April 30, 2023

Companies Are Colluding to Cheat H-1B Visa Lottery, U.S. Says.

Colorado governor signs 4 gun control bills after massacre.

We Have Become a Lonely Nation. It’s Time to Fix That.

Why we must read fiction even as terrible times loom.

This Is What the Right-Wing Takeover of a Progressive College Looks Like.

Biden Speeds Away In Truck After Dropping Dianne Feinstein Off In Empty Field.

Why I loved the Apple II.

April 28, 2023

Still Going Fast, Inflation Changes Drivers.

Imagining An End to the Culture War.

This Inflation is Stuck, Churns from Product to Product: Core PCE Price Index Moves Sideways for 9 Months, Stubbornly High Near 5%. To Top it Off, February Was Revised Higher.

As sea levels rise, the East Coast is also sinking.

Whatever happened to Beyond Meat? Misadventures and category errors at the bleeding veg of innovation.

They Did It for the Clicks. How digital media pursued viral traffic at all costs and unleashed chaos.

Neoliberalism’s Final Stronghold.

April 27, 2023

People Differ Widely in Their Understanding of Even a Simple Concept Such as the Word ‘Penguin.’

How Much Does ‘Nothing’ Weigh? The Archimedes experiment will weigh the void of empty space to help solve a big cosmic puzzle.

Microsoft Edge is leaking the sites you visit to Bing.

American Road Deaths Show an Alarming Racial Gap.

If it’s that God damn urgent, you can make some time in your calendar. Please stop scheduling 7:00 AM, 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM meetings.

Synthetic embryos made without eggs and sperm are looking increasingly like the real thing—raising thorny ethical questions.

The Most Splendid Housing Bubbles in America, April Update: Year-over-Year Price Drops Worsen in San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver.

First ‘gene silencing’ drug for Alzheimer’s disease shows promise.

April 26, 2023

The rise of dating vigilantism. When we use technology to surveil each other’s behaviour, we transform our personal and romantic lives into a sad public spectacle.

Triangulum Galaxy.

The UK Faces a Steep Climb Out of a Deep Hole.

There is no such thing as an accidental shooting.

The Republican/conservative brand is toxic with the youth and even worse for those who haven’t hit voting age yet.

Selling AR-15-Style Rifles Is Now Banned in 9 States. Good.

Nearly one-third of Americans have a net worth of $0 or less (31%).

Tucker’s Successor Will Be Worse. The history of Fox News shows that the network and its issues are larger than any one anchor. Agreed. Probably full actual fash rather than the one Tucker pretended to be.

The global economy’s slow-motion reset.

iOS 16 has new hidden system to restrict specific features based on the user’s location.

April 25, 2023

Car Dealer Markups Helped Drive Inflation, Study Finds.

Stone Age Animal Urine Could Solve a Mystery about Technological Development.

New tracking technology reveals the hidden foraging lives of desert ants.

DuckDuckGo removed the ability to filter search results. Everything everywhere getting worse all the time.

The conservative campaign to rewrite child labor laws.

Chinese Censorship Is Quietly Rewriting the Covid-19 Story. Under government pressure, Chinese scientists have retracted studies and withheld or deleted data. The censorship has stymied efforts to understand the virus.

Biden’s New Green Jobs Are Boosting Purple and Red States.

Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, April 23, 2023.

America Fails the Civilization Test. The average American my age is roughly six times more likely to die in the coming year than his counterpart in Switzerland.

Eliminate a position, make another worker take on those responsibilities. “Streamlining,” they like to call it.

Gun Violence Is Actually Worse in Red States. It’s Not Even Close.

When your neighbors become your overlords. How HOAs became an unnecessary necessary evil.

How one city’s NIMBY attitude is being challenged by developers desperate to build housing.

After Wasting $11.6 billion on Share Buybacks (“Return Value to Shareholders” LOL), Meme-Stock Pump-n-Dump Bed Bath & Beyond Goes Bankrupt, Will Liquidate.

People with dementia have protein build-up in astrocytes that may trigger abnormal antiviral activity and memory loss, according to a preclinical study by a team of Weill Cornell Medicine investigators.

April 24, 2023

Our Problem Isn’t Polarization. It’s Fascism.

I Love How Tesla Wreaks Havoc among Automakers with Massive Price Cuts, Huge Sales Growth, Even Huger Production Growth, and Overcapacity.

Oriane Bertone at the IFSC Climbing World Cup. I have no idea what the fuck is going on here or which way gravity is pointing but it’s fucking impressive.

More than 19,000 undersea volcanoes discovered.

You Don’t Need A Full-Size Pickup Truck, You Need a Cowboy Costume.

What’s Perfectly Round, Made Of Metal, And Keeping Russia From Replacing the 2,000 Tanks It’s Lost In Ukraine? I was told sanctions would have no effect. That was wrong? LOL.

Carnivorous Plants Use a Smelly Trick to Catch Their Prey.

April 23, 2023

Abortion ban states see steep drop in OB/GYN residency applicants.

Tech Bosses Are Letting Dictators Censor What Americans See.

American Gun Owners Are Bad at Owning Guns. There are many who never got training, and never intend to. This is a problem.

The Anti-Abortion Messages Haunting Florida’s Highways.

Poll: GOP voters say fighting “woke” ideology more important than stopping Social Security cuts.

Researchers Taught Parrots to Video Call Other Parrots. We are giving them too much power.

Methane may not warm the Earth quite as much as previously thought.

Why the Brain’s Connections to the Body Are Crisscrossed.

April 22, 2023

Companies hate remote work — till it’s time to fire you.

Progressives Aren’t Hurting the Democratic Party—In Fact, They’re The Only Thing Saving It.

Rear-Wheel-Drive Cars Are Back, Baby, and We Have EVs to Thank. RWD cars drive so much better.

Study finds new pathway for clearing misfolded proteins.

My company is making us go back to the office 2 days a week to boost morale — but no one wants to be there.

The GOP war on youth: Spate of innocent stranger shootings shows perils of paranoid rhetoric.

What “Jennifer’s Body” Foretold. The 2009 film, newly available on Amazon Prime, anticipated both the immense power and the aesthetic blind spots of later films such as “Promising Young Woman.” Great film.

Rupert Wins Again. For the media mogul, the massive Dominion settlement fee is just the cost of doing business. The only win for the people would be if Fox News had been dismantled and Murdoch jailed.

Democratic states stockpile abortion pills as access rests in courts.

First direct proof of mega-flood in Mediterranean Sea region.

Universal Influenza Candidate Vaccine Performs Well in Phase 1 Trial.

Weird SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in mink suggests hidden source of virus in the wild.

April 21, 2023

Construction Boom Beginning to Reshape the Manufacturing Sector.

This Could Be One of the Most Brazen Attacks on Americans’ Health Yet.

Cities Shrink but Immigrants Help Stem Population Losses.

Why China’s police state has a precinct near you.

The Bud Light controversy reminds us how toxic masculinity can be.

America’s Educational Superpower Is Fading.

Nearly 120 million people in US exposed to unhealthy levels of soot and smog – report.

Housing Market Takes Another Step Back: Home Prices Drop Year-over-Year for Second Month. Already Dismal Sales Fell.

April 20, 2023

It Took 15 Years for the Feds To Approve a 700-Mile Electric Line.

300 Years of ‘Too Big to Jail.’

New Evidence Links Transit Cuts With Poverty and Unemployment.

I’m so grateful that I started my career virtually — it’s been the best thing for me.

Menu Calorie Labels Estimated to Save U.S. Billions on Cancer Care.

Housing Should Be Affordable Except When I Sell My House for a Million Dollars.

The New Pro-life Movement Has a Plan to End Abortion. And it doesn’t care if American voters don’t agree with it.

Politicians should let Americans retire with security and dignity by making retirement benefits more generous and by promising to lower the retirement age.

Our Suburban Panopticon.

Building telescopes on the Moon is becoming an achievable goal. I can hear the liberal tears falling. Too damn bad.

How Fox Helped Break the American Right.

I sincerely hate it when women who don’t enjoy sex speak on behalf of all of us.

The last overnight train between L.A. and S.F. ran in 1968. A startup wants to bring it back.

The Internet Archive’s troubles are bad news for book lovers.

You Have to Think of Trump’s Election as Year Zero. Because Republican voters say they don’t want any part of a Republican party that looks anything like it did before 2016. Too many people have gone fucking nuts.

Other People’s Despair.

An anti-obscenity law from 1873 was discarded for decades. Now the anti-abortion movement wants it back.

Florida expands ‘Don’t Say Gay’ through 12th grade while House OKs anti-LGBTQ bills.