May 31, 2014

High School Student, Teacher Applying For Same Summer Waitressing Job.

Stop calling me “someone’s daughter.”

Universities can’t fulfil the myth, but they can’t become a vocational school either.

American chestnut set for genetically modified revival.

Gun Activists With Assault Rifles Harass Marine Veteran on Memorial Day.

The Erasure of Maya Angelou’s Sex Work History.

May 30, 2014

Storme DeLarverie, Early Leader in the Gay Rights Movement, Dies at 93.

Obama has the wrong answer to student loan crisis.

A Third of the World is Now Obese or Overweight.

May 29, 2014

The “Mental Illness” We Refuse To Name: White Male Entitlement.

It Wasn’t Abortion That Formed the Religious Right. It Was Support for Segregation.

It Is Impossible to Believe How Mindblowing These Amazing New Jobs Are.

One could go so far as to say that mainstream cinema is a gendered cultural form.

Don’t believe the hype about rising interest rates smothering housing market improvement. Homes are simply unaffordable.

Mind the gap: Incomes, college majors, gender, and higher ed reform.

May 28, 2014

Neville Chamberlain was right.

If you scratch Objectivism just a little bit, you will see fascism and white supremacy.

Masculine insecurity and entitlement are a big, tangled-up mess.

David Berkowitz.

Political Economy is Political.

Google’s prototype electric self-driving car seats two, has no steering wheel or pedals.

Minimum wage.

May 27, 2014

You shouldn’t use a spreadsheet for important work (I mean it).


One more reason not to use Chrome.

Panera Bread Will Replace Cashiers With Robots By 2016.

Roundup: Essential feminist writing on the Isla Vista shootiing.

Try to avoid the corporate tracking system, and you catch the attention of the police instead.

May 26, 2014

The technocrats think there’s only one rational solution to every policy issue, hence there’s no need for debate; the populists believe there is an authentic popular will and that they are the only ones who can discern it, hence there’s no need for debate. Both sides are opposed to the pluralism that comes with party democracy.

“The best people at maintaining our project of impoverishing people and screwing up the world, causing a great extinction event, should be chosen objectively, without regards to ethnicity, gender, age or sexual preference” is not a hill I’m dying on.

What people expected and what President Obama had promised when he came in, when he was running for election, was he was going to write down household debt, write down mortgage debt to the actual market price and write down mortgage debt to the price that could be paid.

Dear American Women, You Are Being Lied to.

My So-Called ‘Post-Feminist’ Life in Arts and Letters.

New technology: who wins, who loses?

‘Heathers’: An oral history.

Freeman: Why I’m no longer a teacher.

The origin of the <blink> tag.

May 25, 2014

A Censored History of Ladies in YA Fiction.

Carrie Brownstein!

28 days.

Why the Internet is Getting Bland.

Let’s call the Isla Vista killings what they were: misogynist extremism.

A funny/sad thing about mainstream beer advertising is that even though big brands are losing market share to craft beers and flavored liquors, most of them still insist on advertising their products as being only suitable for men.

These Housekeepers Asked Sheryl Sandberg to Lean In with Them. What Happened Next Will Not Amaze You.

Stress Test: The Indictment of Timothy Geithner.

Dad Rule: The Hatred of Students.

The Robots Are Coming, And They Are Replacing Warehouse Workers And Fast Food Employees.

May 24, 2014

Kill The Hamburger Button.

Capital in the 21st Century Not Refuted.

How the NRA Enables Massacres.

Here is how the internship scam works.

How To Be A Feminist Ally to Sex Workers. How most feminists treat sex workers is frankly disgusting.

May 23, 2014

A Principal in 1815.

Mouthbreathing Machiavellis Dream Of A Silicon Reich.

The Unpaid Intern Economy Rides on the Backs of Young Women.

No, Taking Away Unemployment Benefits Doesn’t Make People Get Jobs.

Useful places to find information, that aren’t some strange Pavlovian manipulation of the human desire to click or identify, just aren’t good business these days.

May 22, 2014

“We will either, through peaceful, rational means, go back to a system that does not take from the many to give to the few in all these subtle ways, or we will end up like 18th century France. And if we end up in that awful condition, it will be the bloodiest thing the world has even seen.”

Everything Is Broken.

Utilitarian moral judgment in psychopathy.

See how much it costs to hire your favorite band…or your least favorite, for that matter.

Individual Freedoms vs Social Justice.

Latest stats show Comcast/TWC merger will cap 79% of broadband subscribers.

Poll: 47% of Unemployed Have ‘Completely Given Up’ Looking for a Job.

Milankovitch cycles.

May 21, 2014

The Confidence Gap.

From Lorde to Rihanna to the new Barbie, Goth culture’s comeback is a win for women.

Politics and the Left.

WePay’s Disastrous Decision: Seeing Sex Workers as Risks, Not Human Beings.

Savage Minds Interview: Sarah Kendzior.

The Only Time I’ve Ever Been To Connecticut.

Pale Moon forum, addressing a few hot topics and general misconceptions.

So the question can’t be: how do we permit a few more women to behave like the lunatic men who’ve been running the show all these years, but how do we prohibit or prevent anyone from acting this way?

May 20, 2014

Aussies To Slash 90% Of Global Warming Funding From Budget.

You’re probably using the wrong dictionary.

How a Raccoon Became an Aardvark.

Master’s degrees are as common now as bachelor’s degrees were in the ’60s. Yeah, it’s Vox, but appears accurate though not population-adjusted as it should have been.

Study: Gender Bias In Digital Marketing Is Real.

“Men explaining things to me had been happening my whole life”: The author behind “mansplaining” on the origin of her famous term.

If You Want More Innovation, You Need More Art.

The remarkable persistence of power and privilege.

The Politics of Turning Rape Into “Nonconsensual Sex.”

May 19, 2014

Actor James Woods observed and reported four suspicious men possibly making a hijacking trial run on an airline flight before the 9/11 attacks.

Childhood fluoride exposure has no effect on IQ.

Women Don’t Fear Power. Power Fears Women.

Why Tim Geithner is wrong on homeowner debt relief.

Fashion’s Cultural-Appropriation Debate: Pointless.

Against Freedom of Contract.

It’s not the secular world that’s hyper-sexual.

Menstrual studies debunked: Women do not make mating decisions based on their periods.

May 18, 2014

Congratulations, class of 2014: You’re totally screwed.

Millennials, racism, and MTV poll: Young people are confused about bias, prejudice, and racism.

Famous Sailors Who Couldn’t Swim.

Age of Ignorance.

Hillary in 2016? Who Cares! Voting is utterly meaningless.

May 17, 2014

The facts show it: female CEOs are more likely than men to be fired.

Cisco’s NSA problem is going to whack all of US tech’s growth plans.

It is not a coincidence that….

Credentalism is economic discrimination disguised as opportunity. Over the past 40 years, professions that never required a college degree began demanding it.

100 Reasons Why “Ignition – Remix” Is So Damned Great.