingers for grabbing.

Surprise: TWC wants to build a 1Gbps fiber network after Los Angeles threatens to build its own.

How is it anyone?

▶ If Men Were Women.

Amazon Wants You To Pay $120 For A Glorified Library Card.

Obama says he ended the ‘War on Drugs.’ Don’t believe him.

Quasiparticles carry entanglement, breaking speed limits. Now the universe is just fucking with us.

For women on the Internet, it doesn’t get better.

Men interrupt more than women.

How Turbans Helped Some Blacks Go Incognito In The Jim Crow Era.

Austin’s Black Population Leaving City, Report Says.

Rainbow Rowell’s new novel for grown-ups, and the power of good books for readers of any age.

Why Some People Are Attracted to Jerks.

July 19, 2014

Why Psychotherapy Appears To Work (Even When It Doesn’t).

A Theoretical Phyisicist Explains Why Science Is Not About Certainty.

Children, Education, and Status.

Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau. From 1692. Cool.

Nobodies Abroad: Joe Schmo, Meet Otto Normalverbraucher.

Comcast’s worst nightmare: How Tennessee could save America’s Internet.

New Study Shows That Children Exposed to Religion Have a Hard Time Distinguishing Fact from Fiction.

Australia will pay dearly for repealing its carbon tax.

generatedata.com. So potentially useful.

Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy.

Misunderstanding Thomas Kuhn.

July 18, 2014

Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook.

Sartorially spectacular.

Who’s Buying J. Crew’s New XXXS Clothes?

This comfort with group assessment of femininity in turn reminds me of the ease with which women’s choices regarding their bodies, futures, health, sex, and family life are up for public evaluation.

Female sexuality, not pubes, is why prudes took down this painting.

According to Apple, “vagina” is inappropriate but “penis” is not.

Germany most energy efficient nation.

Our silicon age, which sees no glory in maintenance, but only in transformation and disruption, makes it extremely difficult for us to imagine how, in past eras, those who would change the world were viewed with suspicion and dread.

Random Solutions are Often Good Enough. Holy crap, that is a pretty cool result.


July 17, 2014

Why Democrats Need to Take Sides in America’s Class War.

Strength and bravery.

The Octothorpe, part 1 of 2.

US agency that regulates Internet service too poor to build a good website.

Snowden: NSA employees routinely pass around intercepted nude photos.

Vampire squid spotted in Gulf of Mexico depths.

Adults, like children, have a tendency to think vision is more informative than it is.

And now: The criminalization of parenthood.

July 16, 2014

Sexual harassment is common in scientific fieldwork.

The FCC Is a Symbol for a Corrupt, Broken American Government.

Subverting misogyny with art.

Right and left finally agree: Obama has checked out.

It’s Official: Micromanaging Kills Productivity.

How long can the GOP last as the cranky oldster party?

Why does Outlook map Ctrl+F to Forward instead of Find, like all right-thinking programs?

GPS and Relativity.

July 15, 2014

With apologies to both F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway, it seems the rich are not only different than you and me; they also have even more money than we previously thought.

Google+ kills off “real names” policy.

The new Thor is a woman: big news from an unexpected source.

In general, it’s more useful and important to have high status at work than to be well-liked. Fuck yes a million times this.

Losing Sparta.

July 14, 2014

Big Dog robot gets its first taste of real-world action with US Marines.

Why Must Dudes Ruin Perfectly Good Superheroine and Action Franchises with Their Requests for Diversity?

This herd of wild elephants enjoys a stroll through a hotel lobby.

Those with a body mass index, or BMI, above 40 are robbed of at least 6 1/2 years, on average, of expected life span, a study has found. And the toll in years lost rises with the degree of obesity, reaching nearly 14 years for the most obese — those with a BMI above 55, researchers said.

‘Hobby Lobby’ Is Just the Beginning: A Flood of Corporate Religious Objections Is Coming.

Less than 1 percent of food stamps go to ineligible people.

July 13, 2014

Pan Am Clipper Diverted by Attack on Pearl Harbor.

Corporatization of Universities Leads to Increased Academic Career Bias.

There is no respect or dignity in being a part of gentrification.

Prep schools for prison.

The degradation of middle-class work.

The King’s College London scientist purge: the threat of mass sackings in one university underscores how little human capital is valued in research academia.

Solar Cell Efficiency Rises By 30% Through Singlet Fission.

July 12, 2014

Why Do Men Dislike Erotica for Women So Much?

Bullfrogs in slow motion.