May 30, 2024

A robot will soon try to remove melted nuclear fuel from Japan’s destroyed Fukushima reactor.

Anduril Is Building Out the Pentagon’s Dream of Deadly Drone Swarms.

A New Economics Takes Hold.

The Denmark secret: how it became the world’s most trusting country – and why that matters.

Librarians Fight Back.

After 60 Years the 4-Pin Molex Connector Is Finally (Almost) Dead.

Higher rates have changed the game for private equity. Oh, so sad.

Confronting Another Axis? History, Humility, and Wishful Thinking.

Happy fun Cold War 2 update.

We’re Watching Facebook Die. Excellent.

Why a California Plan to Build More Homes Is Failing.

World’s Largest Nuclear Plant Sits Idle While Energy Needs Soar.

The age of instant everything has slowed many things down and made it harder.

See carbon dioxide sublimating on Mars.

May 29, 2024

Inventing Cyrillic.

The Nonprofit Industrial Complex and the Corruption of the American City.

Priced out of home ownership.

Giant structure in space challenges understanding of the universe.

Recently increased prevalence of the human median artery of the forearm: A microevolutionary change.

La Niña is coming, raising the chances of a dangerous Atlantic hurricane season.

Russian jamming leaves some high-tech U.S. weapons ineffective in Ukraine.

We’re Turning Psychiatric Labels Into Identities.

America’s child care shortage is pushing military families to a breaking point.

‘It breaks an employer’s control’: the tragic disappearance of the American lunch hour.

Daron Acemoglu is not having all this AI hype. Daron is right.

The mounting strains on global shipping.

The Voyager Probes Were a Triumph of Collective Endeavor.

May 28, 2024

To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language.

So much for “peer review” — Wiley shuts down 19 science journals and retracts 11,000 gobbledygook papers.

Fast Food Forever: How McHaters Lost the Culture War.

Sam Altman Is Full Of Shit.

How to Build 300,000 Airplanes in Five Years.

Russia is flooding Europe with disinformation. The U.S. elections are next.

Seeing Like a Data Structure.

America Is Getting Ready for Space Warfare.

We are not even remotely worried enough about a conflict with China, and as a result we’re not making anything remotely resembling the investments or the regulatory changes needed to fund a scale-up of our defense industry.

DSGE models — a total waste of time.

This nascent trilateral relationship is the best possible answer to China.

Data reveals rising economic ‘distress’ across America despite post-pandemic growth.

Covid will still be here this summer. Will anyone care? I certainly do not.

Home insurance was once a ‘must.’ Now more homeowners are going without.

As the world hurtled towards the millennium, movie-making was animated by a naive, anything-is-possible optimism that feels genuinely alien today. Indeed.

May 27, 2024

The Cognitive Design of Tools of Thought.

Fixing my Yamaha Electone ME-50: An FM Synthesizer Home Organ from 1986.

The grim, new normal of grocery shopping.

America’s New Island Fighters Are Preparing for Conflict—a Stone’s Throw From Taiwan.

Today, many professionals are struggling to have the same kind of lifestyle as unskilled laborers from previous generations and before anyone brings it up, no I am not just talking about the stereotypical liberal arts grad who is the usually whipping boy whenever this topic comes up.

Lab-grown meat, is not only safe, and ethical, but also a smart way to create protein.

Ukraine Faces a Crucial Moment in the War. Two years after Russia launched its invasion, the fighting is shifting in its favor.

A pivotal moment for Japan’s national defense.

In Praise of the Pointless.

Nobody likes a Critic: McMansion Hell’s Kate Wagner.

Why For-Profit Housing Ruins Kitchens.

Neurogenesis-dependent remodeling of hippocampal circuits reduces PTSD-like behaviors in adult mice.

The Missing Links in US Chip Policy. Like it or not, the semiconductor industry is globalized. Washington’s strategy must reflect this reality by elevating coordination with democratic partners.

How Entanglement with China Erodes Germany’s Strategic Autonomy.

Internet Time ain’t what it used to be.

May 26, 2024

Polish foreign minister calls for long-term rearmament of Europe.

Ukraine Hits Russian Complex in Occupied Crimea With U.S.-Supplied Missile.

Why progressives want to forget George Floyd.

How finfluencers destroyed the housing and lives of thousands of people.

How cockroaches came to rule the world.

Google Search Is Now a Giant Hallucination.

Louisiana descends into dystopia with historic law on abortion pills. Red states becoming hellholes, as predicted.

America’s Trails Are a Wonder, and They Need Our Help.

The rich keep spending, as poorer Americans struggle.

Nearly 80% of Americans now consider fast food a ‘luxury’ due to high prices.

The Fed probably won’t be delivering any interest rate cuts this summer.

I hate the way people try to use economic data to tell others they are too dumb to know what’s happening in their own life.

May 25, 2024

California will force Malibu and other towns to add housing. Here’s why that’s not nearly enough.

Census Bureau Revises Away 25% of Pandemic-Era Price Spike of New Single-Family Houses. Wow, that is simply fraudulent.

First pictures from Euclid satellite reveal billions of orphan stars.

Faux ScarJo and the Descent of the A.I. Vultures.

Don’t Believe the Biggest Myth About Heat Pumps. Not only do heat pumps work fine in cold weather, they’re still more efficient than gas furnaces in such conditions.

Another US state repeals law that protected ISPs from municipal competition.

Antidiabetic medication semaglutide, more widely known by brand names Ozempic and Wegovy, significantly reduces the risk of kidney failure, substantial loss of kidney function and death from kidney or cardiovascular causes, an international clinical trial led by UNSW Sydney researchers has shown.

A 25 hour take home assignment for a startup job. Ha. I refuse to do anything that takes longer than 15-20 minutes.

It wasn’t the endless shrimp that pinched Red Lobster. How private equity rolled the seafood chain. Exactly. Standard vulture capital playbook.

May 24, 2024

Baum–Welch algorithm.

New poll shows voters really want a crackdown on corporate greed.

Average U.S. vehicle age hits record 12.6 years as high prices force people to keep them longer.

When you play a video, you’re (usually) sending the encoded video to the GPU for hardware-accelerated decode. The resulting decoded frames then live purely on the GPU.

Helium flash.

One of the most unusual heists in America seems to be unfolding at Taco Bell.

‘Deny, denounce, delay’: the battle over the risk of ultra-processed foods.

Justice Department Sues to Break Up Live Nation-Ticketmaster.

Drone footage of a tornado in Iowa.

Home Sales Whacked by Mortgage Rates. Active Listings & Price Reductions Jump to Highest in Years. But Sales of High-End Homes Surge.

Potentially habitable ‘exo-Venus’ with Earth-like temperature discovered.

May 23, 2024

U.S. says Russia launched a space weapon in the path of an American satellite.

The first crew launch of Boeing’s Starliner capsule is on hold indefinitely.

China Is Winning the Minerals War.

What UI density means and how to design for it.

Yes, Japan Will Defend Taiwan. For Japan, peace in the Taiwan Strait is a matter of national survival. A proper discussion of Japanese intervention should thus ask “how” not “if.”

The One-Way Nuclear Mission. In a sense, every nuclear mission is one-way.

Congress Has Made Fully Obscuring Aircraft Ownership Information A Reality. The FAA re-authorization bill will make it harder to learn who owns different aircraft and track where they fly to.

Federal Reserve concerned over ‘lack of further progress’ in bid to tame inflation. “Transitory.”

Microsoft’s new Windows 11 Recall is a privacy nightmare.

Investors are scooping up roughly 1 in 5 homes sold in the housing market and making more money than before.

The US economy is in a ‘selective recession’ as lower-income consumers can’t cover the cost of living, JPMorgan says. Something correct from JPMorgan for once? Guess it was bound to happen one day.