May 29, 2023

Study Finds Brain Connectivity, Memory Improves in Older Adults After Walking.

How Russia killed its tech industry.

Southern accents could cost job seekers a 20% wage penalty, study finds.

What has gotten into Republican women? GOP women freak out over losing reproductive rights, but embrace cruelty when it’s someone else’s rights at stake.

Scientists have discovered new evidence that the universe was briefly governed by different physical laws than it is today, producing a violation to which we owe our very existence, reports a new study.

Americans’ Ability to Pay for Emergency Expenses or Three-Month Job Loss with Cash/Cash Equivalent, by Selling Assets, by Borrowing, or Not at All.

Homes on screen: how scouts find the perfect film locations.

May 28, 2023

Why the GOP Wants to Rob Gen Z to Pay the Boomers.

The lessons of a wildfire that destroyed a town and burned for 15 months.

Fed’s Favored Core PCE Price Index Re-Accelerates, Driven by Services, Motor Vehicles: Inflation Stuck on High, Shifts from Item to Item.

No cellphone? No problem! The vintage radio enthusiasts prepping for disaster.

I picked peaches & apples one season.

‘The intensity is increasing’: Ukraine says first steps in counteroffensive have begun.

Unnatural Keys. Nature doesn’t come with identifiers.

May 27, 2023

Man Embarrassed After Taking Bullet Intended For Person Behind Him.

Florida Woman Fills Out 25-Page Application To Receive Tampon From Dispenser.

What it’s like to be a Network Engineer. This is exactly right.

Colorado repealed law limiting municipal internet, making it easier for towns to build their own.

Weird, Rare, and Everywhere. In the bogs of Hecate Island, British Columbia, a writer and novice naturalist joins researchers for a glimpse of a multiyear biodiversity mission—and gets acquainted with some odd organisms.

Abortion Bans Are Driving Off Doctors and Putting Basic Health Care at Risk. Many physicians say they are reluctant to practice in states with abortion bans, harming access to regular exams and screenings.

Causal evidence that herpes zoster vaccination prevents a proportion of dementia cases.

Colorado’s Ingenious Idea for Solving the Housing Crisis. And why local governments hate it.

Free-Money Party for Corporate Profits Turns into Hangover amid Rising Costs and Pressured Revenues.

Astronomers explore a recently discovered luminous quasar.

What US Cities Pay the Most (and Least) for Everyday Jobs.

4 Ways U.S. Support for Ukraine Helps Defend Taiwan.

The Evolving Effect of Remote Work on Geography.

California’s epic melting snowpack means cold, deadly torrents ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

The decline of job creation at new establishments.

Imagine a Renters’ Utopia. It Might Look Like Vienna. Soaring real estate markets have created a worldwide housing crisis. What can we learn from a city that has largely avoided it?

What ‘Succession’ gets that ‘Ted Lasso’ and ‘Yellowstone’ don’t.

‘It’s new territory’: why is Betelgeuse glowing so brightly and behaving so strangely?

Obama Crossed the Picket Line, Striking Writers Say. Of course he did.

States Have Kicked Hundreds of Thousands Off Medicaid.

May 26, 2023

More and more Americans are skipping medical care due to money woes.

Chinese state hackers infect critical infrastructure throughout the US and Guam.

Trans People Are Avoiding Whole U.S. States to Stay Safe.

A lot of my older co-workers have huge houses that they bought decades ago while working the exact same job im currently doing.

Hypersonic Missiles are Just Misunderstood.

Ancient humans may have paused in Arabia for 30,000 years on their way out of Africa.

Just came across old HR documents showing what people made 10+ years ago vs now.

Biden’s unemployment rates are historic — and almost worthless for 2024.

Childless Adults Will Bear the Brunt of Republican Cuts to the Safety Net.

At long last, the glorious future we were promised in space is on the way.

May 25, 2023

Largest US gay rights group issues Florida travel advisory for anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

Study: People think undermining democracy is ok if others do it first.

Joe Biden had better deliver on his promise to help with student loans – or the voters will make him pay.

Rational Magic. Why a Silicon Valley culture that was once obsessed with reason is going woo.

Lessons for a New Cold War.

Uncertainty isn’t a human flaw, it’s a feature of the world.

Walking naturally after spinal cord injury using a brain–spine interface.

Biodegradable Plastic Doesn’t Actually Break Down in the Ocean.

May 24, 2023

‘Few options that are cheap’: why are there no affordable cars in the US?

Addressing the ethical and societal challenges posed by genome-wide association studies of behavioral and brain-related traits.

Modern work requires attention. Constant alerts steal it.

Life on Earth might have gotten a boost from the Sun’s mega-tantrums.

Watching Paint Dry. The unexpectedly interesting story of car coatings.

Container Shipping Has Cratered, as Ship Owners Try to Avoid Unprofitable Trips.

Rent Inflation Re-Accelerates to Red-Hot, All Three Now Agree: Zillow Asking Rents, What Big Landlords Said, and Actual Rents Tracked by CPI.

May 23, 2023

Fears of Russian escalation are no longer having any real impact on US policy, and if anything, the administration is mocking the Russians.

As war began, Putin rejected a Ukraine peace deal recommended by aide. So that was all tankie lies too? SHOCKING.

Business Doesn’t Know Anything.

Half of Americans, namely homeowners, already have rent control. It’s time to expand it to everyone.

Weight loss drug reverses obesity for nearly half of teens in study.

How Republican states are eroding local democracy. Republican leaders in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas are targeting Democratic communities and institutions.

China’s war chest: how the fight for semiconductors reveals the outlines of a future conflict.

America’s big shift to green energy has a woolly mammoth problem. Transmission lines in the US need to be increased threefold, but faces pushback from fossil conservation and green groups.

Barbara Stiegler, philosopher: ‘Yachts are the symbol of neoliberal predation.’

Exercise Might Cut Your Risk of Parkinson’s Disease. A study of French women found that those who exercised the most had a noticeably lower risk of developing the neurodegenerative condition.

Chronic intake of refined carbohydrates between meals is associated with decreased cognitive performance, study finds.

‘Big Brother’ is Using Advanced Camera Tech and AI to Target the Poor.

Why flying sucks.

DeSantis $13.5m police program lures officers with violent records to Florida. Glad we are fuckin’ gone!

Decoupling is just going to happen. Chinese policy and geopolitical risk are doing a lot of the work here.

POS Tip Demands Are Driving Inflation Higher.

Once a fringe theory, “greedflation” gets its due.

May 22, 2023

Nonprofits are sapping the progressive project. We need to bring back state capacity.

At a large enough scale, the bust-out goes on forever.

Americans finally draw a line at tipping as it hits the self-checkout.

Anhingas, water birds with snakelike necks, have turned up in Prospect Park in Brooklyn and far upstate, a sign of shifting ranges for birds from the South.

To Win Back Old Customer Base, Bud Light Adds Mullets To Cans.

Drug Shortages Near an All-Time High, Leading to Rationing.

Debt Ceiling.

The Media Is Normalizing Debt-Ceiling Extortion. No, this isn’t how Congress always does it. It’s different and dangerous.

Automakers Are Making Basic Car Functions A Costly Subscription Service… Whether You Like It Or Not.

Fannie Mae: The housing market recession isn’t over—and soon it’ll spur a ‘mild’ U.S. recession.

Racing drivers blink at the same points when going round a track. Synchronised blinking may reflect a certain cognitive state that professional racers have when controlling a fast-moving car.

Gov. Newsom unveils sweeping plan to speed up California infrastructure projects.

Lethally bad HAES propaganda.

Low-Income Tenants Lack Options as Mobile Home Parks Are Razed.

Micromanagement reaching nonsense level.

Time is an object.

May 21, 2023

Long-hidden ruins of vast network of Maya cities could recast history.

Nimbadon lived 15 million years ago in the canopy of lowland Australian rainforests. These biodiverse, lush forests were home to some equally strange animals: flesh-eating kangaroos, tree-climbing crocodiles, ancestral thylacines, cat- to leopard-sized marsupial lions.

Social anxiety and accumulation of status loss events: The role of adulthood experiences.

12th-graders now are more like 8th-graders from previous generations

Forget quiet quitting. Millennials and Gen Zers are quietly working second jobs as they live paycheck to paycheck.

There was always something simplistic about the presentations of Sweden in the United States and elsewhere as a model for egalitarianism and social engineering.

We can’t build nice things.

May 20, 2023

Did Scientists Accidentally Invent an Anti-addiction Drug? People taking Ozempic for weight loss say they have also stopped drinking, smoking, shopping, and even nail biting.